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The whole day Ranveer was sticked to his meetings and discussion with clients.
Ishani was at her room arranging her cupboards and other works in kitchen.
she was feeling all alone without ranveer.

it was around evening 5:30 amba was alone at room because kailash went for his usual walk. suddenly ishani heard the screamng of amba and went towards their she find amba fainted ,she told mala to bring water and then she called the doctor.after a few minutes the doctor came and she stood behind them.doctor advises some pills and told her she got dehydration problem she hs to drink water every two hours till morning.
ishani ask mala to get the tablet and doctor left she sat next to amba slowly she got conscious she make her to drink mild hot milk. kailash enters their room by seeing amba having the pills which wa given by ishani.he ask what happen amba are you okay???? ishani explained everything and he replies: thank you beta


ishani : yeh mera farz hai baba

the time was around 7:30 ishani came and call kailash for dinner she aked mala to erve him and she sat next to amba.

9 o clock

Ranveer was done with his work and came to his room, he changed himself and searched hi mobile mean while in rv mansion ishani ask baba to take rest since he also came from the trip
even amba firt time favoured ishani words
haan ihani hain na aap rest kijiye

ishani elt happy kailash went and take rest in the next room.

amba: ishani
ishani: ji maaa
amba: ranveer ne phone kiya .use kuc batana mat
ishani: nahi maa
phone..(in thoughts) i for got my phone in room ma let me bring phone
amba: tike by saying hse rested herself in bed
ishani took her mobile and saw three missed calls rm ranveer
when she called him it was busy
she came back to amba room she was sleeping
ishani kept her mobile in ilent mode
after 15 minutes she got call from ranveer she was confused if she attend and speak it will disturb amba sleep
she cut the call
ranveer who was eagerly waiting for the skype call got disappointed
what happen to ishani
he gt text from ishani
ishani:sorry ranveer am with ma she got headache so let me text
ranveer: kya? what happen ishani is she okay?
shall i book the tickets and start now
ishani: arrey nahi main hu na
she s better now by tomorow morning she will be perfectly okay trust me
ranveer: okay ishani take care of her.
ishani: sure tum batao had dinner
ranveer: haan yu
ishani: i had

ranveer: ishani let me do one thing i will call my friend and will start around 2 so tat i could reach home by 5 o clock.
ishani: okay but be safe

ranveer got the tickets and he was packing everything in a rush he ind the letter which was kept by ishani


MY love ranveer missed you a lot in this two days

love you lot… you always used to say know your love is enough or us
but let me tell you today y trust care and love is for you only

yours ishani.

Ranveer reached mumbai airport and started to home in the car since his flight got delayed he s reaching home by 6:30

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