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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ankit saying I will make everything fine, trust me, give me a chance. Kailash says you did not do anything till now, you just apply gel to hair, I told you to use your mind, you don’t need to help me, I will manage, you did not do anything good in your life, I m sure you won’t do anything, just go and spare me now. Ankit gets upset.

Sujata thinks her husband would be waiting, Atharv is at home and I can’t even call him. Atharv gets food and asks her to have food. He asks her why did she not go when he said he will drop her. She asks am I little kid. He says you become naughty kid when you are ill. She eats food and smiles. Ankit recalls Kailash’s words. His friend says your work is done and gives him the gun. Ankit takes the gun and his hand shakes.

Sujata likes the food made by Atharv and asks for food which Vividha made. Atharv says you will land in hospital then. She says get it, I want to taste. He says I knew you will want that and I saved it for you. Ankit recalls Kailash’s words and thinks to prove to Kailash that he is not useless. Atharv feeds Sujata. Ankit recalls how Kailash has beaten him. Sujata coughs. Atharv goes to get water. Atharv says you can’t eat it, just take water now. Ankit recalls Kailash’s anger. Sujata says I have to teach Vividha to make jackfruit dish, what about her exams. He says she is worried for history exam, but she is very smart, her mind works as computer. She says she is my bahu. Ankit aims at Atharv.

Ankit tells his friend that Atharv has created much trouble for him. His friend takes the gun, as Ankit is not able to shoot. Atharv asks Sujata to go and rest. Atharv hears some sound and asks who is there. Ankit and his friend hide. Atharv does not get anyone. Ankit says I will show everyone that I m not a kid.

Atharv gets chalk with Sujata and thinks what is this doing with Sujata. He gets Vividha’s message. She writes what will happen if I fail in history. He replies its not a big thing, if you fail, then try again. She replies she did not fail ever in her life. He replies then you won’t fail even this time, else we will see, send me your picture. She replies which one, party pic? He replies no, current pic. She replies I m looking Chudail in night suit. He replies either send cute Chudail pic or I will come in balcony. She shouts no and looks around. She sends her pic and he laughs saying she is mad.

Guddi tells Dadi that Vividha is not opening bathroom door. Dadi knocks door and asks Vividha to open the door. Uma worries and says did anything happen. They all knock door and shout for Vividha. Atharv hears them and thinks whats happening. Kailash comes out. Atharv sees him and starts exercising, like punching, kicking and moving Kailash aside. Kailash leaves. Atharv goes to Vividha’s room via balcony and ask what happened. Uma looks at him. He says I heard you all and came here to see. Guddi says Vividha is not opening the door.

Atharv says I will try and sees Uma. Dadi asks Atharv to come and try, maybe Vividha will open the door. Uma moves aside. Atharv knocks door and asks Vividha what happened, open the door, else we have to break it. Vividha cries in bathroom. Atharv says I m breaking door, I will come running and break door after counting 3. He starts counting, and Vividha opens the door.

Dadi asks Vividha could she not open door before. Atharv asks what happened. Vividha cries and makes upset face. Dadi asks what happened. Atharv says you failed in history. Vividha says I failed and hugs Atharv. Atharv says its fine, don’t take tension. Vividha says I did not fail ever in life. Atharv says it does not matter. She asks him not to give lecture. He asks her to give re-exam. She says its tomorrow, I can’t study. He asks her to try and encourages her. She says I will fail again. He says you can’t stop trying by fearing to fail. She says I can’t cover much syllabus in one day.

He tells them that Vividha does not want to use mind, she just runs away, she can’t do this. He gets down the balcony. She asks what do you mean, I lose and don’t use mind. Vividha also goes after Atharv by balcony way. Dadi tells Guddi that Atharv is challenging Vividha, she will agree now. Sujata asks what happened. Dadi says Vividha failed in history, so Atharv is challenging her. Atharv says Vividha just cries and gets scared, she is a coward. She reminds how she jumped from cliff. He says this is different talent, can you study history.

Ankit speaks against Atharv and tells Vividha that Atharv wants Kailash’s property and is using her. Vividha slaps Ankit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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