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Ishani was smiling at ranveer reply she slowly turned to him and said you need to leave Delhi tonight .go and fresh up he wasn’t ready to listen her. His phone rang finally he left Ishani and lift the call then Ishani moved towards kitchen. After an hour both of them had breakfast ranveer has informed Ishani that evening 7 o clock is his flight. Ranveer moved towards the office Ishani was packing ranveer clothes in his room while packing she got an idea she write a letter in a greeting sheet which has mentioned good night kisses.she has written two letters cuz ranveer will be stayING in Delhi for two days. Around 5 of clock ranveer returned home was searching Ishani he asked Mala she has informed him bhabi is in her room. He went and about to knock the door she has opened both smiled at each other. He came closed to her she said go fresh up and get ready he nodded arrey I have got just an hour I don’t want to waste time Ishani replied haan even I was saying the same packing was over .before she could say ranveer pulled her more close two days Ishani I will miss you a lot by saying this he hugged her she too hugged him .I miss you too ranveer.

He slowly made her moved towards the bed he has removed his coat both were sat next to each other. He puts his hands around her neck Ishani said take care be safe .Ranveer : it’s scheduled business trip Ishani other wise I would have take you with me he hits his forehead with her. Ishani : it’s okay ranveer no body is at home so no problem. Ranveer : acha Batao what do you want? Kya chahiye tume? Ishani: instantly replied TUM …both had a eyelock tum hi ho plays background. Ranveer cupped her cheeks with his hands and huged her am always yours love you Ishani miss you. Ishani: miss you too ranveer by saying this she saw the clock 5:40 ranveer go and fresh up let me bring you coffee he replied haan.after few minutes Ishani came with light coffee ranveer was ready with his perfect attire. He had coffee and saw the trolley tumne packing bhi karli not bad sunny .okay am let me leave take care be safe bye he kissed her forehead and she kissed his cheeks nearby chin .both came down ranveer was saying Ishani forgot to say you ma and baba will come tonight .dey called me around 4:30 dey have started. Ranveer car move down towards airport.meanwhile amba and Kailash started to pune.ranveer boarded the flight before he could turn off Mobil he called Ishani she lift it in the immediate ring she asked reached airport Ranveer : haan boarded flight Ishani : hmm love you
Ranveer : Forever


Ishani smiled and said come back soon bye baby be safe call me once you reached
ranveer smiled a replied will make a skype call be ready by 10 o clock. Ranveer turned off his mobile and lookin outside the window Ishani was kept the mobile in bed and took their foto kissed ranveer.

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