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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 13)

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EP – 12 : Epi 12

ReCap:Laksh’s Past
“Kavita?? ….Who was Kavita??Sanky??….Ragini shook Sanskaar
“Kavita……..Kavita Sighania was my junior in Medical College. She was one of the divas of the college. Every guy in our college was a fan; a lover…when it comes to Kavita. All my classmates wagged their tails behind her, talked about her beauty and her brains.”
“Kavita also maintained her attitude with her popularity. There was a rumour that Kavita was in love with someone in our batch. The rumours even told that they were engaged. All the boys were behind that unknown guy….”

“On the Valentines day, Kavita came to me and offered a rose. I accepted it casually, as all the boys get roses on that day, It was a custom in our college that girls offer rose to boys. Later the Guy in Kavita’s rumour got my face. Everyone started believing that I am Kavita’s fiancée .I was a bit irritated about this, so I went to Kavita to ask her help to clear out this confusion .That was when she told me that she loved me …That’s why she gave me the rose……I was very shocked Ragooo…..That time I had to reject her…because….I dint like her as a partner….It was not that she was a bad girl…but not for me…and I liked someone else…”Sanskaar bend his head down. This was the first time he was telling this to someone …..He never told this to Lucky or Uttara.
“Oh my God?? Who is she??” Ragini was happily curious ………and in a semi jumping state


“She is history Ragoo…..So stop Jumping”. Ragini composed herself….bit sadly. “So when I saw the same Kavita there…I was shocked…but agreed for marriage for my Lucky. Everything was fast.. we had our engagement the next day and the marriage was fixed in two weeks .One day Kavita called me out to talk. I also had thousand questions in my mind ,so I went. When I met her she was tensed
Kavita: Sanskaar….I am really sorry…I never knew that you were Laksh’s brother …See Sanskaar I can’t say a no…If I refuse to marry you, Then my Kavya’s dreams will shatter. It was Dadi’s last wish to get us married together , in the same house. So please understand me(She said it in one breath, with tears in her eyes)
Sanskaar: wow wow….relax Kavita …Relax

Kavita: I know that you don’t love me…But for now ….please help me….later we can get a divorce
Sanskaar: Kavita…Kavita…please relax. I know that I rejected you earlier. And you suddenly left the college. But then situation was different .I also want this marriage to happen … I also want my Lucky to be happy. I don’t love you still…But I will give a chance to our relationship….So relax(Sanskaar tapped her shoulders)
“I was not sure about what I said….. I dint love Kavita…was not sure that I would love her….Because… in my heart I had another person…but decided to give a chance for this relationship.”
“Everything was going smooth. All the functions…haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi…. Lucky was very happy. My Parents was smiling wholeheartedly after a long time. In meantime Kavita came very close to me. She was free with me …She was different from what I thought. She was a very good and mature girl. I tried to keep myself happy with her, even though I was a bit irritated about her physical proximity. Like holding hands and hugging me.”
“Everything was fine ,But on the wedding day everything changed upside down” Sanskaar Paused
“What happened Sanky??”Ragini was on the top level of curiosity
“Me and Lucky was on the mandap .Kavya and Kavita entered in their bridal attire. When the rituals started
Kavita(stood up): this marriage wont happen…
Everyone was shocked ….and stood up
Laksh(trembling): Kavya…. What are you saying??

Kavya : You heard me right Mr. Laksh Maheshwari….THIS MARIAGE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
Sanskaar: What kind of drama is this Kavya?
Kavya: Drama?? This is not a drama Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari…Its reality
Sujatha: Kavya beta…you love Laksh right?? Then why are doing this??
Kavya : love?? And this fool?? Noway. I was just fooling around this guy for revenge
Sanskaar( in anger): KAVYA!!!!….HOW DARE YOU??
Kavya: Silence … Mr. Maheshwari….Silence….What do you think ??After what you have done to my sister…The way you rejected her…You thought that Kavya Sighania will marry your Brother….No way
Sanskaar: What kind of nonsense is she speaving Kavita (turning to Kavita)
Kavita: Nonsesne??(Smirked) you feel this is nonsense…..
Sanskaar(Shocked): Kavita…………
Kavita: Yes Sanskaar… It was our plan to make you feel the same humiliation which I felt when you rejected me in front of the whole college
Kavya: Yes… When you rejected her …She embarrassed her in front of the whole college. She had to flee from the college …I wanted you to feel the same pain …when you see you see your sibling heartbroken……..Sorry Laksh….It’s just because of your Heartless brother. That you are suffering( turning to Laksh
Laksh(With tears of anger and Pain): shut Up you b***c……don’t you dare talk about my Sanky….You don’t have the right to say about him…..And Sanky( turning to Sanky) Thank God you rejected this Stupid Girl….She is poison…
Kavya: Laksh…how Dare….
Laksh : BAS……..Not a word more… You came here for revenge….You had your play…Now Chup….Sanky is not at fault… Its just that I was stupid to love a girl like her…..and I got punished for that…..Now things have turned out like this…… I Swear on this Fire that I will not bring any girl to my life from this moment. I won’t trust any Girl and Love either…..Now get lost
Ragini had tears in her eyes. Sanskaar could see that
“Even though Lucky told that I was not responsible for this….I felt responsible in that guilt I also Swore That I will not marry anyone until my brother gets a girl who truly loves him and he loves her.”Sanky was sad. “From that day he keeps himself closed from everyone except us”
“Sanky……. I feel bad… I never knew that he had to go through all this….I just overreacted then” Ragini buried her face in her Palms . “ What do I do now?? How do I face him?”
“Relax Ragoo…..you were justified from your part…. Don’t worry” Sanskaar side hugged Ragini and turned her to face her. “don’t worry dear…You just be you…and just understand him…”
“I promise you Sanky… That I will bring back our Lucky …..Let he love me or Not…” Ragini was determined…Sanky was satisfied and smiled


Sanskaar was happy that Ragini understood Laksh. Ragini became more relaxed and determined after listening to Sanky. They were sitting in Sanky’s balcony along with Sujatha and Ram
“Papa… You cant do this… you are cheating” Ragini screamed , catching Ram sneaking out a UNO card
“Arrey look at the audacity of this girl….Calling me cheater” Ram complained..
Sanky was happy. They never sat and played together after Uttara’s death. Ragini revived their lost happiness
“Ji…. You are cheating” Sujatha also complained
“you Too Sujatha…” Ram faked anger and put his cards down
“Come on Papa…. Stop this drama” Sanskaar teased
Amidst this terror Laksh entered the balcony
“WHAT IS THIS??” He was confused
“ Areey Lakshji… You??Ragini smiled at him. Sanskaar noticed that Lucky was shocked by Ragini’s pleasant behaviour. He composed himself and ignored her. She took it lightly
“ Come on Sanky… Lets start a new game” Ragini shook Sanskaar. “ Hena Papa …Maa”
“Ok Beta …” Ram said
“Lakshji… You joining” Ragini asked
“You just stop calling me Lakshji Lakshji…..Ok??” Laksh said irritated
Everyone went silent

“Then what do I call you ??…. Honey??” Ragini asked flapping her eyelids. Laksh was taken aback by hwer behaviour. Sanskaar roared into Laughter along with his parents
“ No Yaar Laksh Beta ….I want to sit lazy today and play with my Ragoo Princess” Ram said in a lazy tone
“Me tooo Janaab…” Sanky backed Ram.
Laksh Got Irritated and left…and all four of them giggled behind his back
Screen freezes on Happy Family and Irritated Laksh…….

PreCap: A New Entry………..

So Folks…..WHO is that new Entry?? How will this arrival affect the happiness of Ram and Sujatha’s Family??
Stay Tuned…..Next Update ….On Monday(TOMMORROW)

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