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Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 5

hey guys ananya here. I know im late but in my language there is a dialog which goes on like late gaa vacchina latest gaa vaccha which means though im late im here with a latest style
i again thank you all for ur immense support and encouragement without which i would not have been able to write this.
and do temme if im going offtrack like i did in case of part 3…dont hesitate to tell me if ur feeling bored in any of the situation or anywhere..its a request…if u warn me then ill make sure it becomes interesting
ill try my level best to add up twists and turns to spice up the track
i think u have to bear me for sometime from now..
thanks aloottttttttttt muahh love u all

so here u go part 4 of my ff


Anika is taken to hospital
rudra: doc doc its an emergency
doctor comes there with a few nurses
doc: omg she lost alot of blood, nurse take her into the emergency ward immediately
anika is taken into emergency ward
shivaay sees om shocked
he goes and hugs him
shivaay: om u dont worry she will be fine..she will get well atleast to fight with me
he gets a smile on ur face
om: lets hope for the best shivaay..plese bhagwaan please save her directly or indirectly she saved all 3 of us..please make her fine
rudra hugs him
rudra: om please dont worry she will be fine soon
after some time doc comes out of the emergency ward
om: how is she doc??
doc: am sorry but her condition is critical. Khaafi khoon lost ho chuka hain and now…only some miracle can save her

shivaay goes from der and comes in front of god(in the hospital)
shivaay: oh god lease save her till now neither did i ask u anything nor did i offer my prayers to u but for the first time am asking u something please make her fine please please usko kuch math hone dena please
tears roll down from his eyes
someone comes and places a hand on his shoulder
it is dadi
dadi: billu what is all this rudra called me and told me about anika but how did all this happen??
shivaay: ill tell u everything in detail afterwards dadi but but for the first time i asked god something will he save her?? doc doc told dat only god can save her nothing should happen to her dadi u also pray to god so that she will be fine
he hugs her and a few more tears(more than the previous time) roll down his eyes
dadi: billu sambhalo apne aap ko. All those prayers done by heart will be fulfilled my him but did notice something u cried after so many years
shivaay: ha dadi i cried because i felt weak
dadi: dekha she became ur weakness . The thing which u luv alot becomes ur weakness just like chocs in case of me, bikes for rudra and..
shivaay interrupts her
shivaay: ufff dadi not again
dadi: i know this is not the right time to speak all this but jab tum realise hoga it will be too late u r life will be destroyed. I know its not the place and time to speak all this but this is a sensitive matter and it should be handled with care khair leave all that temme which way is the emergency ward
shivaay is lost in thoughts and he points his finger in that direction
after dadi leaves he gets thinking
shivaay’s POV(POV means point of view)
what? luv dat too for me – shivaay singh oberoi no way..there is no place in my life for such stupid things
he recalls dadi’s words – the thing which u love alot sometimes becomes ur weakness
nahin nahin this cant happen dadi must be mistaken..pyaar vyaar esa kuch bhi nahin hain
ju then he feels someone tapping him

he turns back
its anika
he hugs her tightly and says
shivaay: thankgod anika ur fine tum thik ho i cant even tell u how much happy im
he kisses her and cries(a few more tears more than the previous time)
rudra: bhaiyya
shivaay realises its rudra not anika
rudra: chi bhaiyya u spoiled all my shirt
actually this turns out to be his imagination and its rudra and om
om: shivaay mere bhai ru fine? itna senti kyun hogaya?
shivaay: donno yaar jabse use voh goli lagi thi tabse i feel like even i got hurt. uska dard mujhe bhi ehsaas horaha hain everywhere im seeing her only..
rudra: bhaiyya all these symptoms luv ki bimaari ki taraf ishaara kartha hain aapko luv naam ki bimaari hogaya…..
om: and am glad u realised it before its late
the have a group hug
om: chale
shivaay in his mind
they go
shivaay goes to dadi and hugs her
shivaay: thanks dadi mere class lene keliye and ya ur right as always. I LOVE HER
om goes in
om sits beside anika and says
om: anika please wake up. Everyone is waiting for u pleaseeee what was the need to do that
he puts his head on the bed
shivaay and rudra come in
shivaay holds her hand to say something but just then there is a movement
rudra shouts for doctor
rudra: doc doc please check her once
doc: ok ok but u guys go out
they go out to and tell dadi what happened inside
after some time doc comes out and says
doc: its a miracle. she is out of danger now. She is weak though, but still khatre se baaha hain
dadi: thankyou doc..can v meet her
shivaay: thanks alot doc
doc: aur ha when i was operating her i saw some marks on her hand…they were like as if someone beat her with a stick or a belt please c to that once
om: sure doc
doc: excuse me
after he leaves
dadi: how did all this happen?
they tell her everything
dadi: i didnt even imagine tia could do this
om: dadi she was telling us about those marks lekin itne mein yeh sab kuch…
they go inside to meet her
dadi sits beside her
dadi: anika..puttar how r u feeling
anika sees them
anika: am fine dadi
om: tum paagal ho ru mad? what was the need to do that? agar tumhe kuch hojatha toh what would have happened to shivaay?

shivaay gives an angry look to him
om realises that his tongue has slipped
anika: i didnt understand
om: tum pehle bolo esa kyun kiya tha
anika: actually i thought of pushing u and den i thought of moving away but before i could move away goli mujhe lag gaya tha
rudra hugs her gently
rudra: thank god ki aap theek ho ill go to the temple and ask that pandit to break 100 coconuts on my behalf to god ill even make soumya walk on her knees to the temple ladki thoda slim hojayegi..
all laugh
dadi: i forgot to tell u something ur bua called me and told me that she is taking saahil along with her as he is too sensitive to take this so u r coming with us to our house
anika: nahin dadi im fine ill go home once i get discharged
om: nothing listening u got this hurt because of me so till u get fine u r not going anywhere
shivaay gets happy
someone at the door says: there is no need for that

who is that person?
dont think that im mad because i was accurately telling how many tears shivaay got and all..i did so because shivaay in real life is not that sensitive so 1st only breaking down will be wierd for the readers so i said he didnt cry
please dont think im mad
im sorry i tried but could not write beyond this..if i try then ill spoil it unnecessarily
cu again
bye for now
do temme if i go offtrack anywhere
luv u all muahh:)

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