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Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers are Like the Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story (Introduction)


Hi all. I am Fatarajo here. Well some may know me and some may not. Well this is not my first fan fiction I have written fan fictions on other shows in the past and also writing currently. Well my lessons just ended almost a week ago. So I m a little free so I can write one more fan fiction. Well currently, one of my favorite show is Ishqbaaz so I decided to write this fan fiction on Ishqbaaz. I hope you all will accept me and like this fan fiction.

Well, as for the storyline it will be kinda different from the actual show. The story of this fan fiction will be after a leap of 3 years, the first episode will show the current situation means after the 3 years leap and the situation of all the three brothers. And the upcoming episodes will cover their past which means 3 years ago, which means the same time as it is in the current show.

As for the characters, the characters of the three brothers will be different from the show after the leap and before the leap their character will be the same as in the show. That means something happened which changed the life of the three brothers.

Here is the character introduction.
(The episode will begin after the leap, and also the character introduction of the characters are here after the leap)

Shivaye Singh Oberoi (Nakuul Mehta)
Shivaye is the eldest son of the family, the son of Pinky and Shakti.
Shivaye is a rich, arrogant businessman here. He is actually a lot as same as he was three years ago. The difference is that he likes girls who are honest,friendly and talkative. Shivaye is married to Tia here but they are going to get divorced soon as they are not having a happy married life and they don’t even feel for each other. He loves his brothers a lot but due to some reason Shivaye and Omkara don’t get along with each other at all, but from inside Shivaye loves Omkara too just like he loves Rudra.

Omkara Singh Oberoi (Kunal Jaisingh)
Omkara is the middle son of the family. He is the elder son of Tej and Janvi. Omkara’s character is totally different here. He is someone who likes to take decision by mind only. He also handles the Oberoi business along with Shivaye here. But due to different opinions they both are always at loggerheads and they always fight due to this. And Omkara doesn’t have long hairs here. He hates art like anything now due to his past. He is engaged to Riddhima currently. Due to Omkara’s stubbornness he creates problem for himself and his family.

Rudra Singh Oberoi (Leenesh Mattoo)
Rudra is the youngest son here and he is also changed but not so much like Omkara. Rudra is more mature now and is the only one who can stop Shivaye and Omkara from fighting. He is completely changed but he doesn’t admits it. To prove this he still flirts with girls, but the fact is he doesn’t enjoy doing so at all like he used to. He knows his family is upset over the change in his brothers so that’s why he pretend that he is unchanged and his aim to make all fine between Om and Shivaye.

Anika (Surbhi Chandana)
Anika is a wedding planner here. She arranged wedding for families and she is staying happily with her younger sister and Sahil with her best friend’s family Well Anika is engaged with a guy named Shivin here. She treats him like a friend and she is very sweet to him. Anika is cheerful here but less talkative but when she is super happy only then she is active with her humorous tactics.

Ishana (Vrushika Mehta)
Ishana’s character also have changes here. She is the best friend of Anika and she is the one who gave Anika, her sister Sahil a shelter in her house. She is very close with Anika. And Ishana is basically the most responsible one in the house. But she have lied to her family and even she hid this from Anika which is something got to do with her occupation.

Soumya (Neha Lakshmi Iyer)
Soumya is the younger sister of Anika here and Anika and Soumya found each other after many years. Soumya’s character is mostly unchanged here besides that. She loves food and she have a passion for singing. She sings whenever she is bored but when she alone mostly. And she sings in a restaurant as a part time job but she hid this from Anika and Ishana.

Other characters
Tia Kapoor (Navina Bole)
Tia is married to Shivaye here but they are not happily married as I said. Even Tia is not happy with the marriage at all and she have no feelings for Shivaye. Initially she enjoyed her marriage life as Shivaye is also wealthy, but slowly when she realized actual value she realized Shivaye didn’t love her and Tia’s character is understanding here. But she hates the fact Shivaye kinda ignore her.

Riddhima (Shireena Sambyal)
Riddhima is Omkara’s girlfriend and she is engaged with him. Riddhima can clearly see the changes in Omkara but she is happy with his change as she feels that Omkara is more responsible now. But she doesn’t like the fact that he is rude now, but she thinks that this is due to business stress so she doesn’t complain much.

New characters
Shivin (Assume Rajbeer Singh who was last seen as Azad in Qubool Hai as Shivin)
Shivin is the fiancé of Anika here and they are engaged. Shivin loves Anika , and he is waiting for Anika to love him too. He knows that Anika accepted his proposal as a friend. Shivin is also very friendly and nice. And he is an army officer by profession. Whenever he is out of duty, besides his family he spends time with Anika and her family and also helps her a lot. Shivin’s character will play a pivotal role in this fan fiction.

Abeer (Assume Mishal Raheja who is seen as Viplav in Ishq Ka Rang Safed as Abeer)
Abeer is a very good friend of Ishana and he have a soft corner for Ishana. He likes Ishana a lot. He knows that Ishana is always concerned about her family so he always tries to support her. He is an IPS police officer here. He is strict, but he is very sweet with Ishana and her family.

She is the grandmother of the three brothers and she is disappointed with the fact the changes came in Shivaye and Om and she always discusses it with Rudra. Her wish is that Shivaye and Om becomes normal like before.
Pinky Singh Oberoi
She is the mother of Shivaye and Pinku and she is always behind Tia and repraminds and scolds her for no reason. She blames Tia for the changes in Shivaye
Shakti Singh Oberoi
He is the father of Shivaye and Pinku. He is always proud of Shivaye no matter what he do and is always with him in all his decision. He doesn’t like the fact Omkara always interferes in the business with Shivaye.
Tej Singh Oberoi
He is the father of Om and Rudra and he is positive here. He feels that Om changed because of him and he wants his previous Om back. He speaks with Shivaye about it and always shares his concern.
Janvi Singh Oberoi
She is the mother of Om and Rudra and she isn’t an alcoholic anymore. She thinks that the change in Om’s life came as she ignored him. She doesn’t want the same to happen with Rudra. And also she is having a happy married life with Tej.
Priyanka Singh Oberoi
Priyanka is the daughter of Pinky and Shakti.She is happily married to someone else now.

Sahil’s father adopted Anika and after his death he lives with Anika. He is closest with Ishana and he tells Ishana that he wants to see his sister, Anika happy. He and Soumya always fights over Anika but he also loves Soumya just the way he loves Anika.

Ishana’s mother
Here Ishana doesn’t have a father and sister like in the show instead she have a mother. She loves her mother dearly and her mother have some connection with Oberoi family which will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

So here Anika, Soumya who are sisters, Sahil who is like their brother lives with Ishana and her mom as they don’t have a family.

Now here is the promo.
Promo 1:- Dadi is shown smiling and forwarding her hand and she sees the three brothers coming down together happily and later it turns out to be her imagination as she sees only Rudra. Rudra nods no. Dadi becomes sad. Later while Dadi is walking with Rudra she sees Shivaye and Om’s fight regarding business and she becomes sad saying I don’t want them to become future Tej and. Rudra says don’t worry Dadi your Rudra will make everything fine. Dadi smiles and Rudra gets thinking how to make all fine between Shivaye and Omkara.

Promo 2:-
Shivaye and Tia go for divorce and the judge asks are you sure u want a divorce? Shivaye and Tia replies yes. Later while Shivaye is on his way, and just then a beggar comes to him and as he takes out the wallet, he looks at a picture in the wallet and says that the one whom I , Shivaye closes his wallet and says let it be. Just then Anika on the other hand who is driving her bike, accidentally spills mud into Shivaye’s car, Shivaye gets angry initially and later he smiles.

Promo 3:-
Omkara was someone who was passionate about art is now a businessman. While Om with his short hair look comes down, he looks at the statue which he once made he tells the servant to remove it. And Shivaye sees this. While Om is in his office, Shivaye comes to Om and says that what happened to you , you were never like that . You wre the one who used to lovingly, Om says that love has no space in my life. On the other hand, Ishana is shown speaking with a guy named Abeer who asks her do you believe in love? Ishana says yes I do, and Abeer asks do you love someone? Ishana becomes silent and she leaves from there and Abeer follows her.

Promo 4:-
Rudra sees the picture of him an his two brothers together and he smiles recalling how they used to spend time with each other. Rudra gets out of the flashback and gets thinking how to make everything fine like before? While walking on the road, he hear a voice and he follows the voice, and it is Soumya singing and as Rudra was about to see Soumya’s face Soumya runs from there and leaves, and Soumya’s dupatta falls on Rudra and Rudra is still and stares at the girl(Soumya) running and asks himself who was she? She seemed so familiar.

And as for the pairs, I will give importance to all three pairs be it AnShi(Anika-Shivaye), IshKara(Ishana-Omkara) and RudMya(Rudra-Soumya), as you all can see from the promo. I know from the intro of characters didn’t seem so, is because my story of this fan fiction is like that. I hope you all will like this fan fiction.

Well, my question is should I continue with this fan fiction? If I get good response I will continue.

If I will continue then I will publish the first episode on 13th Sat or 14th Aug Sun.
Please do feel free to express your opinions by dropping your valuable comments ?

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