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Judaai- ek past esi bhi – swasan ff (episode-3)

Hi guys. Sorry for short cappy in 2 episode.it was swasan intro .Now i will write big cappy. Becz the story is v.big. If i write short chappy then it can 100 epi.
Now lets start-

after cominng from joging swara goes into washroam for bath. After some time she come wearing a knee lenth white dress. Deep n light pink design in it. She took her heir drayer n start to dry heir. Thick eyelena, hot pink lipstik was her make up. Strait heir. She pick her bag. Rape car keys by finger. Then she rashed down. Sumi was serving breakfast.
Sumi: swara have breakfast fast i have to go office.
Sw: ok ma.


Saying this she took a peice of bread n some buter. She then ran to car while eating.
she was driving. A black sports car was driving rushly. It was going once left once right. The car come in front of swara’s car. Swara cuddnt control. She some how take left n crash with a tree. The cars glases broked into pecies. Her hand n leg was bleeding. There the car owner was a boy . He come out of car. He come ranning saying sorry. ;->
Swara showing her bleeding hand shout: sorry se dard nehi jaye ga.
Again sanskar unkownly smile. Becoz she was wearing that daimond breslet. Swara come out of car.:-O Both was socked to see each other. (i forgot to say at intro swara was a singer.)
swara was about to foll sanky hold her by warist. Both had a eyelock. Swasan togher:swara/sanskar.
Then they compose them self.

Swa: its ok.
San: come i left.
Swa just nod . He bange her hand n leg. Thena ask were u want to go.
Swa: zyx clg.
San starting the car: well my sisy also read there.
Swa: i know.
San: i too know.

Both look at each other.
In this journy both was looking each other by miror.
with help of sanskar swara some how reach. All were shocked to see sanskar. Girls were droling over him. Sanskar give otograph,photograph nd all. But unkwnly swasan are looking at each other.after coming from out from clg gate sanskar huge swara forgoting about kavita. Swara to hug him back.
San:ka the itne shona. Miss u soo much.
Swa: i too miss u. (Breking hug) But what need of frand now u are quite famus na.
San: oh if i ask the same.
Both give an angre look :[email protected] . Then sanky laghed n swara smiled.
Both : miss u so much.
Swara saw same one.

Swa: oh no sanky.
Saying this she start to ran but was about to foll when sanky held her. There the man saw them n start to ran behind them.
Swa:sanky plz calo.
Snskar wihout saying anything holding her hand ran and sit to car.
The man also take car n follw them.

Precape: swasan moment.
So why swara ran.
Who is the man.

Will reveled on next epi. I will write a short one today. Ta ta. (sorry shanu di)…

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