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Ishqbaaz ff – Part 2

hey guys ananya here…..
another person has started a new ff with the same name a mine so lease dont get confused
please comment more only then ill know whether ur liking it or not please its a request
so here go the next part of my ff

scene 1
anika starts leaving and shivaay holds her hand
shivaay: ruko wait voh voh voh
rudra: vo voh voh kya bhaiyya voh jab yaad aaye bahut yaad aaye gaana??
om huts him playfully
shivaay: am sorry
anika: its ok…now i better leave saahil akhela hain
she starts leaving
shivaay: and thanks for the info
she gets surprised
she smiles and starts leaving
shivaay: and thanks for saving my life
she again smiles and starts leaving
her brother saahil comes in search of her
saahil: didi where were u
anika: saahil ru mad ghar se baahar kyun aaya itne raat ko
sahil: aap bolo ghar e baahar kyun aaya itne raat ko
anika: am sorry i was having an imp work so i had to come
sahil: i was also having an imp kaam
anika: wha work
saahil: aapki raksha karna
she gets teay eyed


there all the 3 oberoi brothers think that their relationship is also somewhat the same
shivaay regrets for misunderstanding her
anika: tk ill make u meet someone aao
anika: saahil meet shivaay
saahil: aap??? yeh kitna badtameez hain didi
anika: saahil this is not manners sorry bolo
saahil: didi but..
anika: i said say sorry
saahil: sorry bhaiyya
anika: good now meet om a.k.a long hair oberoi
saahil: hello bhaiyya and offers his hand
anika: now meet ru…
rudra: now one is there in world who donno me
saahil: i know him didi…..
rudra gives a proud expression
saahil: he is dimple kapadia’s son na dekho kitna pimples hain
he gives a wierd expression
everyone laugh
rudra: dimple kapadia my foot
am rudra singh oberoi
saahil: sorry bhaiyya i was jus joking hello and offers his hand
rudra: joking shaitaan ki bhai
saahil: am sorry
they shake hands
anika: saahil ghar chale and ya b careful wid dat tia she will definetely plan something else
om: ill drop u anika
anika: no no ill leave
saahil holds anika’s hand near the upper arm
she writtles in pain
all 3 rush towards her
shivaay: what happened show me
anika: ntg ntg
she hesitates
they understand she is hiding something
om: shut up and show me anika

he moves her 3/4 sleeve up(the same dress which she was wearing yesterday)
they get shocked
she is having some red marks as if someone beat her
saahil: didi show me
anika: saaahil maamooli kharoch hain kuch nahi ghar chale
saahil: tk
they leave
shivaay stops them
shivaay: hum 4 milke tia ka asli chehra sabke samne lakar rahenge
rudra: v can show dat video to everyine right??
om: rudra try and understand she will easily deny everything saying the video is fake she must have even managed that reporter so v dont have any solid proof so hame esa kuch karna padega jisse voh apni galti ko khud sabke saamne accept karle
anika: ur right om i will do whatever i can..im with u guys
shivaay puts his hand forth…om puts his hand and den rudra
they look at anika even she puts her hand but again she closes her eyes in pain
they see the same hurt on the front part of her palm
anika: chalo saahil
they leave

after she leaves
om: there is something wrong kuch toh hain she is definetely hiding something from us
shivaay: ha ur right om voh chot ki dekkhe lag raha hain ki someone beat der
rudra: ha bhaiyya mayb with a belt or stick
om: v should find out from her and definetely help her
shivaay: she was hesitant to tell anything as saahil was also there
om: ha thats y i didnt stress much
rudra: when she comes tommorow lets ask her

precap: anika comes on to the road late at night sits on the footpath and cries looking at her hurt….oberoi brothers hide and see her

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