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Ishqbaaz 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shivaye asking how did your hands get so soft. He holds Anika’s hand. Anika falls in Shivaye’s arms, and they both fall on the bed. Music plays………… He shows her broken slipper. She asks Chameli why is it so weak, and blames Shivaye for it. Shivay asks how did you touch my medicines with same hands, after touching slipper. Some time before, Ishana says I have good values and smiles taking Shivaye’s watch. She hides seeing Om, Shivaye and Rudra coming. Rudra jokes.


Ishana says its my effect after I stepped in inlaws. Rudra says Gujrati shayari. Ishana claps. Shivaye asks Om why is he clapping on stupid shayari. Om says Rudra clapped. They all say they did not clap. Rudra thinks Lord clapped. Shivaye asks for headache balm. He thinks where is his watch. Ishana has his watch. Om asks why is he worried. Shivaye says its important, as Om gifted me that. Ishana says my emotions will get me killed some day and drops the watch.

Rudra finds the watch and gives to Shivaye. They all smile. Tia comes and asks Shivaye to thank Anika for her good Karma, then universe will send good Karma to him. Ishana finds her mad and gets angry when Riddhima enters. Riddhima also asks Shivaye to thank Anika, Dadi said she handles everything well, you talk to her arrogantly. Om jokes and tells Riddhima that his hair, Rudra’s biceps and Shivaye’s height are touchy topics. Riddhima asks Shivaye to say thanks once. Ishana angrily hurts her own feet. Shivaye says you don’t know that girl, asking one glass of water is… Om says you get scared. Shivaye says no, there is not single issue, she is ill mannered, she has attitude. Tia says calm down baby, just say thanks and end topic.

Rudra asks Priyanka to tell Shivaye to say thanks to Anika. Soumya comes along and says yes, Shivaye should say thanks. Everyone convince Shivaye, and even Ishana asks Shivaye to say thanks and finish it. They all look around. Rudra looks at that side where Ishana is hiding, and does not see her. Shivaye says enough, I want headache balm. Om says it would be in my room. Riddhima stops Om and goes to get it. Ishana leaves. Rudra turns to see and makes face seeing Soumya. Riddhima sees Ishana and gets shocked.

Rudra says Shivaye is fine, he has no fever. Shivaye rechecks and says yes, but it can come. Priyanka and Soumya go to get kada for him. Tia asks him to try the medicines she got from London. She asks him to take care and she will send Reiki. She leaves. Shivaye says I think I should call family doctor. Rudra asks how much protection do you want. Shivaye says shut up, where is balm. Om says maybe Riddhima is not getting it, I will get it.

Riddhima asks Ishana what is she doing here. Ishana says same person/thing for which you are here. She fools Riddhima and makes a story. Riddhima says Omkara is my boyfriend. Ishana asks who, that guy. Riddhima says no, one with long hair. Ishana says I did not notice. Shivaye gets medicines. Rudra says I will go college, I will send Om. Shivaye says stay here and checks medicines for cold, fever, cough…. He takes many medicines beforehand. Rudra says leave some for tomorrow. Shivaye says if I get ill for one day, half Oberoi empire will fall ill with me, it would be difficult, I can’t let that happen. Rudra silently leaves.

Riddhima tells Ishana that Oberoi family is not against environment, Rana do business against that, you can meet Omkara. Ishana says I m not interested to meet big people. Riddhima asks why did she not come that day. Ishana tells long rally story. Riddhima says okay, I got it. She asks Ishana about her hand wound. Ishana says yesterday, police attacked our rally. Riddhima says fine, I got it again, I will just come, I did not ask your name. Ishana says Mala. Riddhima says I will make you meet Omkara. She goes. Ishana says Mala and Bela, this Sautan will get Prannath, Ishana will get stuck now. She acts to cry and rushes out.

Rudra sees Anika and says yes…. He goes to Anika and says Shivaye is calling you. She asks why. He asks her to handle Shivaye. She says I can. He says but with love. She goes. He smiles and leaves. Riddhima asks Om to meet someone. Om says its my house and I know everyone. She tells about her fan, she fights against injustice, she does big protests, meet her, her name is Mala. He asks where is she. She says in your room, come. Shivaye checks medicines and asks Rudra to hold it. He asks how did your hand get so soft, did you stop going to gym. He steps on her slipper and they both fall down on the bed. O jaana……………plays…….. They have an eyelock. He gets away.

Riddhima takes Om to his room. Om asks where is she. She says she was here, her hand was hurt, I asked her what happened. He says relax, maybe she went, I will meet her next time, I m not doubting.

Shivaye signs and then takes medicine strip from Anika’s hair. She says Rudra said, you wanted to talk to me. He asks what will I talk to you. She says even I thought the same, but Rudra told me so I came. He recalls everyone asking him to say thanks. He says actually… she asks what. He says your slipper is torn. She takes slipper in hand and asks why are you so weak Chameli. She takes band from his medicine strip and fixes the slipper. He asks how can you touch medicines after touching slipper. She says its medicines, not temple bell. He says so unhygienic. She asks shall I get a glass of water, you have to take medicine. He asks her not to take name of it.

Anika talks to Priyanka. Tia looks on. Anika says I believe in saving money, water and everything and I saved Shivaye’s life, no need for him to say thanks to me. Om and Rudra ask Shivaye to thank Anika. Shivaye and Om ask Rudra to apologize to Soumya. Rudra says fine, you first say thanks to Anika. Shivaye asks them not to take Anika’s name.

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