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Janam janam rehna saath mere {sanskaar swara I love you…} Chapter 4 by janvi

Hy this is janvi …..I have changed the title because you all wished ..I know this confusing .. but trust me I will clear your all doubts…

Sanskaar : I love you Swara… Swara : I hate you sanskaar….{chapter 4}


Special note for vyshu di ―
Di as you are wishing me to write the last chap of swasan and raglak ka love after marriage …I will post it soon ….may be tomorrow or day after …i am not getting so much of time it would be long epi …and I am posting this ff in very short updates….pls wait for a while ….humble request

Now days passed we exchanged our phone number and talked to each other ….now it was dance party in our college I need my dance partner….my search was very difficult ….and at last I found her she was non other than ragini …she also need
And the dance party started..firstly it was dhinchak dance party with the fast music and suddenly the nature became romantic and the couples were dancing I thought she would be hesitant but I was wrong …she had no problem ..our enemies were fuming …… especially randhir (a very bad boy Of our she planned with his friends ) we were dancing intensely suddenly my eyes gone on the the light which are hung especially in discos ….it was about to come and I dragged ragini a side it hurt me little …but she was safe ..we were too close and we can feel each other’s breathe ….. we were winked in each other’s eyes and we’re not in senses ….then I don’t know what suddenly happened to her and she got up and proposed me …I was hell shocked … But I also had feelings for her and that i can’t state them un right ….I hugged her and said I love you …she said me too …then whole crowd started shouting “kiss her..kiss her” I asked her if she is okk with it …she nodded in yes and we kissed …it was a liplock and continued till 2 mins ….
Laksh:shona go and sleep the next I will tel you tomorrow
At mm
All were sleeping peacefully ……
At morning
Ragsan were in hurry to reach their respective place ….
Then sanskaar leaves for school

After a long gap of time sanskaar saw her giggling with her friends …it was library period ..in lib. Student are used shit roll no vise …swara and sanskaar ‘s roll no were one after ..
Swara in lib. Playing pranks and jokes and laughing … sanskaar was stunned ..the teacher noticed her and ask her to get up from her place and stand towards wall …swara :teacher ask anyone I was not giggling
Teacher: sanskaar is she was doing this
Sanskaar:no teacher
Teacher: lier ..now you both will get punishment
Swara:band vajh gaya ….
Sanskaar:shee!swara pass..
Now both are standing in punishment with hands up …it was3 mins and swara’s hands were paining….
Her expression s were too awful and looking so innocent …. sanskaar was looking at her….
Ragini was at the door of laksh industries… for bussiness plan
Precap: should raglak meet

How was the epi…pls comment …it will mean alot to me

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