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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 20)

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ReCap:Ragini forgives Laksh …Kavya accuses Laksh of molesting her….
Kavya regretted the revenge she pulled on Lucky against Sanskaar for her sister. After she left Laksh , she was happy that her revenge was successful. But later, Laksh’s goodness, Sincerity, Love and loyalty haunted her. She played, partied and travelled but the hurt face of Laksh on his wedding day held her…. Clouding up guilt…… Later she realized that she loved him……
She had a hard time convincing his Bua…she believed that she was the key in Laksh’s life. When Bua Maa was convinced. She was happy …She was ready to get Bashed, scolded and screamed by him… but here she was welcomed by his wife….


She was hurt by the way he looks at Ragini… The way he talks to her . When the matters went above her… She decided to grab him forcefully
“Kya hua Kavya??” Bua maa asked Kavya, wiping her tears
“Bua Maa….Laksh… Laksh……He tried to molest me….”Kavya buried her head on Bua maa’s chest
Meanwhile Laksh came down the stairs with Kavya’s dupatta in his hand and one hand clutching head.Laksh looked totally confused.
“Kya hua Kaya…Why did you come down like that crying??? “ Laksh still was clutching his head
Kavya could sense the horror around. Ragini ,Sanskaar, Laksh’s Maa ,Papa and the other Maheshwaris stood speechless. While Bua Maa turned her and said “ Kavya Beta …what the hell are you Saying…My Laksh would never do such a thing….He would never do such a heinous thing with you” Bua Maa shook her. Kavya stood there continuously crying and shaking her head.
“Nahi Bua Maa…. Laksh pressured me…” Kavya screamed

“ What the hell are you saying Kavya….I don’t understand….” Laksh said in utter shock
Kavya hid herself behind Bua Maa and cried
“ Kavya…Beta I think you had some misunderstanding” Sujatha said with hears in her eyes
“Nooo…..Noo…Nooo” Kavya screamed loudly…and falls on the floor
When she opened her eyes, Kavya was surrounded by Bua Maa near head stroking her forehead. Her room was filled with Lucky’s family except Lucky’s immediate family
“are you fine Kavya?? Bua Maa enquired
Kavya tried to sit up.Bua Maa helped her .She sniffed and nodded yes
“ Beta… Hua Kya Tha?? Laksh’s Dadaji asked…In a tensed tone
Kaya sniffed again “ Wo Dadaji… I went to Lucky’s room to say a good bye….When I went there , Ragini was not there in that room. Lucky came near me and…. And…Kavya’s trailed off and started crying vigorously.
“Oh My God…. I never expected Laksh Bhaiyya to be like this . Thank Got Tripthi and Jiju went to Jiju’s house… Otherwise it was a shame infront of Jamai” Sapna exclaimed

“Hmmm….Kavya Beta …..Please take rest….. As for now….Everyone …Please give her some space.”Dadimaa said and walked out with Dadaji and other family members.Bua Maa Sapna, Soumya , Viren and Omkara remained there with Kavya.

“ Kavya…You don’t need to be worried ….We will figure this out properly” Viren said in a soft tone
Viren and Omkara hated Laksh and Sanskaar, Kavya was well aware of it.Even though they are a family , Viren and Omkara was always jealous of Laksh and Sanskaar . During her wedding with Laksh..She mapped that Viren and Omkara hated Laksh and they would do anything to put him down. So she used them and their wives in her plan to break her marriage with Laksh. None in Maheshwari family still knows that , their family members helped Kavya and Kavita, then. Kavya maintained a good bond during that time. But when she returned ,She wanted to stay away from them as she loved Laksh…But she decided to keep them connected as she wanted to slowly eliminate their enmity with Lucky. This time ,she kept them out of the plan ,as she wanted it to be a success.
“Ha Viren..”She whispered , with tears flowing down her eyes.

“Seriously yaar…I knew that Laksh and Ragini never had a happy married life…. But never thought it was this problematic that Laksh turned into a beast” Soumya exclaimed
“I never liked that Ragini …. What class can we expect from an orphan Girl” Omkara poisoned
“Kavya Beta…. I am really apologetic of Laksh’s behaviour…..Please forgive my son….I still can’t believe that my son did this” Bua Maa folded her hands .” You know na… He loves you a lot… He is just trapped in this marriage….May be the thought of losing you made him do this… I beg on your knees … Please forgive him” Bua Maa cried vigorously

“Bua Maa Please….Please don’t do like this” Kavya caught her folded hands….. “Please”
“ Ha Buaji…. Please calm down…. Dadaji said na …….We will decide about this at night in Laksh’s presence…..Lets wait” Viren pressured his hands on Bua’s shoulers
Kavya was alone in Bua Maa’s room. She changed her torn clothes. When Viren and Sapna passed his room, they informed her that Laksh shut himself inside his room and dint open the door yet. Kavya was kind of worried for him. But consoled herself thinking about their future. She was startled by a knock on the door. Sujatha and Ragini stood at the door.
“Please come in Maa” Kavya said in soft tone mixed with tears
Sujatha and Ragini walked in
“How are you Kavya?? Sujatha asked

“I am fine Maa…”Kavya replied
“Kavya…I don’t know what happened there….But I don’t believe that Laksh will do such a thing…that too with you…”Sujatha cleared
“Maa… I also can’t believe that he did this to me” Kavya sobbed.
“STOP THIS DRAMA KAVYA” Ragini screamed her throat .. “ We all know that Laksh will not do such a thing” Kavya and Sujatha was shocked by Ragini’s outburst .” I believe him to that extend that I know that you are lying”
“ Ragini…..How can you say such a thing….why will a girl lie about her izzat??” Kavya produced her fake tears…
“Just cut the crap Kavya….and get to the point….Why the hell did you do this??” Ragini was fuming
“ Ok….Now that , both of you won’t believe my story…I will get back to the truth” Kavya stood up…Her facial features turned grey and smirked. Sujatha was utter shocked and Ragini gave a ‘I knew it look’. “ Yes …I lied about it…Laksh dint do anything to me”
“What????” Sujatha screamed “ Why did you do this” Sujatha shook Kavya vigorously
“ Because…..I WANT TO GET MY LUCKY BACK” Kavya shoed Sujatha’s hand…. “ I came here to get him back in my life You married off my Lucky to this girl” Kavya’s eye turned red

“Why do you think that I would have given you my son , even if he dint marry Ragini , Why would I give my son to a girl who left him at the mandap?? Cheated him??” Sujatha questioned
“ I am not interested in this crap” Kavita turned to Ragini. “ You … I am giving you two choices…. Either Divorce him and let me marry him or just be prepared to see him in jail for raping a Singhania Girl” Ragini’s eyes dropped a tear listening to Kavya’s words
“ oohhh…. Shut Up Kavya” Sujatha warned “ Chalo Ragini…. I will never allow a girl like you in my Lucky’s life” Sujatha pulled Ragini. Ragini stopped and slowly jerked Sujatha’s hand.

“ Maa….. I want to give Kavya an answer” Ragini turned to Kavya. “ Kavya…. When you came back… I understood that you really loved Laksh…You regretted your earlier actions. Even when Bua Maa accused me in front Laksh and you supported her… I thought you did it because of your love for him ….. But This time …No Kavya… I understood that you don’t love him …But just obsessed with him….If you have ever loved him…You wouldn’t have hurt him…You wouldn’t have put him through such an embarrassing situation….And Ya….Divorce him??? And sent him to a girl like you…. No Way…. I would rather see him in Jail…..and now as I know that my husband is innocent … I will not allow him to be Punished….. Chaliye Maa… Lets break her truth …” Ragini turned to leave…..

“Ha Ragni…. Lets see… who will believe you… even Laksh wont will believe ……Why do you think he is shutting him inside….rather than confronting me….Because he too think that he is the culprit…Because I spiked his drink
Kavita went behind Ragini and Sujatha ,who rushed to Laksh. Along with Sanskaar and Ram Papa they started banging Laksh’s door…After a long time Laksh opened the door…He looked as pale as a ghost
“Lucky….”I Sujatha ran and hugged him…he broke down and kneeled in front of her and started crying vigorously….Sujatha kneeled with him….Ragini , Sanskaar and Papa ,stood lifelessly. Kavya hid behind the pillars

“Maa… I don’t remember anything….. I don’t know what happened… When I opened my eyes.. Kavya was crying… I don’t know…..” Laksh pulled words through his weeps. Ragini went near and kneeled. She turned him to her and cupped his face
“ Ragini…… I don’t… I dint” Lucky struggled for words
“ Shh… Shh… Laksh… you dint do anything…. We all believe you…. Even if you don’t remember anything… We are sure that Our lucky won’t do it” Ragini looked sternly into his eyes. Laksh miserably buried his face on her nape

Kavya fumed in anger looking at Laksh in Ragini’s arms. She decided to give a new phase to her plan
Maheswaris gathered in the hall for what seemed like a hearing for Laksh….Everyone was waiting for Kavya. Kavya descended down the stairs with her bags
“ Arrey Kavya Beta….. Where are you going??” Bhavna Badi maa asked
“ I am leaving Badi Maa..” Kvya said in a low tone
“ Kavya Beta … I can understand your situation …. But please calm down…’ Dadaji said . “ I have decided something with Gayathri and other family members…As this is a matter of your respect ….and you are the daughter of Singhania…We will do Justice to you” Dadaji turned to Laksh
“Laksh… Will Marry You” Laksh Kavya was surprised . Bua maa ,Viren,Omkara, Sapna , Soumya Bade papas and Badi Maas smiled. Ragini , Laksh, Sanskaar,their Parents , Dadimaa,Adarsh and Parineeta was in shock

“ What??? Are you alright Dadaji… How can you say this…. You want Laksh to marry this girl… Who cheated him” Adarsh questioned Dadji. This was the first time Adarsh took a stand for Laksh… He loved Laksh and Sanskaar but rarely showed it, But this time he had to.” How can you believe such a girl… who ditched my brother in his mandap…..”
“ Adarsh!!!!…. Is this the way to talk to your Dadaji…”bua Maa screamed. “ And about Kavya… She has changed for good…. And Yes I am with Dad ….. My so Son Laksh will marry Kavya”
“ Then what about Ragini ??” Parineeta asked “ She is Laksh wife?? And Bua maa… How can you belive that Lakshwill do such a thing to Kavya??”
“ I believe Kavya because I Know how frustrated my son is……” Bua maa shot back… “ He doesn’t love an arrogant girl like Ragini…. He loves Kavya…. As far as Ragini and Laksh has not started any relation yet…. They can just divorce.” The term divorce surfaced a horror on ragini’s face. “ My Laksh will marry kavya ….That is final”

“ No Di…… Laksh wnt divorce Ragini” Ram said sternly facing his family.
“ Ram…. This matter concerns the name of Maheshwaris…. If Sighanias comes to know about this…. If the world comes to know about this ….Maheshwari group will sink….Our izzat will be shattered… It is better that Laksh divorce Ragini and Marry Kavya” Bua maa underlined
“ I don’t remember anything” laksh’s voice invited everyone’s attention. “ I don’t know what happened…kavya… I amsorry if I did something… But I beg you that I never meant to tarnish your respect…Beacause I loved you once……I don’t want to tarnish the respect of Maheshwari group” Laksh said . “ So I have decided to step down as the director…and face the consequences of this matter ….But I will NOT DIVORCE Ragoo….” Laksh said confidently holding ragini’s and. She stared at him lovingly… Sanskaar, Parineeta, Adarsh, Sujatha, ram and DadiMaa was happy. Kvya fumed in anger.

Her master plan failed…. Laksh chose ragini over her…. Over his buisnees…. Over his respect… She completely took her place in Laksh’s life . Kavya threw the things around her and screamed
“ This Cant happen….. This will never happen…..” Kavya fumed in anger. “ You are mine and I will make you mine…. Even if I had to go to any extend”
Screen Freezes On Kavya’s Angry Phase

PreCap: Kavya’s New Plan???

Will Raglaksan be able to outwit Kavya??? Will they be able to Prove Kavya’s true face to the Family???

Stay tuned ….. Next Update on Monday…………….

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