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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 15)

Heellloooo dearsssss…….Here we gooo……..

EP – 14 :Episode 14


ReCap:Bua Maa is back with Kavya

Gayathri was happy to be back home….She had been out for a theerth Yaatra ,for last four months. And her Yaatra payed off very well. She met Kavya Sighania during her Yaatra. Yess , Kavya Sighania, The same girl who cheated her son, who pushed him to the unending sorrows of his life. She was angry with her and made sure that she would not even spare a glance on her. But Kavya followed her like a puppy, for forgiveness. Well, she very well understood that to convince Laksh, his Bua Maa was the golden key. Gayathri made sure that she never wanted Kavya in Laksh’s life, But her determination to win back Laksh melted Gayathri’s Heart. Yet she tested her to the extreme, But Kavya passed all those tests with flying colours.
On returning home, She was double happy. One, She was going to meet her sweet heart, her Laksh after a long time and two, that she brought him the best gift : Kavya, his lady love. She knew that Laksh hates Kavya now, But she was sure that love was hidden in him for Kavya ,as Kavya was Laksh’s first love…
On entering Maheshwari house , she saw a new person. A saree clad girl with Sindoor and Mangalsutra. She dint want her guesses to go wild….
“ Who is this girl?? “ Gayathri asked surprised, pointing at the new girl.
“ she is …She is my Bahu..” Sujatha answered …stumbled….Gayathri was shocked, they did a marriage without informing her, but calmed down , as it was good that she dint have to play marriage drama along with the others . The only person she was interested was Laksh in that house
“ Arrey wah Sujatha… you got your son Married?? Without informing his Bua??” Gayathri didn’t want to lose this chance of mocking Sujatha
“Woo Gayathri di …. Everything happened so fast…… dates fixed ….” Ram trembled a bit , She just cut off her brother
“ Leave It Ram … no need for Explanations.”.
“ come Here…” She called out the new girl. She came to her …bit scared
“sadha Suhagan Rahoo” Gayathri blessed her.“ What is your name?” She asked
“Ragini” she told in a whisper
“ Ragini ….. Nice name” Gayathri looked at Ragini ,actually examined her “ Sanskaar …..” She called…. “Your wife is a beauty” .Ragini asked a shocked expression on her face, but Gayathri decided to ignore it

“What does your parents do??Which family do you belong to?” Gayathri asked
“I am …I am … I am an Orphan” Ragini said with tears in her eyes. Gayathri was a bit startled. Even if Sanskaar had to marry, why did he choose an orphan. Maheshwaris always had a pride to keep on….An orphan girl in her family…Gayathri was not a fan of that idea…But she kept that to her and promised to keep a distance with Sanskaar an d his wife. she dint want this to affect her Laksh
“hmmmmm….Sanskaar….You swore to marry after my Laksh, but why did you break it??” Gayathri mocked Sanskaar. Sanskaar gave a ‘Shut it’ kind of look to Gayathri. Gayathri chuckled and said “ now come here …to your Bua and take blessings as a couple….Come on Ragini…Come Sanskaar”
“Bua Maa….”Laksh called . Gayathri turned to Laksh
“Haan Beta” Her expressions softened
“Bua Maa… Wo….” Laksh was finding it hard to tell something to his Bua Maa
“Tell me Beta…..”Gayathri asked
“Ragini is not Sanskaar’s wife….”Laksh said
“What??” Gayathri raised her eyebrows
“Ragini is MY WIFE” Laksh declared
Gayathri got the shock of her life. She could not believe her ears….Not wanted to believe that it was a nightmare. Her Laksh who would not move his finger before asking hi Bua Maa, today married an Orphan girl…That too without Informing her….She looked at Laksh ,who had tears in his eyes….She felt that may be …..may be this was the feeling that Julius Caesar had…..when stabbed by Brutus
Screen Freezes on a teary eyed Laksh and a shocked Gayathri

PreCap: All is Well for Sujata’s Children??

Why do you think Laksh decided to speak the truth in front of Gayathri??What do you think will be Gayathri’s reaction to this betrayal by Laksh….
Staytuned till Fridayy…..
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