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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 21)

Helllo Darlingss……. Your wait is Overr……

Really impressed with your Love and Responss….Please Keep Supporting and Do let me Know about the Your Views of the Story… Today’s EP is slightly a mess…. Do clarify , If you get confused…..


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ReCap: Laksh’ decision; Not to divorce Ragini
Laksh re-winded the day’s incident; It was completely messed up….He fainted and woke up to find himself in an embarrassing situation. He was confused. He went blank for sometime, and in that meantime Kavya accused him of Molesting Her, Him Breaking down in front of his Maa and Ragini, Dadaji’s and Bua maa’s shocking decision to get Kavya married to him…..and his denial. He believed that Kavya must have misunderstood his gestures or maybe……Whatever it was he wanted to meet Kavya and clear with her.
He couldn’t believe himself that he chose Ragini before his respect, His position as a director of Maheshwari group and Kavya. When Kavya accused him, He was not that scared of his respect than that of his worry over how Ragini would have felt hearing this. he was calmed only when Ragini said that she believed in him.When Bua Maa and Dadaji asked him to divorce her…He was stuck…But his heart helped him to deny this decision. She was just Family to him.She was much more….It was just that he had to accept it loud..
Ragini and Sanskaar came near Lucky .Ragini had a food tray in her hand. She placed it on the table ,while Sanskaar went near Lucky…
“ Chalo Lucky … Lets have food” Sanky pulled him… Ragini and Sanky behaved as if nothing happened
“ No Sanky… I am not Hungry…” Laksh denied
“ Please Laksh… Please have some food…. You dint eat anything till now” Ragini pleaded
“ Please Ragini…” . Suddenly Laksh’s phone rang and flashed ‘KAVYA’.
“ It’s Kavya” Laksh glanced at Sanskaar and Ragini
“ Pick Up Lucky” Sanskaar prompted .Lucky picked the phone.
Lucky: Hello
Kavya: Hello , Lucky… Its me Kavya…See Lucky I called you as I want to clear things before my parents come to know about this. I want to meet in the store room… Alone….Now … and delete my call from your logs now

Kavya cut the phone without waiting for Laksh’s answers. Lucky narrated the call to Ragini and Sanskaar
“ No Lucky you wont go…. I feel that this her game” Ragini said
“ No Ragoo….. I should Go…Kavya is not a bad girl after all and I know her” Laksh stressed
“ Lucky … I think Ragoo is ight … “ Sanskaar supported Ragini
“But Sanky… I need to meet her yaar…At any cost” Laksh was determined “ We should clear things with her”
“Laksh……” Ragini called “ Don’t worry… We will meet her…and Talk to her
Ragini insisted that she would meet Kavya. Laksh was not happy with this idea… Even Sanskaar was not… but Ragini was Ragini and she was extra stubborn. She went to he storeroom …alone
Laksh and Sanskaar was equally tensed about the situation. They had a bitter situation than waiting in front of the Labour room. They were startled by Kavya’s scream from downstairs. They both rushed to the store room as they knew that Kavya was there.
On reaching there, their whole family surrounded the store room. Laksh and Sanskaar stood at a bit far from the store room in a way that no one sees them. They were worried about Ragini… But stayed calm as she warned them to take things slow , while reacting if anything happened between her and Kavya. The Maheshwari was banging the door to open. Suddenly Kavya opened the door …again he torn…bit more bad this time and rushed to Hug Bua Maa.
“ Kavya Beta… What is this happening? Dadaji asked….tensed.Kavya was crying wild and dint answer Dadaji’s question
“ Kavya…..Why did you go to Store room..??? …”Bua Maa asked.
“ Bua Maa … I got a call from an unknown number… It was Laksh … He asked me to come to the storeroom as he wanted to talk about today’s incidents…when I entered … It was dark and smoky . I heard someone locking the door …It was Laksh” Laksh and Sanskaar was shocked by Kavya’s words.It was Kavya who called Laksh and after the call Laksh was with Sanskaar the whole time…. It was Ragini who went to meet Kavya. Laksh’s worry for Ragini increased.
“ Laksh?? What happened then?? Viren asked
“ He tried to forced me again…..I had to hit him down with a stick to free myself” Kavya cried hard.
Laksh could map the situation now. Kavya was lying about the whole Molest thing. He dint do anything to her. She was plotting against him… Now she mistook Ragini to be Laksh as the room was dark and hit Ragini down .She accused Laksh without confirming the person and that was her mistake.
Laksh and Sanskaar , rushed to Storeroom, ignoring the confused Maheswaris. The Laksh , They thought to be inside the storeroom was in front of them. They confused minds were confused
Sanskaar on the light of the storeroom to find Ragini lying down unconscious ,Slightly bleeding her forehead. Laksh rushed and picked her onto his lap and encircled his arms around her . Followed by Sanky, sujatha nd Ram. Adarsh picked phone to call the doctor
“Ragoo… wake up… Ragoo” Laksh called out frantically… welling up tears in his eyes. Sanskaar sprinkled water , bringing her to senses
“ Are you alright Ragoo beta??” Sujatha asked Ragini wiping the sweat and water on her face. Ragini smiled weakly. Laksh was relieved and tightened his arms around her.


Ragini was to put to sleep by the doctor after treating her. The Maheswaris almost got the truth of the matter . Dadaji and DadiMaa was angry with Kavya.
“Kavya….”Dadaji roared…We believed in you and you cheated us???Why ?? Why did you do this”
“ I wanted my Lucky back…” Kavya left out a scream….” You people gave my place to an orphan girl and expected me to fall back…o never…Lucky is mine and will always be mine” Kavya smirked
“ No Kavya….I am not YOURS” Laksh snarled…” I just can’t believe that the girl whom I loved once has fallen deep down that she has accused me of molesting her ….. to acquire…….. I am ashamed of that me…..But now I have moved on…. You are nothing to me…And even if you take a rebirth you wont replace Ragoo In my Life”
Kavya was shocked by Laksh’s words
“ Leave my House Kavya” Dadi maa screamed “ I don’t what your bad influence to get over my kids”
“ I am leaving” Kavya screamed back…. “And you said do you think that your kids are so poor, It was one of your kid who gave me this idea…..helped me in plot” Kavya shot back at Dadi Maa… “your Daughter…Gayathri Maheshwari……” Kavya smirked
Everyone was shocked…..
“How Dare you Kavya….” Laksh roared…”had the audacity to accuse my BUA MAA..” Laksh began to lung at Kavya…But Kavya played a recording…stopping and shocking him…
Screen Freezes On Laksh’s Hurt Face

PreCap: Breaking Relations…..And New Relations

Is Everything going to be fine?????

Dears… I have request…. On this 21st ep….. I request all my readers to choose their Favourite Scene in JKTH…. And please drop it in comment box……Love Guys….Stay tuned till Wednedayy…..

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