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Ishani was in office started her routine work…ranveer came around 12 o clock by seeing him entering the his cabin she followed him then knocked the door.
Ranveer : come in…
Ishani : slowly entered was waiting for you only woh…
Ranveer:hey sunny…you were missing mee…
Ishani:tum khabi nahi sudharoge tumhare mobile…you dint even search it I mean I thought you will call from hotel landline also you wantedly left it home or…
Ranveer: i have lost so many things…even my heart too..
Both were shared an eye lock Sameer interrupted sir meeting….at 2:30 and he left ranveer nodded as okay.
Ishani: amba kaki called I have informed her and she dint even wait for the reply and left.
Ranveer was staring at her and dialed amba number
Amba: hello ishani..
Ranveer : maa main bol raha hoon..
Amba: wat happen beta is everything okay
Ranveer: haan maa actually I forget phone at ishani home
Amba: haan she told me beta she talked to me nicely only as usual she called me kaki even asked about baba health too
Ranveer: oh for you and all she is talking nicely ma but she is fighting with me…let me see her
Amba was laughing and cut the call
Dadi heard the door knock and then went and open it was nitin
Nitin: had lunch bua
Dadi: you came early today wat happen
Nitin: haan bua as I went early have done with todays work so I came
Dadi: tats really good need to talk something important
Nitin: ji tell me bua
Dadi: I have asked ranveer to stay in our house as paying guest
Nitin got shocked and stood up by keeping glass water on tea poi wats dis bua wat you are speaking.. I mean ishani
Dadi: am doing it for ishani only. nitin listen to me
Nitin was not ready to listen
Meeting at office:
Ishani came with a note pad and sat on the conference room
All started discussing whats dis meeting all about
Ranveer came and greeted all employees with thank you for the support by next week he will be completing one month in new office so they are going to celebrate a team party dinner in lonavala resort.
All employees were happy akshara and few other girls were praising him. Ishani dint even looked at him
Once the meeting was over ishani went out and started to home by the time she came to lift went inside about to press ground floor button ranveer also came no one was inside except them.

Ranveer was smilng and driving the car. Dadi called him .nitin saw ishani was decorating little Krishna idol happily.ask her did she loved janmashtami fest. She replied unknowingly haan uncle since from childhood main aur ranveer ne milkar…she stammered and stopped


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