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Jamai Raja 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mr. Tulaskar asking Satya, what nonsense. Satya says my mum felt current and that’s why I came here. He says you are public servant and need to help public, but you are busy celebrating birthday here. They shout asking him to accept their demands. Tulaskar raises his hand to slap Satya. Satya holds his hand and asks him not to dare slap him. He says this is just a trailer and he can show him film also. Tulaskar asks what do you want? Satya asks him to give electricity supply to them within 24 hours. Media also comes there. Seeing them, Tulaskar promises to give them electricity to their basti 24 hours. Satya says we are friends now. Payal, Koel and Shom come there. Payal falls down because of kids. Koel laughs and says this is poor people party. Mahi comes there and sees a boy hurt. She covers his hand with a cloth. Satya sees her and hides his face. Mahi asks did you come with your parents. Satya runs away from there. Payal sees Mahi and asks why did you come here? Mahi asks how did you fall down? Payal says because of kids.


Gangu Tai talks about Satya’s marriage. Satya says he wants beautiful and rich girl. Kajal comes and shows Satya’s pic in the newspaper. They get happy.

Mahi and Koel are in the dance class. Koel gets irritated with her. Mahi thinks to see that goon today. Satya gets ready to go to work. Gangu Tai makes him eat food. She says I am getting late for work. Satya says I don’t like to see you working and says these lines on your hand will make my destiny. He promises to bring world things in her hands. Gangu Tai says you are my everything. She says those people trust me and I have to go to work. Satya thinks even today I am lying with you, but my lies will turn my destiny. He comes to the dance class and admires Koel, says she is looking so beautiful. He thinks he has spend 500 Rs on this. He offers coffee to Koel. Mahi takes coffee from his hands and asks him to stay away from Koel. Koel asks you can talk in this language? Satya says I can talk in any language.

Mahi calls him lafandar. Satya says I am rich and says it seems she likes me and finds way to talk to me. Mahi asks him to stop it. Koel asks Mahi to leave her alone for sometime. Satya and Mahi argue. Satya and Koel dance in the dance class. Mahi asks teacher to change the dance steps and says this lafanga is trying to get close to my sister. Satya asks if she is your sister. Mahi asks dance teacher to change her partner. Dance teacher asks everyone to take 5 mins break, and asks Koel to sort out differences with Mahi. Koel acts to get her finger bled and locks Mahi in the bathroom. She tells Satya that they can take advantage now. Satya thinks he is doing wrong. He thinks he have to win challenge with Deepu.

Mahi opens the door somehow. Koel asks are you on social networking site. Satya thinks I didn’t think about that. Just then Mahi comes there and asks him not to try and flirt with her sister. She tells Koel that they are going home now. Satya asks her to listen to him, and says I have class even if my accent is not good. He tells why you are ruining my image, and insulting me. He asks her to keep her sister at home. He then gives her dry fruits and says my Aayi gives me daily. Koel laughs.

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