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janam janam kaa pyaar….. some shots


i know i know u all r not surprise but today i was not in mood to write my ff so thought to write some shots of a tw…… story……..
it may be of twinj…or twiraj………….or ??


dis story will b different u all will b………..padh ke hi dekhlo
yaya i know soch rahe hoge ki yeh konsi jhalli hai
so i m Aamu….yaaar….mujhko pehchaanna aasan hi nahi……..
mumkin hai

dis is specially on friendship coz today is friendship day na!!
yaya yeh frndship day end hone b aaya but today was tuff n busy day for me dan also i took out a time for u all………
dekha na kitni achchi frnd hu

ooops sorry as i will not able to giv u a shot …………………………..
reason is mera kal project submit karna hai or mujhe abhi yaad aaya its already 9:22 pm already n tommorow 7:30 ki school
tab tak complete karna hai
woh bhi magazine banani hai……..sorry guys i will giv a promo
haha tumlog soch rahe hoge ki me kal hi upload kardu to?
so i want to upload on friendship day only n want all of u to wish a happy friendship day

a lady of 60 something is shown on a flowers shop…nono not buying instead she is selling…..3 handsome boys comes
1 boy:mom,how many times should v tell u to rest n not come on shop
2 boy:yaa twinkle babes….u should rest
yes she is twinkle taneja(lagaa shock read karke ki tw a 60 yrs old lady)
tw:n how many times should i tell u trio dat get bored of resting…n u (pointing towards senond boy) dont call me dat
a men is shown he is also nearly 60 ………he is playing tennis with some boys of nearly 20
1 boy:its enough dad now i m tired.man……….

so kaisa lagaa promo…..
n n n i think u all had already guess who is dat men
if not den guess it
if twinj r not united dan whose dat boys r?
bohot kaam hai
do comment
agar cmnt karoge to next shot jald paaoge
or haa my ff epi or may b promo only will upload by tommorow
plz cmnt

“khuda ne dost ko dost se milaaya
doston ke liye dosti kaa rishta banaaya
par kehte hai dosti rahegi usiki kaayam
jisne dosti ko dill se nibhaaya”
so all frnd how was it?
n yaa as it is frndship day i will tell u it is only n only of twinj …dont think any1 else
so bahbye lovely girls
milte hai chote se break ke baad

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