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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vividha saying I don’t want to lie, I want to tell Papa that I meet you and Sujata, I want to say truth and everything that we meet outside daily. Atharv says no need to give daily reports to your Papa. She asks why, I want to tell Papa. He holds her hand and holds her close. He asks her will you tell him how I pulled you close? He touches her with love and asks will you tell him that I touched you this way. He romances and asks how will you tell all this.


He asks will you tell him that I kissed you…. He asks will you say you stared at me with love for long time. She pushes him and says you are getting shameless, you know what I mean to say. He holds her close and hugs her. He says teasing you does not mean I don’t understand you, we did not do anything wrong, you don’t need to hide anything from your Papa, you can tell everything anytime and anyway you want. O re piya………….plays………. He says you will find Atharv standing with you, we will see whatever happens. She asks him to think, is he sure. He says things to be felt are not thought about. He forwards his hand and she holds his hand. They see each other. She says I will tell all truth to Papa tomorrow morning on breakfast table. He hugs her. Music plays…………..

Its morning, Kailash comes to have breakfast. Vividha serves him food. He holds her hand and sees that bangle. He gets angry and taunts her. He says Uma is doing great, her upbringing is seen well in this house, both of her daughters have no shame in eyes. He starts leaving. Vividha stops him and asks him to listen to her. She says you are right, I m not ashamed, as I did not do anything to get shameful. She cries.

She says if there is nothing shameful, then there is nothing to be hidden, you taught me that never to lie and say truth. She says Sujata did not make me wear this, I asked her for these bangles, that day when you stopped me, I was not going to temple, but to see Sujata as she fell down and got injured. I went to Shiv temple with Atharv yesterday, I met him later also, I meet him often and like to meet him. Kailash gets shocked. She cries and says Atharv came to meet me in library, I prayed to get a good husband by 16 Monday fasts, I feel I got Shiv ji’s avatar in Atharv, such a husband who would complete me, why should I hide my love, you gave me life Papa, but Atharv has gave meaning to my life. Kailash fumes. She says Atharv taught me to live life and gave me a new thinking, which is very important.

Kailash says fine, its good, you want new thinking and freedom, you are getting a new world, no need to tell me anything. She says I m telling you so that if you knew from anyone else, you would have much hurt. He asks why, I have got hurt seeing these bangles, if you worried for me, you would have not exhibited your thinking like this. He leaves.

Ankit says there is no peace here, can’t even have food peacefully. Guddi asks Vividha why did she tell Kailash, he would get angry. Vividha says he is my Papa, on whom will he get angry then. Uma asks her not to say. Vividha says I don’t want to hide. Dadi says Vividha is right, let things go on like this, I feel proud of Vividha today.

Kailash goes to society meet and people welcome him. they congratulate him. Kailash asks what is this for, I have already got Saroanch post. The man say you are going to become Sasur, that’s why congrats. Kailash says you got wrong news, my both daughters’ alliance did not get fix. The man says hiding days are gone now, we have seen Vividha and Atharv in park. Other man says my wife has seen them in temple, they were doing puja. Kailash says its nothing like that, you guys are mistaken, I don’t have Jamai, Atharv is just neighbor, he is good guy and Vividha’s friend.

Gajendra says he is good guy and friend too, he is that guy who challenged you that he will marry Vividha, you scolded him and filed police complaint too, now did that guy become friend and good. The man says Kailash will praise him, as Atharv loves Vividha and saved Guddi’s respect too. Kailash says enough, this is my house matter, does anyone have a problem. The man says society chose you as head and made you sarpanch, to make you protect the good values, if your daughters do this, what example will it give to our daughters, your daughters have gone out of hands. The man asks Kailash how will he manage sarpanch post if he can’t manage his Pagdi. Kailash gets shocked.

Sujata sees her husband’s pic and cries. She says why did you take so much time to come, I could not live without you when you were gone and now I can’t meet you when you have come back. Vividha comes there and Sujata wipes her tears. Vividha asks were you crying. Sujata says no. Vividha asks whose pic is this. Sujata says no one. Vividha asks is this Atharv’s Papa. Sujata nods.

Vividha asks can I see it please. Sujata says Atharv has never seen it, I would have shown you, but Atharv won’t like. Vividha asks why. Sujata says Vividha, Atharv does not want his father’s name to be linked to him. Vividha says don’t worry, I m with you. Sujata smiles and says you and Atharv are with me, what else do I need, did you come for any special work. Vividha says no, I came to ask about Atharv, he is not answering my call, is everything fine. Sujata says yes, he went to market, maybe riding bike, sit I will get some snacks. Vividha thinks Atharv taught me to live, now I have to help him get rid of his hidden pain.

Vividha talks to Atharv and asks him about his father. He gets angry and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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