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It was all a lie……..Twinj

IT WAS ALL A LIE. Episode 4

I think it is really anew beginning.
Everything is new.
Can’t believe
I am also happy
I never thought things will change
I waited for this moment ,
It felt like heaven to be with her.
I wanted her……. Nd now i have her.
I know one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do……


At nyt twinj were sitting in twinkles room. Twinkle was doing something on her lappy and kunj was sitting beside her and was just continuously staring her and had made pout. Twinkle was doing some important work so she didnt paid any heed to kunj but kunj was kunj so he started coming in between twinkle and laptop. He was kinda sitting and laying his chest in between twinkle and laptop. It was looking same as kids do to gain attention and stop elders from doing work.
First it irked twinkle because she didnt liked any one disturbing her, while she is doing her work but she calmly acted and replied to kunj and said kunj plz u sleep , look its late at nyt
But kunj being kunj started yelling nooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Nooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and started using his hands in upward and downward direction and started acting. I wontttttt sleep twinki said kunj.
U have to said twinki.
Nopes said kunj
Kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj said twinkle pressing her teeths tightly.
Twinkkkkkkkkkkiiiiii said kunj acting just like twinkle.

Twinkle was left with no option so she asked kinj wat he wants.
I dont know but i dnt wana sleep said kunj.
Ok fine said twinkle.
Twinki twinki wat we will do asked kunj.
Let me think kunj said twinkle.
Kunj made a pout and started to act like his thinking by folding his hands and keep his one fingure on his chin.
Suddenly twinkle bluted out ideaaaaaa
Nd after twinkle kunj blurted out ideaaaaaaaaaa
Ohh kunj u got an idea so tell ur idea said twinkle.
Twinki actually my idea is that u got an idea said kunj and after that he was laughing uncontrollably and was rolling all over the bed a d was seeking glances of twinkle.
Twinkle first gave death glares to kunj but after seeing him laughing whole heartidly she also started laughing.
Acha twinki tell ur idea said kunj sitting on bed nd controlling his laughter.
Kunj let’s watch a movie said twinkle with a smilling face.
Yeeeeeeee lets watch movie said kunj with excitement
Twinkle went towards the tv cabinet and took out muder 3 cd.
She put the cd in the cd player and went to took popcorn from the kitchen.
Then after that twinkle started the movie.
Twinkle amd kunj were watching movie and der wr many kissing scenes in it.
Twinkle wat they r doing asked kunj.
Twinkle was so engrossed in movie so she quickly replied kunj that they r kissing.
Kunj thought for few minutes wat is kissing then went towards twinkle and kissed her left cheek. Twinkle immediately looked towards kunj and asked him wat was that.
That was a kiseieeee said kunj.
Twinkle gave kunj a stop it wala look and started watching movie.
Again der we some romantic scenes so again kunj asked twinkles wat they r doing. So twinkle again simply replied romance.
Again kunj thought for few minutes and said twinkkkkkiiiiiiiiiii
Now twinkle was fully irritated and asked kinj with a irritating tone, wat do u want now??
Twinkle i want to do romance like they r doing said kunj with lots and lots of innocence.
Wat????????? Twinkle blurted out.
Ya said kunj casually.
No kunj we cant said twinkle.
No i want to do it said kunj clinging on twinkle.
No kunj said twinkle.
I want said kunj.

Twinkle somehow pushed kunj and got up from bed and closed the tv.
Twinki plzzzz said kunj.
Nooooooooo said twinkle.
Plz said kunj making a pout.
No means no said twinkle.
Plz said kunj.
Now its tym to sleep said twinkle.
I dont wana sleep i wana have roma….kunj was about to complete his sentence but twinkle cutted him.
Plz kunj sleep na said twinkle.
Kunj again thought fr few minutes.
Ok fine twinkle ill sleep if ull sleep with me as i am scared of sleeping alone said kunj.
Ok said twinkle.
Nd they both went to sleep. Kunj was sleeping holding twinkle tightly and was having a bright amile on his face.

Guys i tried making it longer. Hope it reaches ur expectation.

Janeman (sayu di) kahan thain romance daallne maine daala yeh mera type ka romance hai ???. Janeman but tere liye acha wala romance hai. Chal chalti kya khandala.

Guys i hope its not boring ? Nd ya ill not end it. Nd thanks to everyone who commented last tym on my ff.

Nd last but not rhe least criticism is allowed. If ull want some changes ill make it. It u want something specific let me know. I’ll definitely try to do dat ??
Guys nd sorry if u find it short bcz dis tym i cant give episode longer then this bcz u fell on road bcz it was raining nd i got hurt on my left hand and i am a lefty so i type with left hand. So hope u all will understand. ???

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