ranveer and ishani moved towards the roof top garden it was so nice which was decorated with white tulips and lavender flowers dim orange lights he offer ishani to sat in the chair.

she sit with angry face he went and sat in opposite chair. was admiring her she looks so beautiful in the dim orange lights her face is glowing even in anger


ishani: when the clients will come????

ranveer: how do i know…i mean… they will come they are on the way

ishani: call them know dont yu have their number

ranveer: haan let me

ishani: dis also he dont know(she murmurs)

ranveer: what did yu said anything

ishani: oh no…sir how can i say something..i can do only whatever you say…she turned her face other side in anger

ranveer: two people came to meet rv nita hi rv am sujal and dis s nita my secretary she was in a formal skirt and shirt.

nita was lookin at ranveer like anything ishani too saw her look and got disgusted.

ranveer: hello sujal dis s ishani my…he stammers ishani look at the way he stammer

ishani: am his p.a she gave a sharp look

sujal and ranveer were discussed half an hour though it was a formal meeting they started having snacks sujal ordered chicken and some non veg ishani denied first then she started having orange juice sujal looks at ishani he offered some chicken but she said no and she s vegan.ranveer got irritated with sujal and nita started flirting with ranveer.

sujal : thought ishani is just his P.A he started complimented for her look in saree. ishani you look so beautiful in saree and you know i love gujurati before he could complete …..ishani who knew very well about ranveer possessiveness.got cough while drinking water she dint even replied him anything

sujal: are you okay ishani ranveer was burning like anything he suddenly said she s okayy.

after a while having his mobile in his hand..in a loud tone: sorry mr.sujal i dont think we could sign up this deal so plz…by saying this he returned the file

nita who got dissappointed with this decision she touched his shoulders what happen rv dont you trust our project …he genuinely moved away from her sorry guys i think we need to leave.

ishani who knew very well y is he behaving like this was just staring at him.

sujal and nita about to leave sujal gave his card to ishani keep in touch ..nd smiled ranveer got more angry since it was a restaurant people were watching she got it and kept it on the table.

once they left…ranveer took that card and throwed it on the table. by seeing this ishani : so meetng is over rite let me also leave she was about to move from the table

ranveer forcely held her hands both had a eye lock she was so cute to him in that orange lights. he came closed to her she was seeing him in a sharp look
ishani: wat… i knew very well why you have cancelled this deal

ranveer: not bad my wife understands me very well tume kya laga woh mere hi saamne tumhare saath flirt karega aur main uski saath business deal…while he was sayin ther s a voice called RV….BOTH OF THEM TURNED AND SAW IT WAS NITA…Ishani got moved away from his clutches raneer got disturbed and irritated as well

NITA: hi rv actually i came to know that you stayed here…so what about dinner tonight if yu wish we can spend a night..
ishani was in top of the anger rv was looking at her he is enjoying ishani anger and possesiveness before she could complete her words
ranveer: sorry miss.nita i am busy she replied tats okay rv take care she hugged him ishani after seeing this angrily turned to leave ranveer who dint hug that nita he held ishani hands tightly nodded as NO . after that nita has left
Ishani: wat you were saying am talking with sujal in front of you now what you were doing in front of me..
ranveer : arrey wat i did ..she only came and hugged me

baa visit siddhi vinayak temple and pray to god for ishani and family. she went home on the way she met mala and she told the good news about ishani and baa thank god very happy.she got to know raneer is with ishani .

she reached home happily and were about to say ishani. sharman was saying manas .. i will find ishani and bring her back also will never let my sister to be with that ranveer

might be he is rich now but still he s having that driver shortmind only how dare he ..sent my sister out of his house.he should suffer for watever he did to her
tomorrow i am going to meet shikar i heard that he is back

baa who was hearing all this decided not to say about ishveer to sharman ..sharman saw her at the entrance and came to baa…see baa god started listening to our prayerrs we will find our ishani soon.she smiled at him and nodded as yes.


ranveer and ishani standing next to the car he kepts his face close to her face say me once ishani by seeing my eyes that you dont love me you dont want to be with me.she couldnt able to speak and she was completely lost in him.

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  1. interesting update friend
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  2. and please keep sherman bhaya away from ishveer. let him busy to sort out his own problems or other family problems.

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