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Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 2

Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story part 2

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3 woman are seen walking on the street
1 woman talks
Its been a year since we stayed away from our love but they never got married because of our plans I shagun will get Raman
Its none other than shagun with tanu and shesha
Shagun: let’s go to that shop called clothing shop
Shesha: yeah let’s go
Tanu: yeah
They walk in a store and some bumps into them
O I’m sorry
They get shocked to see that person
Tanu and shesha are speechless
Shagun” Sitara you but you died
Its none other than Sitara face
Woman: o heloo what’s with the Sitara I’m Maya Maya agarwal
Maya: now move
Maya leaves
Shagun: they’re is something fishy going on

Ishita walks into the shop
The villas get shocked to see her and hide
Ishita: hey bro where is the party tonight
The villans are shocked to see her new attitude

Pragya is seen dancing in the office
Pragya: I’m living the life in London
Boss: stop it you
Pragya: you can’t boss me
Pragya laughs
Boss: she has changed so much since she first joined
Boss: khushi control her
Khushi comes and dances with Pragya
Khushi: o boss take a break and calm down
Khushi: this song nachde ne saree is a great one
Boss leaves while khushi and Pragya laugh

Shivanya is seen in front of shiv
Shivanya: 1 year ago you took my ritik now I never worshipped you in my life
Shivanya dances on Sheila ki Jawani at a concert
Shivanya in her mind
This is helping me forget my past

Raman: o heloo where’s ruhi that stupid girl she is stupid everyone is stupid I’m related to no one
Abhi: u know what your right since that love mistake ugh
Ritik: one mistake we all made was love
Arnav: we will never forgive them
Boss: gentleman you all have to go to London for a business deal it’s with aa industries
All agree and go to pack their bags

In London
Maya is seen thinking
Maya: am I Sitara
Maya: no I’m not I’m Maya agarwal if you don’t believe it go to hell

Bell rings
Its Maya mom suhana
Suhana: Maya
Maya: mom you know who I am

Precap: London all men arrive at the same place as the ladies will they meet
Who is this Maya stay tuned as the tables turn

Sorry this is short long one part 3 is long I’ll try I was busy today

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