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Ishani called ranveer he was smiling after seeing her caller image he instantly lift the call in very first ring
Ranveer : Ishani
Ishani:Ranveer sorry was in kitchen went to fetch water
Before she could complet
Ranveer : luv you Ishani am missing you aother Ishani : hmm me too
Ranveer : I never knew it these two days will b be dis much hard for me
Ishani : hmm yeah Ranveer promise me u lol not leave me like this again.
Ranveer : hmm promise baby
Ishani : did you had anything? ? Still you dint feel hungry
Ranveer : nahi sunny am so happy now and
Ishani: kyun …..you are far away from ur wife nd u r happy all men r like this only
Ranveer : he was laughing at the way she s complaining
Sunny my darling am happy cuz I got a letter from my lovely wife
After hearing that Ishani was blushing and smiling
Ishani: hmm really

Ranveer : haan wen you wrote dis u know Ishani dis was the best gift which I have got in my life


Ishani : hmm miss you Ranveer. I wrote it
yesterday have kept onemore letter don’t read it now tats for tomorrow
Ranveer : okay my sunny
Ishani : hmm when s ur meeting tomorrow

Ranveer : til 11 after that I have presentation I think will b free by 7 tomrw 8 of clock will call you in Skype make sure tat you will be free
Ishani; haan baba sure chalo sojao Ranveer tomorrow you have meeting
Ranveer : Ishani 5 more minutes plc
Ishani: was smiling hmm Ranveerr how s the climate
Ranveer : very cold Ishani
Ishani : yu have blanket know. ? Take care
Ranveer : hmm blanket ‘s here but still I want my sunny
Ishani: was blushing in a cute funny tone u have you tube know watch your sunny latest videos. …Ranveer enjoy
Ranveer : in a funny anger tone I am talking about my sunnyy ….who s looking so hot in her red nightie aur. …
Ishani : oh my baby luv yu
Ranveer : luv you too Ishani
Ishani : gud nyt miss you
Take rest
Ranveer : without gud nyt kiss and hug???
Ishani : Ranveer. …..chalo sojao bye will give you once you come back home
Ranveer : promise sunny
Ishani : haan Ranveer gud nyt
Ranveer : gud nyt luv yu tc he kissed ..
Ishani was smiling and hung up the call.she laid and thinking about the conversation in phone and sleep
Ranveer kept his mobile in charger laid next to the pillow took the greeting letter and kissed Ishani foto .started to sleep.

Next day morning Ishani got ready by 7 she was in a light green with peach colour screen
She came to kitchen dint find amba there Malaysia was arranging vessels she smiled and asked bhabi chai bana dhun she said hasn’t
After a while she saw a kailash in the hall talking to the doctors over the phone
From that conversation she came to know amba s not well.
Ranveer started towards his meeting
Doctor came and he was checking amba health and gave some pills and injections
Ishani was asked the doctor about amba health
Ranveer was busy with his presentations and meetings.

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