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Ishqbaaz 27th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Om asks Shivaye about Anika. Shivaye says just drop it. Anika says Shivaye came to drop me, but his pant got torn. They all get shocked and ask him. Shivaye says it sounds so awkward. Om asks what, that your pant got torn. Some time before, Anika says you had to take left. Shivaye applies brakes. She says how do you drive, I use my slipper better. He asks are you fine. She asks how will I be fine, you broke my knee, its useless to get friendly with you, you don’t know smiling and driving. He says I think I should take you to brain surgeon. She says I got hurt in the knee. He says your brain is in your knee. Shea sks do you think I m mad. He says yes, shut up now, let me drive. She asks what else will you break, drop me home in one piece. He thinks when will her home come, when will she get away.


Riddhima asks Om did you not feel strange, we had problems since Mala and Bela came in our lives. Om says yes, its weird, they think alike. She says we could not make both of them meet. He says yes, we met under one roof and could not see them, I think they both are… Riddhima gets a call and asks what. Rudra goes to meet Rumi, and gets shocked seeing Rumi ….. He says I did not expect such party….

Shivaye drops Anika and says I will send medicines for your pain, or send our family doctor. She says no need, I will have haldi milk. He says wait, come, I will drop you till home. She says I will go. He forwards hand. She says I said I will go. He holds her hand and takes her. Music plays…….

Shivaye asks is your brother not at home. She says you are Byomkesh Bakshi, in one moment you understood Sahil is not at home, he went to celebrate Janmashtami, wait I will get water. He says no water. She reminds her pinky promise. He says okay, but you are not able to walk. She asks him to sit and goes to get water. He looks at her house and sits on a sofa. She gets water and says your driving is bad, did you learn driving by video games. She sees him sitting on the sofa. He asks what happened now.

Om asks is everything fine. Riddhima says I had to go with kids on Janmashtami celebrations, there is a small problem, will you help me. Om says ofcourse. She says you need to change clothes. Anika thinks Sahil dropped permanent glue on this chair, and worries. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika asks him to keep sitting, he has get habitual to sit on Oberoi chair. He asks what is it. She says Sahil does arts and crafts on this chair, permanent glue fell on it and I forgot to clean this. He looks at her and gets up. His pant gets torn. She covers her eyes. He sits back and gets shocked. He asks her to go and get something for him to wear. She asks will you wear Sahil’s clothes. He says give me anything. Om, Rudra and Shivaye get clothes to wear. She gets Sahil’s clothes. He asks how will I wear this and looks at it. Anika says sorry, you have no option than to wear this. He asks is this the only option.

Soumya shows sweets to Dadi. Jhanvi asks Dadi not to worry about arrangements. Dadi says my three grandsons did not come till now. Pinky says I told them to come, but I think now Kanhaiyya will come soon. Shivaye comes wearing Krishna ji’s clothes. They all smile seeing Om and Rudra walking in Krishna’s avatar. The three brothers look at each other, and get surprised. Everyone smile seeing them. Natkhat gokul ke raja….plays……… Dadi says three kanhaiyyas have come and blesses them.

Anika arranges Sahil’s stuff. Bua asks Anika did you have anything, I got sweets, have this. Anika asks her not to become sweet, I m letting you stay as you are related to Sahil, if you do anything, I will not think to give you to police. Bua says no, I have changed, have this. Anika asks Bua to be away from Sahil.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra see each other. Pinky says my three Kanhas, long hair, muscle one and angry one, they look lovely. Dadi says I recalled my pind, when every kid from one house used to become Kanha. Rudra says we can do anything for you. Dadi says food is made, I have something for you. Rudra says Gopiyaan, I knew Dadi worries for me. Dadi asks him to be quiet. Jhanvi tells about mahurat. Dadi asks Priyanka to get Kanha’s items. Dadi makes them wear pearl necklace and garlands, and gives flute and butter to them. Soumya sees Rudra…. Dadi does tilak and aarti of Shivaye, Om and Rudra.

Gayatri sees the security check happening and says Oberoi family will always remember this Janmashtami, they can’t find out by detectors whats hidden in baskets.

Dadi asks Priyanka and Soumya to come and see arrangements in temple. Pinky says I forgot my phone in room, I will take selfie with Krishna. Shakti gets a call and goes. Shivaye says I can’t believe this. Rudra says we went being cool and came as Janmashtami’s Jhanki, what happened with you both. Shivaye asks is it necessary to say. Rudra says yes, there is no secret in brothers. Om says I will start. FB shows Riddhima asking Om to wear this costume to play role in a skit. Om tells them that his clothes got stolen, so he has to come home in this costume. Rudra jokes. Om asks Shivaye what happened with you. Shivaye asks Rudra. Rudra says actually….

FB shows Rudra going to meet Rumi, and seeing her as Radha. He says Rumi, you….. and sees the Janmashtami party. He says I did not expect such party, will I have to wear this clothes now. Rumi says yes, if you want to know me better, you have to change clothes. FB ends. Om asks did you change clothes on her saying. Rudra thinks how to tell everything and says it was theme party. Shivaye asks Janmashtami theme? Rudra says Gods and Goddesses party, tell me about you.

Om says you went to drop Anika. Shivaye asks don’t you have any other topic than Anika. Rudra says we have a lot of topics. Om asks Shivaye to say. Shivaye says nothing, I dropped her outside her home. Anika comes there and says Billu ji. Shivaye looks at her and recalls that incident. She says you forgot phone and wallet at home. Rudra says you went to drop Anika, and dropped phone and wallet. Om asks Shivaye to recall did he go inside house. Shivaye says I have to make a call. Anika plays flute without flute and jokes on Shivaye to make a call without a phone. Om asks Shivaye how did your phone and wallet get left at Anika’s house. Shivaye says I went to drop her. Everyone come there. Shivaye asks why do you have interest in this, just drop this. Anika says he came to drop me, then his pant got torn. They all get shocked and cup their mouths, repeating the statement. Shivaye asks them to stop it, it sounds awkward. Om and Rudra repeat the same words again.

Anika tells them everything in detail about Shivaye’s pant tearing. Shivaye gets angry and scolds Anika angrily. Anika cooks something in kitchen and hears some beep. She goes to check basket and it blasts.

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