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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 11)

Heloo Darlingzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..Here is a new age of JKTH

EP – 10: Episode 10


ReCap: Sanskaar’s Secret Kitchen….Laksh Shouts at Ragini

He knew it…. He knew that what he did was wrong. But he wanted to keep her away. He had to place her in a place which he completely erased off from his life, two years back for his maa, .But she can’t come any closer. He was way too grateful to her for being an eye candy to his mother, a comrade to Sanskaar and a princess to his dad. He dint want his emotions to creep up near trust or love for her. He dint want to get hurt anymore. Yes, He was really selfish, and he knew it. He dint want her to be a part of him , like what his family wanted.
Laksh Maheshwari was Lucky only to his Sanky , his parents and his Bua Ma…..and his Princess Uttara. By marrying Ragini without informing Bua Maa, Laksh fell into a pitch of guilt.He dint want to feel anymore guilty by giving fake hopes to Ragini. He couldn’t even risk to spare a smile on her. It was not that he hated her…..It’s that he never want to even like her.
His line of thoughts were broken by the ring of his telecom. He picked up the receiver
“Sir, Mr. Viren Maheshwari(Kinshuk Mahajan) wants to meet you. “His secretary said

“Sent him in” Laksh put the receiver down, adjusted his files and facial expressions for his cousin
Viren walked into Laksh’s cabin “Hey Brother” He gave a bright yet seemingly fake smile .Viren’s dramatic entry proved Laksh that ,this snake of his cousin wanted a favour
“Please have your seat bhaiyya….” Laksh gestured towards the sofa. He acted up as if he is wrapping up some important work. Then slowly got up from his table. “Bhaiyya…would you like to have something hot or cold??” .Laksh played out his formalities.
“No …No ..I am fine” Viren replied sweetly. Laksh could see that his cousin’s level sweetness was directly proportional to the intensity of favour he was ready to ask. Laksh settled himself on the sofa opposite to him.

“Ha Bhaiyya…..Is there anything important??” Laksh really wanted to cut off all the introductory nonsense and well , Viren was accustomed to it.
“I heard that you signed actor Varun Kapoor as the new model for Maheshwari Hospital..” Laksh could clearly map an idea of where Viren’s train was heading.
“hmmmmmm….Ya , I locked him in a three year contract”. Laksh tried to keep himself absolutely professional.
“Laksh…I will get straight to the point. I need him. Viren paused for a response from Laksh. But continued seeing Laksh’s Neutral reaction. “I want him for this year’s University day.”
“Oh Well…..I think you need to talk to his manager to fix an appointment” Laksh took his mobile phone to pick the manager’s number.
“No No….I was thinking if you can engage him as part of Maheshwari group.” Viren prompted.
“It will be difficult Bhaiyya…. One, Our contract clearly mentioned that Varun would only be called for anything related to Maheshwari hospital and two, Sanskaar handles anything related to Hospital.” Laksh cleverly tossed it Sanskaar’s court as he knew that no Maheshwari will dare to meet up with Sanskaar.
“Oh …Come on Laksh, Leave the professional part, you can summon Varun as your friend, and I know that Sanskaar is a just a dummy in Hospital, and you are the man behind it” Viren spat
“Ah ha…. Correction Bhaiyya, Varun is not my friend..He is Sanskaar’s friend and I am Business man and I have nothing to do with Hospital, and Sanskaar is a doctor not a dummy at hospital” Laksh made a firm word coating it with his anger. He hated it when anyone pulled down his Sanky in front of him. “And , If there is nothing more, You can leave Bhaiyya”


Laksh hated it, Playing a well-bred Maheshwari, A Perfect business man. But he had to. He shelved his dreams of being a painter along with his masterpieces to be his father’s heir. He couldn’t voice out like Sanskaar, as he had to protect him and Uttara. After Uttara, he really hated them, his so called family and everything related to them. But had to corner his feelings unlike Sanskaar .
“I Hate this money, Which I make in the name of Maheshwari, which killed my Uttara….But I must stay on ….For my Bua Maa…My Sanky…and My Parents”. Laksh thought. “I lost Uttara, But I can’t Loose Sanky and his dreams which are tagged along Uttara’s dreams ”Laksh sighed.
Laksh don’t feel to enter his room nowadays. Its no more his. He went straight to Sanky’s room and threw himself on Sanky’s bed .
“arrey….when did you come ?? My Chotte Bhai by ten minutes”. Sanskaar came out of washroom wearing a t-shirt and pyjama, wiping his hair
“I am bl**dy tired yaaar……”Laksh moaned ignoring Sanky’s questions, turning on the bed . “ a very bad head ache…..Argghhh….and that Viren came in giving more head aches” Lucky complained
“What happened with Viren ??” Sanskaar’s expression changed. Lucky sensed this.
“Arrey …nothing Sanky…Usual annoying stuff” Laksh brushed it off
“Hmmmm…..U leave it….I have perfect medicine for your Head ache….” Sanskaar picked up his phone and rang someone
“Yaara…..come to my room” Sanskaar said in a very friendly tone
Laksh was confused
“Sanky…. You are here….I thought you have late night today” Laksh was alerted with Ragini’s voice. “Shit” he thought . he was trying to avoid her the most after he screamed at her last day. He dint know why

Ragini came in , with a smile, which faded after noticing Laksh’s presence.
“ Hmmm…..Kya Karo Ragu Rani… I had three operations today and I asked to pull out after that as I was tired.”
“Hmmmmm” Ragini murmured, avoiding glances with Laksh, Same was the case with Laksh
“Ragu …Can you make us some ginger tea?? I am craving for it” Sanskaar asked putting on a cute expression
Ragini nodded and started to leave.” Ragu…. Make it in our Kitchen …. why are you going down??”
“Woh…..Woh….I need to see Maa…Then I will get you the tea” Ragini gave out a silly excuse and rushed out .
“YOU….” Laksh snarled . “You told her about OUR KITCHEN???” Laksh questioned.
“ yaa……” Sanky answered shrugging his shoulders
“Why ??? How could you?? “ Laksh complained.
“ What’s the big deal?? After all she is OUR Family” Sanskaar smiled at an annoyed Laksh


Within a few minutes Sanskaar and Laksh seated them on Sanky’s Sofa set. Laksh was irritated. Ragini came in with a tea tray and placed it on the table. She kept a neutral expression. She had been keeping this expression in front of Laksh ever since Laksh screamed at her.
“Ragu…..where is it??”Sanky asked
“What??” Ragini was confused
“Where is your smile?” Sanky drew a smile with his fingers. Ragini smiled mildly and offered him a cup. He took it and smelled it
“Wow….The smell of ginger…hmmmm”Sanky closed his eyes and said dreamily.
Ragini offered to Laksh. But he folded his arms and looked away.
“I don’t want” He mumbled
“Arrey Lucky boy…Drink it na… Your head ache will fly away” Sanky nudged him
“Noo Sanky…I am fine” He said .Ragini was super irritated by this behaviour of Laksh .
“Drink naa….For me” Sanky made a puppy face. Laksh was convinced and was about to take the cup
“Noo need Sanky, If he don’t want, leave It” Ragini said..in a bit rude tone and gulped the tea in a go and rushed out annoyed.

“Arrey…. Ragu rani became Jhansi Ka Rani, interesting….”Sanky smiled . “ First time… you know… I have seen her irritated” Sanky gave a mischievous look at a shocked Laksh and started to sip his tea.
“Maa Kasam…”Sanky jerked his cup away.. “This is SOOOO HOTT…..” Sanky screamed. “Lucky… I think she is super annoyed with you, Yaar she gulped this super-HOT TEA Man….” Sanky was freaking out.” Lemme go and Check her…It might be burning”. Sanky left behind Ragini
Laksh was numb, Firstly, due to Ragini’s irritation with him. She was sweet and calm. This side of her, hurt him a bit. he slowly tried to sip from Sanky’s cup, with Sanky left in a rush. It was really hot…Laksh had guilt turmoil in him….He wanted to go behind her…But he couldn’t…..he simply couldn’t.
Screen freezes on Laksh’s helpless Face

PreCap : Laksh’s Past

So……We are there… The next episode will be opening to our Lucky’s Past……Now The question is that…Will Ragini understand him???…Will Sanksaar be able to fulfil his promise to Uttara and Make Raglak one?? Stay tuned…..Will get to my Lovely Readers on Fridayy…..

A Swaragini fan….Currently writing the ff Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai….

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