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Ishqbaaz FF – Episode 1

The Junejas have already came to Mumbai, India & r living in a big mansion known as Juneja’s Home Sweet Home. Preet has not yet came as he is in Europe for business purpose but he will soon join his family. Meher lives in 1 bhk apartment as she is not yet married. Sahil & Ansh likes her company very much so right now they both r staying with her.

Juneja’s Home Sweet Home –
Everyone is on the breakfast table. Anika is sitting on the’head of the family family’ chair.


Anika :- Heer r all the preps done for Priyanka’s shagun?
Heer :- yes Ani Di. But I am not coming with u all.
Harman :- why Bhabhi? R u not happy with my alliance with Priyanka?
Heer :- no.
Prem :- Heer what r u saying?
Anika :- yeah Heer what happened?
Heer :- arrey why u 3 r raining so much questions on me? I’m just saying that we all r taking shagun for Priyanka & we don’t even know how she looks. What if she has some defect (teasing Harman)?
Harman :- Bhabhi she’s perfect for me
Heer :- really then show us her picture at least so we can identify her when we’ll meet her.
Harman :- OK I’ll just bring her picture (& he left to bring her picture from his room leaving the 3 laughing)
Harman bought a pic of his & Priyanka & gave that to Heer.
Heer:- Harman she’s really beautiful (pass the pic to Prem) I must say ur choice is really good.
Prem :- really Harman she’s really pretty.
Anika:- arrey I also wanna see my would be Bhabhi (Prem pass the pic to Anika & after she is shocked) Pinku (hearing Pinku Harman is shocked as Priyanka’s nick name is Pinku).
Harman :- Di how come u know her nick name?
Anika :- b’coz she is Priyanka Singh Oberoi (seeing her facial expressions the 3 understood what she is saying)
Prem :- u mean Shivay Singh Oberoi…
Anika :- yes she’s Shivay’s younger sister.
Harman :- I’m calling Priyanka to call off this relationship right away.
Anika:- Harman stop. R u mad.
Harman:- no Di I don’t wanna keep any relationship with a person who is related to that jerk.
Anika:- Harman r u even listening to urself. U wanted to end ur relationship with Priyanka just b’coz she is Shivay’s sister. This is not right. Pls Harman don’t break her heart just like Shivay broke mine. Priyanka is a very sensitive girl & if her heart breaks she’ll be shattered. She is a very nice girl & will keep u happy throughout ur life. I can bet that u’ll never get a girl like her as a life partner.
Prem :- Di I’m worried abt u. How’ll u gonna face Shivay today when we’ll go there.
Anika:- don’t worry abt it I’m strong enough to face him.
Heer :- Di r u sure u wanna go there? Do u think that Mr Oberoi’s family knows abt u?
Anika :- yes I’m sure as someday or the other I’ve to face my past so be it today. & I don’t think that Shivay has told abt me yet to his family especially to Dadi & Om & Rudra. In that house only Ishana knows abt me & Shivay &: I’ve made her promise not to tell anybody.
Harman :- but Di….
Anika :- no its & buts we’re going there means we’re going. Now finish ur breakfast & do arrangements for the afternoon.

Scene shifts to Meher’s apartment –
Meher :- boys breakfast. (Ansh & Sahil r sitting on the couch with angry faces& didn’t come to the dining table so Meher bought their breakfast) Ansh Sahil why u both r upset?
Ansh :- I wanna meet my would be Mami.
Sahil :- I too wanna meet Bhabhi.
Meher :- haa toh we all r going na in the afternoon to meet her then?
Ansh :- no we both wanna meet her before Mamma & Bade Mama & Badi Mami.
Meher :- u both r becoming very ziddi now a days.
Ansh :- if we wanna meet her then we will meet her. U tell will u take us to meet her or not?
Meher :- do I have a option?
Sahil :- no.
Meher :- OK but first breakfast then we’ll go & meet Priyanka. & I too have some work in the market.

The trio had their breakfast & they leave for Oberoi Mansion. Meher also have some imp work in the market.

Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion –
Ishana is doing all the preps for the afternoon to welcome & treat the Junejas well. Ishana also don’t know that the Harman coming to see Priyanka is none other than Harman Singh Juneja, Anika’s brother. Shivay, Om & Rudra also come to help Ishana. Ishana was continuously walking from one place to another & seeing her like this Om gets worried as Ishana is 8 and a 1/2 months pregnant.
Om :- Ishana why r u roaming here & there continuously u’ll get tired.
Ishana :- Om did you forgot that today Harman is coming with his family to meet Pinku & there so much preps left to be done.
Om :- I know that but u’ve to be careful na. U come & sit here (he made Ishana sit on the couch) & now u’ll not move from here even for a second OK. Whatever work u want to be done tell me or the servants OK but u will sit here & take rest.
Ishana :- but Om
Om :- no buts. Arrey at least think abt my would be child, he needs rest.
Ishana :- OK baba I’ll sit here & take rest OK.
Om :- good. Now tell me what preps u want to be done.

Ishana is ordering everyone abt how the preps to be done. Shivay was sitting there with some office work & was noticing Ishana managing everything. Seeing her Shivay remembers Anika, how she came to Oberoi Mansion to plan his wedding with Tia & how she used to manage everything so efficiently. Rudra notices Shivay lost.
Rudra :- Bhaiya where r u lost?
Shivay:- its nothing like that.
Om :- r u thinking abt Anika?
Shivay :- no. Excuse me (& he went from there & Ishana comes there)
Ishana:- what happened is everything OK?
Om :- nothing, Shivay’s just missing Anika.
Ishana :- oh OK. Om u go & get ready & Rudra u too.
Om :- Isha what’s ur problem? Whenever I talk to u abt Anika & Shivay why u just avoid the topic?
Ishana :- I’ve my own reasons for it.
Om :- & what r ur reasons? Isha we r husband & wife can’t u tell me.
Ishana:- I’ll tell u when time comes its a promise. Now go & get ready.

Ishana (in mind) :- Om I can’t tell u what ur brother did with my Ani Di b’coz I know u will get hurt after knowing the truth. I’m just waiting for Shivay Bhaiya to tell the truth to the family.

On the other hand Meher comes to the Oberoi Mansion with Ansh & Sahil. Meher, Sahil & Ansh enter the hall and Ansh sees Ishana doing some preps for the evening along with Rudra & Om.

Ansh :- Meher Mami u go & finish ur work till then me & Big B will hang out with Ishana Maasi.
Sahil :- & Bhabhi pls don’t tell Ani Di abt us being here OK.
Meher :- but why?
Ansh :- ainvayi. Don’t tell Mamma abt us OK u have our swear.
Meher:- OK I’ll not tell her but at least let me say hi to Isha Di.
Ansh :- no we wanna surprise her. U tell her hi when u come back OK.
Meher :- OK Baba but promise me u both will not trouble Isha Di much OK as she is pregnant.
Ansh & Sahil :- we promise.
Meher :- good. Now bye & behave well ok . love u
Ansh & Sahil :- bye love u too.

So what’ll be Ishana’s reaction on seeing Ansh in Oberoi Mansion & will Shivay learn the truth abt Ansh being his son? So c’mon drop off ur comments fast fast…………

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