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Ishqbaaz 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye, Om and Rudra hear security alarm and rush to see. They see Anika. Shivaye asks Anika what is she doing at the door. Some time before, the security guy gives the entry code to everyone and says no one can enter the house without punching this code. Shivaye asks why are you giving this to Anika. The man says on Dadi’s orders, please open your envelopes and memorize the codes, so that these codes don’t go out. Anika says how will I memories this code and makes some line. The man asks did you memorize the code. Shivaye says yes, and takes her slip too. Anika says I did not, please give it once. Shivaye burns all the slips. Shivaye says no outsider can enter the house without these codes, and these codes are just in mind now.

Ishana asks her dad and Mona are they ready. Mona and her dad get different avatar. Ishana says Om has come and goes to him. She smiles seeing him. She meets Om and says sorry, I was waiting. He says Riddhima is coming in 5mins, shall we sit inside. She says yes and signs to Mona and her dad. Riddhima comes. They stop Riddhima and say you are social worker, help my daughter. Mona lies.

Tia’s mum tells Tia that she is annoyed with Pinky, who gave Anika the credit to save Shivaye, I don’t like her giving importance to someone else, you pack your bag and stay there tonight. Tia says Shivaye dislikes Anika. Tia’s mum says why is his name taken with Anika, Shivaye and Tia’s names should join. Ishana asks Om about his girlfriend. He says she is social worker, she is very passionate about her work. She says I want to make her passion mine. He asks what. She changes her words.

Om calls Riddhima. She says sorry, there is domestic violence case, they need my help. Om tells Ishana that she is caught up in work, she will come, lets order something. Mona and her dad make Riddhima busy and give wrong answers. Riddhima says you both made joke of social service, I will call police. They run away.

Om is busy on phone. Ishana thinks he is not even looking at me. She makes her bangles sound, earrings sound, and gets no response. She thinks he is messaging Riddhima and gets annoyed. She tries to get his attention. She sneezes aloud and even then he does not see her. She sees Riddhima and worries. She says I have to rush to washroom, I will be back. He asks are you okay. She goes. Riddhima says sorry, I was stuck. He says its fine, you are social worker and there will be side affects, where is Bela. Om says washroom.

Riddhima says I will also go and come. She sees Ishana there and says Mala, how did you come here. Ishana says I just came, not like you to meet BF. Riddhima asks how do you know. Ishana says you would come to meet him here right. Riddhima says I wanted you to meet him, come. Ishana says what will I do meeting him, carry on. Riddhima says don’t be stupid, come and takes her. Ishana worries. Ishana hides behind dosa and lies to Riddhima that she loves dosa. Riddhima says Om is busy on phone, wait for two mins. Mala says you have this dosa and runs.

Riddhima says that’s weird, maybe she has some imp protest, so she left. Ishana goes to Om and says I have stomach ache, I need to go, say my bye to your GF, I will meet her later. She leaves. Om asks Riddhima what is she doing behind this dosa. Riddhima says Mala met me and gave this dosa. He asks did you not meet Bela. She says no, just Mala was there, look she is going there. He turns to see.

Om tells Shivaye that Anika won the challenge. Shivaye says yes, for 20 seconds. Om says so, challenge was to make them friends, not for forever. Shivaye says what was that friendship which could not last for 2 mins, I m proud of Rudra. Rudra says even I m proud of myself, I will hear love guru and hear love advice. He goes. Om says you are feeling proud of Rudra, he follows you, if you don’t do right, what will he learn, Anika saved your life, its not a small thing, if you can’t say her thanks for this, you can’t thank her for anything, just thank her and end this. Tia comes and leaves for dinner with Shivaye. Om looks on. Anika talks to Sahil and says I will come on some time. Shivaye checks mails and says we will leave in some time Tia. He asks her to attend the call, why is she rejecting calls. She says I don’t want to disturb you, I will go outside. She goes.

Tia looks around and answers call. She asks what, you are here in Oberoi mansion, why, who asked you to come here, you can’t come, security cameras will capture you, you will get me trapped, wait I will do something. She goes. Anika sees the mannequins and says I will ask something to keep this. Tia asks Anika to open the door by dialing her code, I have to go out to my car. Anika says okay, and recalls the code by the line. Tia says hurry up, you should have written it in diary. Anika says I wrote it in diary, I will get it. Tia says wait, atleast open the door, you remember code right.

Anika says yes, and enters code. Tia thanks her. Anika goes to get diary. Om asks Shivaye to thank Anika, she is still working. Shivaye says you thank her if you want so. Om says enough, go and say it. Rudra jokes. Someone in hood passes inside. The security guy sees the shadow and says maybe its some intruder, I have to alert security. He asks security to check. Hooded person goes after Tia. Security alarm rings. Shivaye says security alarm…….

Shivaye, Om and Rudra see Anika at the door. Anika looks outside. Shivaye asks her what are you doing here at the door, answer me. Everyone come there and look on. Dadi asks whats all this, I have just come by praying, and this danger here. Shivaye says if codes are given to anyone, then what else will happen.

The security guy says I have pressed the alarm as I saw someone entering the house, till we catch the intruder, you all stay inside home. Tia worries. Shivaye asks Tia where are you going. Tia says I was going to drink water. Om says stay here, I will get it. He gets water and gives her the glass. Tia says Shivaye, this is your family matter, I think I should leave, I will pray that intruder is caught. Shivaye says you can’t leave till that intruder is caught up, Tej and Shakti are not at home, I can’t take a chance. Pinky says yes, you are part of this family. Tia sees that man hiding between the statues.

Anika says I got these Mannequins to display marriage’s designer costumes. The security guy checks and sees the hood. He asks whats this. Tia gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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