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ishqbaaz brothers – Part 3

Here is the 3rd part of my ff
Precap: romya fight and misunderstanding of ridhimma
Today’s episode will be on ishkara as according to me ishkara is not given sufficient screen space in the show as compared to shivika .
Scene 1: omkara’s car
( he was on the way to drop ishana as she was not well)
Om : how are u feeling now ishana .
Ish : better , btw there was no need to come to drop me by leaving your family and specially your sister on rakhi

Om : never mind ,the celebration was almost over and how could I leave u alone in this condition
Isha : (suddenly she sees something on the road and shouts ) stop
Om : what happened ?
ish: nothing actually there is a famous golgappa shop there who just occasionally opens his shop and right i saw it opened so if u don’t mind can we have it . it will not take more than 5 mins
om : ok but ur health
ish : never mind , after eating golgappa I ll get energy.
Om : ok then cool
( they reach the shop and ishana start speaking in Gujarati)
Ish: ( in Gujarati ) bhaiya 2 plate golgappa ( then she asks om in Gujarati ) it should be spicy or medium.
Om : ( doesn’t understands anything ) what ? wait a sec are u gujarati .
Ish: yes btw why any problem
Om : nothing
Ish : I was asking it should be spicy or medium
Om : spicy


(bhaiya gives them their plates )
(Ishana started eating one after other enjoying, ishana ate 5 and om’s first one was in his hands and he was just staring at ishana and her innocence and the way she was enjoying the golgappa like a kid ,he started falling for her)
Ish : what happened eat ( she took it from his hands and put it in his mouth )
Scene 2: shivaay’s car
( shivaay , dadi , rudra and priyanka was in the car, they were taking their sister to her fav golgappa shop ( same one in which ishkara are there) they reached )
Rudra : bhaiya look o is there
Shivaay : how come om will come here
Priyanka : yes bhaiya om bhaiya is there only

Dadi : yes he is om but then who is that girl
Rudra : I think o is having 2 girl friends at a time like me. Ridhimma on one side and this girl on the other
Shivaay : shut up dumb oberoi . why are we wasting lets go and ask om itself .
They go towards om and ishana
(They started asking questions one after other and
Then suddenly om shouted stop)
Om: let me tell u first thing she is bela my friend not my girlfriend and we were just having golgappas its not a date . got it , everything clear.
Ishana (thinking ) : abhi nahi hoon girlfriend but jald ban jaoongi.
Om: bela (she was in her own world they shook her then she came into reality)
Ish: haan kya hua
Om : nothing meet my family

Ish: who dosen’t know them

Precap : ishana comes to oberoi mansion on insistence of dadi and meet anika and soumya

Thank you
If any question feel free to ask and pls comment

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