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Ranveer and ishani started towards mumbai from haryana. Around 9 o clock they reached Rv mansion. Both have entered the house amba stood silent before she could say kailash interrupted and said beta tum do no jaakhe a aaram karlo.ishveer went to their room.ranveer asked mala to bring ishani clothes which was kept in old store room .ishani was sat on the bed worried about amba also her foot was paining like anything. Ranveer got ishani clothes from mala he came inside and sat next to ishani. He touched her shoulders and ask with a headshake as what she replied noded as nothing.

he smiled and ask her to change he got a call ishani moved towards wash room.after an hour they finished dinnerin room ishani was unable to walk she was in her red satin nighty as she was struggling ranveer took her in his arms moved towards the bed.he carefully laided her then he smiled nd laid next to her.ranveer switch of the light and turn towards ishani as she was up to say something he kissed her forehead and ask her to sleep.she moved close to ranveer rest her head in his chest he smiled and grabbed her shoulders.


After a week one fine morning ishani was getting ready in her red saree ranveer was sleeping in the bed it was around 7:30 he got a call it disturbed his sleep before ishani could reach the phone he lift the call

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