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Nitin: bua am really worried about Ishani don’t know what. ..
Bua : nitin she is not alone in fact she is with her husband so don’t worry every thing will be good
Nitin: ji I think we will reach by 4 :30 or 5
Bua: hmm don’t think much sleep. .
They have started to pune after darshan from shridi.
Ishani who was looking at ranveer with a silent face slowly moved her hands from his hands stood up from the bed.
She took a blanket and covered ranveer she turned went to balcony watching the dark sky and stars she was in 7 thave floor staring at the city .
Ishani to herself No I can’t take this again there is no destiny of love in my life if I like something it always left me phele papa ….then ranveer might be my fate.have to do some thing I must go far away from him.

After a while she came and sat in the couch look at ranveer.he was sleeping calmly.



Around 5 o clock bua and nitin reached home. ..tat was the moment nitin got call from Ishani bua was relaxing in sofa
Nitin: hello Ishani
Ishani :hello uncle have you reached home
Nitin: haan beta time
Ishani : am coming …uncle will reach home in an hour
By saying that she looks at ranveer once took her belongings and left.
She came to the reception and ordered lemon juice by saying ranveer ‘s room number.

She reached home at 6 of clock
Nitin : sorry beta woh
Ishani : it’s okay uncle no problem how was the darshan
Bua : it was good you tell me where do you stayed beta.
Nitin: haan where were you
Ishani : uncle woh ranveer. ..
Nitin: Acha ranveer
Ishani : haan uncle my boss
Nitin: tike beta
Ishani : uncle let me go and fresh up. And am not going office today am not feeling well
Nitin : kyun kya hua beta are you okay
Ishani : nahi uncle am fine aise hi tayad.

Around 10 o clock ranveer slowly opened his eyes who was in hangover woke up and saw himself then he remembered the night incidents looked next to him saw the whole room he couldn’t find Ishani went and saw the balcony she was not there.
He took his mobile and called Ishani she dint lift the call at all.
He got a text from her I reached home thanks for your timely help.

He got irritated some one knocked the door was room service man came sir lemon juice. ..ranveer : I haven’t ordered
Room service : sir madam ordered
From his reply he got to know tat is none other than Ishani.
He got it from him drank fresh up himself around 11:30 he reached office while entering itself he was searching her but couldn’t find her at anywhere.
He went and sat in his cabin
Sameer came to him with a file…got a sign then told him sir ishani is on leave today
By hearing it he dint gave any reaction in face but got upset.
Sharman went to shikar office he knocked the door stood in front of him
Where is ishani? ?? Tell me i want to bring my sister back help me shikar

Shikar was standing helpless he don’t know what to say


Ranveer came inside the house ishani was in kitchen .she was about to turn from the fridge got shocked by seeing him. She dropped all the bhindi on floor.he was just staring and smiling at her

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