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Jamai Raja 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ria calling Sid and asks if the arrangements are done. She says we are leaving her in 45 mins. Sid asks her to come fast. Ria says okay. Sid and Raj make the arrangements for fake hospital. Bunty tells Sid that they got this studio for 1 hour and this actor is not acting properly as doctor. Actor says I am having pain in my neck, but I will act. Raj says he is looking like patient. Sid scolds Bunty. Bunty asks actor to act well, else he will be beaten. Actor goes. Sid says from where to get the doctor now. Raj and Bunty look at him. Roshni is eating something and tells that they are not picking the call. Ria brings Payal to the fake hospital and says it is recommended by our doctor. Bunty dresses up Sid as an old doctor and says even Roshni can’t identify you. Payal and Ria


come to Doctor’s cabin. He introduces himself as Dr. Sulekha.

Payal says Dr. Sulekha, I was expecting lady doctor. Sid asks her to get herself treated by other doctors. Ria says this is her file. Sid says I don’t read file and can know patient by seeing her. Payal tells Ria that this doctor is not right. She says I have seen you somewhere. Sid says one man comes on TV resembling me. Payal gives him file. Two men come there and says this is our set. Bunty stops them. Roshni calls him. Bunty says I will call you later. The men say that we are akbar and birbal’s actors. Raj gives them money and a*s to eat burger. The men refuse to take money. Payal asks who are talking outside. Sid says mental ward is outside. Payal gets up shockingly. Sid says there are many wards here, and we play kidney game also. Payal says this is wrong hospital and says I will not stay here for a min.. She comes out and sees Neil talking to doctor. Doctor tells him that his physiotherapy will start and he will be fine soon. Payal gets convinced that it is a hospital and comes back to Sid on Ria’s insistence.

Raj thanks Neil for helping them. Neil says Sid is doing this for me and appreciates them. Sid asks Payal to lie down on the bed. He says she is dead and then says she is alive. He says I will check your sister and asks her to take a heavy breath. He hits on her legs and asks are you feeling pain. Payal says yes. He checks her mouth and eyes and says Oh My God….He presses her neck and shockingly says oh..my God. Your kidney is failed. Payal asks how did you identify it by holding neck. Sid says you have leukemia and psoriasis. Payal asks are you sure? She imagines herself as bald and asks Doctor to tell the time left for her. Sid says it can be 1 weeks or few mins. He says have you seen anand and says you will see soon. He asks Ria to take her Didi from there and says God will take her in few days.

Payal tells Ria that she has less time, but you have to do what I started. She says I will give my POA to you so that you can do my work, even if I live and die. Sid comes home and tells Roshni that Neil helped him at the last min. Ria calls Sid and says Payal wants to give POA on her name. Sid says this is a good news. She turns and sees Payal standing infront of her. Ria says do you need anything. Payal says no, I wanted to meet you. Ria says I won’t let anything happen to you. Payal says I was shocked. She says we shall not take legal decisions in a hurry and asks her to take care. Ria thinks plan is turned down, what to do. Neil comes there and looks at Ria. She says what to do? Ria says we have to tell Sid immediately. Neil says Ria…and says nothing.

Roshni tells Sid that they shall find baby names. She says Kunal…for a boy. Sid says I will have a daughter and her name will be Shariya. Roshni says she will have a son only and will become sportsman. Roshni says he will have a daughter Shariya. Simran comes and asks them not to argue. Roshni says baby is inside me, and I know. Simran smiles and asks her to eat laddoo. Roshni eats it. Sid asks what do you want? Simran says I want a grand daughter, but I know this will be grand son. Raj says even I think same. Sid says if I have a son then I will leave. Simran asks him not to tell that. Roshni says if everything comes true then I would become Ranbir Kapoor’s wife. Sid says she is living in illusion and asks her to open the door.

Neil and Ria come to Sid’s house. Sid says if Payal doesn’t sign tomorrow then everything will be problematic. Neil says everything is happening because of me and maa. Roshni tells Sid that we have to do something to their love story. Sid says we will get POA and asks them to go hom and sleep. Roshni asks what is the plan? Sid says this is my magic and asks them to go and sleep. He asks how you will go? They say we will take a cab. Sid says I will call my driver and asks him to drop you home. He calls Ramesh and tells something which is muted.

Simran tells Payal, how dare you? Did you think that I will see drama silently? Payal says everyone is standing to fight with me. She sees Ria and Neil and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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