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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 12)

Hellllooo Folkssss……………..Here we go with a brand new update of JKTH

EP – 11 :Episode 11


PreCap: Laksh’s Frustration; Ragini irked by Laksh

She ran as fast as she could to reach out the fridge. Her mouth was burning and was craving for cold water. She picked up a big bottle of cold water and emptied the bottle into her mouth. The flush of cold water just calmed her mouth, but she was sure that she will not be able to ‘taste’ for some time.
“Calm down Ragini” Ragini told herself… “Why are doing this?? Why are you hurting yourself??” tears welled up Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini composed herself as Parineeta, Sapna, Soumya and Tripthi came into the kitchen
“Ragini, are you alright??” Parineeta was concerned
“Ji Bhabhi…I am alright” Ragini faked a smile.
“Arrey Ragini….you don’t need to lie ,We know that it will be difficult to live with a person like Laksh” Sapna showed her fake concern neatly packed with mockery.” Did you know Tripthi, Today Viren went for a help from Laksh, but he refused without even thinking that Viren is his brother”
Ragini was feeling pricked in her heart. She had a hard time managing her expressions.
“Sapna…Laksh may have his own reasons for it “ Parineeta tried to manage the situation, noticing Ragini
“But Bhabhi….”Sapna was interrupted by Sujatha
“Ragini…. Here you are …I have been searching you in the whole house…” Sujatha came inside the kitchen “Lo…. talk to Jiji…” Sujatha handed her the phone.
Ragini quickly picked it up and made her way out of the kitchen

“Hello…Ragu” Her Badimaa’s voice had a soothing effect on her.
“Badimaa…..”Ragini’s voice cracked a bit
“Raguu…. Are you alright beta…why are you crying” Badimaa asked in a concerned tone
“No No Badimaa….I was not crying…Its just …I have been missing you all” Ragini tried to cover up
“Missing us?? Why?? Sujatha doesn’t take good care of you??”Badimaa teased
“Nahi Badimaa…. Sujatha Maa takes good care of me…Even Papa and Sanskaar ”Ragini smiled through her words.
“And Laksh” Badimaa was curious
“Lakshji…..Lakshji also takes good care of me” Ragini stumbled
“Ji Badimaa”
“Beta…..I don’t know why I am telling you this….But Beta…Keep patience…Whatever happens in your life….just be patient and trust in God”
“Ji Badimaa…”a tear droplet escaped Ragini’s eyes. “I will keep that in mind”
“And ……..If you face any problem there……just go and Hug Sujatha…Thinking that it is your Badimaa….you will be fine”

After her talk to Badimaa, Ragini immediately ran to Sujatha and back hugged her
“Arrey Baby girl…..”Sujatha was surprised. ” What happened suddenly…hug and all” She kept her palm on Ragini’s face
“Simply” Like Badimaa said, she was feeling fine. She then faced Sujatha and gave a twinkling smile.
They were distracted by someone clearing their throat
“What is it Sanky…”Sujatha asked irritatingly
“If your Mother- daughter romance is over…Then can I get my friend for a minute”
“No” Sujatha Pouted
“Pleaseee….”Sanskaar made a counter pout

Sanskaar took Ragini to his balcony. Ragini was a bit scared whether Laksh was still in that room. After the drama she pulled out earlier, it would be embarrassing to face him. But Thank God, He was seen nowhere. Sanskaar made her sit on a fancy balcony chair and handed over a glass
“Here you go….Sanky special Ice coffee.” Ragini took the glass and looked at him confusingly
“Don’t give me that expression. After the stunt you pulled earlier ,I must’ve been slapping you black and blue” He gave her a disgusting look . “ Look Ragini , This is the last time….Get me” Sanskaar taking her name as ‘Ragini’ was enough for her to understand that he was dead serious.
“Sorry” All she was able to say was this with an embarrassed smile and sipped from the glass….it was really refreshing
“Ragoo…I know that Lucky is being hard on you….and asking you to be patient and considerate is selfish from my part, as I know that you are trying your best ….But still…please understand him”. Sanky said calmly.
“I don’t understand one thing Sanky…He is very good with you…With Maa..Papa And others…But why me?? What have I done wrong to him” Ragini had to fight back her tears.
“It’s my mistake that I tried to push you to him…I thought that he would be fine by now….But he is not…” Sanskaar sighed.
“I don’t get you Sanky” Ragini was confused
“Ragu…..Lucky was not like this ….Ya ..he had a strict image in front of others….But for me Uttara….He was a fun loving and free spirited guy. After Uttara’s death , We were shattered, But he pulled himself fast and erected us back to normal….He was the backbone of our family then” Sanskaar stood up and went up to the railings. Ragini followed him.
Sanskaar continued…” One day he came up to me to hospital…………
Lucky: Sanky….Yaar I am in Love .
Sanky: What??(Surprised)..Who?? When ?? How??
Lucky: arrey baba…Calm down….I will Tell you naa
Sanky: Tell.. tell….tell fast na…
Lucky: Ok Baba….her name is Kavya…doing MBA at Calcutta University…..Daughter of Mahesh Singhania….You know Singhania group of industries. We met at a party .Then became friend…Got attracted…loved and proposed..
Sanky: You bl**dy fool…and you are telling me now??(faking anger)
Lucky:Sorry yaar……(making puppy face)….Yaar I want to get married
Sanky: Then Get married (still keeping his fake anger)
Lucky:Yaar….I know that Maa and Papa will approve this…Bua Maa
Sanky: She will approve of what you want (Losing his interest in the topic)
“Who is Bua Maa??” Sanky’s flashback was interrupted by Ragu
“Gayatri Maheshwari…. The one and only sister of Papa”
“What??….Nobody told me about her….I dint see her yet…Is she no more??
“Nahi Ragu….. She went for theerth Yathra…that’s why she dint attend your marriage…And you dint hear anything about her because no one here is a fan of her…except Lucky..and Dadimaa and Dadaji…..Lucky loves her…No worships her” Sanky said disgustingly

“You don’t like her??”Ragini asked
“I HATE HER” Venom echoed in Sanky’s voice”. “She is the one who gave the idea of bribing Uttara’s boyfriend….The main reason for my sisters death…”Hatred bounced in Sanky’s eyes
“Then…How can Lakshji love her like this”
“One thing is that I never told Lucky that Bua was behind this, as it might hurt him…..And second Bua is his mother”.
“What???” Ragini was super shocked
“Bua had a tragic martial life. Her husband was womanizer. Even then Bua stayed there. For the sake of family. Soon she got pregnant and was happy. But Her husband had no change. His affairs came public , hurting Bua’s pride. In an heated argument with him, he pushed her off stairs . She miscarried and lost her ability to get pregnant again. Her in laws disowned her. Dadaji bought her back as Maheshwari mansion………..It was the time when me and Lucky was born. Dadaji made a deal with Maa and papa to give a child to her. maa was adamant that she won’t give. She even threatened to go away. But stood back for Dad. Later maa agreed to give Lucky, with conditions that Lucky will be known to relations that She is her Maa and Gayatri Bua is his Bua and She will have to keep Lucky in Maheshwari house .If ever Gayatri bua decides to move out of Maheshwari house , Then Lucky stays behind.” Ragini composed herself after listening to Sanskaar.
“So that’s the story of Lucky and Bua…back to Lucky and Kavya…I met Kavya…She was a proper heiress of Singhanias, classy , attitude kind. I dint like her much…but gave in for Lucky’s happiness. Unlike Lucky feared, Bua was very happy about Kavya and approved for the marriage…. you know ……Singhania and all after” Sanskaar mocked
“When our family was done. It was our task to convince Kavya’s parents…. I was not as difficult as I thought. They agreed …but her dad had a condition.”
“What condition??” Ragini was curious
“His condition was that Kavya can only marry if her twin sister also finds a groom, and seeing me there, twin brother of Laksh, He wanted me to marry her”
“Oh My God” Ragini gasped “Did you agree??”
“You know what Ragu …I went blank there. Marriage was not there in my agenda at that point of time…. But my eyes met Lucky’s eyes , who was eagerly waiting for my answer….I dint think much and just said a yes…just for Lucky”
Ragini had mixed emotions for Sanky. She was happy about Sanky’s love for Laksh….and sad for his helplessness
“When I said Yes …Kavya’s dad called her sister…. I was bl**dy shocked seeing her”
“Why what happened??” Ragini was Curious
“It was Kavita”
Screen Freezes on Ragini’s confused face

ReCap: Laksh’s past ….Sanskaar’s too

Who was Kavita??? Why was Sanky shocked seeing her??
What happened to them in Past …. Changing Laksh’s life…………..Stay tuned….Next post on Sunday…….

A Swaragini fan….Currently writing the ff Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai….

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