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ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 4)

Like always I say thanks for all ur support ??
NOTE:- I am trying hard to make this lengthier as well as funny that why in today’s episode we will come to know about where is our protein shake oberio means rudra n we will come to know whether ishkara will meet or not??? So let’s begin
Scene 1
Omkara’s room :-
Today for a change both the brothers are sleeping in Mr.artist room ,It is 5:30 in the morning omkara gets up from sleep he sees shivaay is sleeping let’s not disturb his sleep so he gets up n walks very slowly n goes to the kitchen early morning At oberio mansion no one get so early in the morning except omkara he prepares tea for himself n thinks about about yesterday’s incident that beautiful voice and then suddenly he sees that the tea will burn become kadha so he immediately switch off the gas stove and serves his aromatic tea in a beautiful coloured kullad ???he goes in the hall and he stand’s near the window his keeps his tea on coffee table and opens the curtains its was the time when the sun rises he says what a good start of this day ??? omkara thinks may this day will bring a beautiful sunrise in my life too.. May this deal brings happiness to my life kahate hai dard kam hota hai khushi dene se I will accompany ishmo in good deals such as visiting in various NGOS spending time with those who don’t have a family …..shivaay always says time is money so if I spend sometime with them its Worth will be crore happiness moments in my life…. This company is not only famous for its import n export but also for its noble deeds… If I join them I will have a stress less life he sips his tea n finds that he has finished his tea Long back he smiles ? and he ready for his jogging…..

Scene 2
Patel’s cutti villa ( cutti means naughty in Tamil)


Ishana’s Room
Ishana gets up n prays to god that give me enough strength to encourage people who can’t overcome out of their past or pitfalls Mona is sleeping beside her bed ishana says uffo ye ladki bhi naa istni zoor se gharate le gi toh kud sher bhi dard jaaye he?????????? main kya karu Iss drama Queen ka Iss se pahle ye sherni jaage I should take bath or else Iss ke liye bhi ye mujhe court me khada kar dedi she runs and takes shower…..
Mona wake up she sees di is not there on her bed that means she runs towards bathroom kya di aapne aap phir se bathroom mujhe se pahle occupy kar liya she scolds herself idiot Mona air alarm bena laaga so …….
Ishana calls her says gud morning Mona Darling kumbhkaran ….
Mona scolds that first of all don’t call me Mona Darling n kumbhkaran too
Ishana comes out in a beautiful India attire Mona says Darling toh aap lag rage ho ishana slaps her playfully n says shut up u drama Queen n Tell me one thing today is a government holiday or any holiday Mona says no there is no sudden holiday y r u asking becoz I thought today is your court hearing she says kya di aapne mujhe baato me laag diya she make a weird face and goes to take shower……
Ishana is all set to meet his most important client ( omkara) she tells everything to her dad that today is the meeting n u have to come alone with me he says done but pehle karne pet pooja phir kaam do jha they laughs??

Scene 3
Omkara is ready to meet the delegates but he has no experience how to deal so he goes to shivaay

@shivaay room shivaay teaches him how to crack a deal and omkara says bhai mujhe friendly business karna Teri tarah rough n tough nahi angry agrez oberio he goes and having his breakfast on the table All the ladies compliment him that he is looking handsome today janvi says u r looking like rudra.. Om was eating he got shocked by this compliment he asked janvi that rudra seriously mom ..she says I was kidding..
Everyone gives their best wishes to omkara and omkara leaves for the meeting in coffee shop
Rudra calls dadi he says gud morning dadi
( the phone is on speaker) ? he asks how is the whether of oberio House nobody understands he question so dadi ask him to speak clearly he says
Arrey meri pyaari ishqbaaz dadi amrishpuri ki ka mood ke sa hai bijli kadk rahi hai yaa gusse ki barsaat hu rahi hai janvi tries to stop him but as we all know rudra is unstoppable he says mausam vibhaag ke anusaar oberio mansion me gusse ka flood as gaya ho ga tej constantly listens him and when he is done amrishpuri said rudra beta agar aapki ye whether forecast katam ho gaya ho toh baata do …, rudra makes weird faces?????? and he sings for him mere pyaare papa mere aache papa mere handsome papa he cries and everyone laughs on his activities…..?????
Dadi tells rudra about sarla her friend u have to stay there and study now I want a good result this or else forget ur lavish parties this is not fair chote bache par kitna aatyachar karo he .. And yes she a granddaughter too of ur age she will teach u don’t even try to get over friendly with her or else sandal will get over friendly with u bacchooo…. Take it as a warning….

PRECAP: Rudra reaches sarla dadi’s home with a sad face but he is shocked to c such a grand welcome by Somya she was giving water to her plants rudra is shocked to c her here she turns and the tube of running water makes rudra take a full shower lol guys and apart from this omkara reaches the coffee shop and ishana too reaches there …
will the both couples will do friendship with each other

I hope u guys r happy with the start for #ishkara n # rumya
I will meet u soon with a new chappy till that stay happy n healthy?☺?

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