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Ishqbaaz ff – Part 1

Hey guys….dis is ananya and am gonna start a new ff based on ishqbaaz….. this is da first time am writing an ff related to ishqbaaz so do temme ur views and suggestions…. healthy critisism is most welcome in the form of comments…..
silent readers though u take time to comment its ok but pls do ha
ok so no more bakbaks and lets get started

the cover pic mayb wierd but as u read ull understand y i kept dat


this is the continuation of the last episode
anika and shivaay argue…. anika leaves
she goes home

scene 1
Anika’s POV
kya karoon kaise bataaon…now this bhaagad billa wont listen to me and if i tell dadi den she will get tensed..kise bataaon
ha idea ill call om he is the only understanding there
she calls om
anika: hello
om: ha anika bolo
anika: om i need to meet u please right now its really really urgent
om: ofcourse den we will meet at the coffee shop near our house
anika: no if anyone sees then it will b a prob..lets meet near the coffee shop near my house and ya if possible bring rudra also along wid u plssssss
om: ok baba even i should speak with u something really really imp
anika: ok cu and ya kisiko batana math especially voh bhaagad billa ko
om: ok bye cu soon
she cuts da call

scene 2
Oberoi mansion
Om’s room
both om and rudra r present
om: anika called me and said she needs to talk something imp
rudra: oh kya ho sakthi hai
om: kuch bhi ho ill ask her about the chip matter…misunderstandings ko door karna bahut zaroori hain
rudra: ha bhaiyya
om: actually she told to bring u also
rudra: ha ok kitne baje
om: abhi
rudra: wat abhi itne raat ko
om: she sensed serious so i didnt say anything
rudra: tk bhaiyya chale
they leave but here someone listens to their convo

scene 3
anika is waiting at the coffee shop near her house
om and rudra come there
om: anika
anika: thankgod u came..
om: whats the matter
anika: actually i should show you something important
rudra: tell na didi kya baat hai
anika: actually i know dat person who sold dat chip to da media..infact u all know dat person
om: what
here the person who listened their convo is also present..hiding and listening
rudra: who is dat person
anika: tia
both of dem get dumbstruck
om: stop it anika she cant do such a thing she is a part of our family..she cant even think of putting our family’s respect and prestige at stake
anika: i know its hard for u to believe but after seeing dis i think ull defininetely take back ur words
she shows dem a video
it shows tia meeting a person and giving him dat chip and saying dat dis news should b in da tv in no time frm now
the person hiding also sees it
rudra: didi where did u get all this
anika: actually when i gave dat chip to ur brother by den it came in da tv right…so ur brother thought it was me who sold dat chip to media so he came to my house to ask me about da same den when he left i saw tia peeping inside the window of my house.. den only i suspected her but i thought she came wid ur brother but i saw ur brother left alone so i used a contact of mine and got to know of that tv channel where it was 1st brodcasted when i went der i saw a friend of mine she told me dat a woman came and gave this video copied in a pendrive when i showed them tia’s pic she said yes she is da same gal….. but tia trapped me in all this by manipulating dat reporter so he told my name to ur brother..today also i thought dat she was going to meet someone so i allowed her to go out using my lock but before i followed her alarm was rung and everyone came running and i was at fault again
da person hiding says: this cant happen
as his voice was a bit louder everyone looked in dat direction
it turned out to be shivaay
rudra: bhaiyya what r u doing here
shivaay: actually i listened to ur convo and came here thinkijng dat this gal will try to trap u
anika: om i sended u dat video so pls apne bhai ko samjhana…am leaving
she starts leaving but shivaay holds her hand and stops her

Precap: shivaay says hum 4 milke tia ka asli chehra sabke samne lakar rahenge
they out hands on each other like a team

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