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Ishqbaaz 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Om tells Anika to stop fighting with Shivaye, there can’t be better way than this cake to end bitterness. Anika says I m going to him, you also come. Om and Rudra say Unke? Anika takes a cake with blowing sparkles candle to Shivaye. Shivaye’s muffler catches fire. She pushes him in the swimming pool to save him. Shivaye comes out of water and looks at her. Om and Rudra get shocked. Some time before, Soumya names Om. Rudra asks what did you say. She says I m spiritual, I chant Om Om. Om says anyways my name is also Om. Rudra says Om Prem, we have such names, I m Amar Prem.


Soumya asks Om to say. Om says your advice is good, Amar Prem does mistake to implement it, don’t give him advice. Rudra says my brother jokes, tell me what to talk to girls. She says talk whats in heart, boys think if they show real side and emotions, they won’t remain macho, that’s why they don’t reach girl’s heart, you should be straight, true and simple. Om likes her thought. She thanks them for calling. Rudra takes that advice.

Anika comes to Oberoi house and looks for Shivaye. She sees him in kitchen and says I always fought with him, thinking I should be fight first before he starts, but today I will greet him and joke about elephant and rat. Shivaye says don’t think of it. She says does Bagad Billa has eyes behind back, anyways I have to talk to him. He says no, time for talks got over. She says he can hear my murmuring too, Billa’s ears are very sharp. He says what’s your problem if anything happens in Cannes. She misunderstands his conversation with someone. She says you tell me how to end this fight. Shivaye says kiss and makeup. She gets shocked. Shivaye says you spoiled all relations, you will be first to kiss and makeup. She calls him ill mannered to say this, I won’t do this friendship, now its my new slipper’s work to make this fine. He asks someone to go France and makes things fine. She sees him talking on phone. She says it means he did not say that to me, sorry Billu ji, I lifted slipper without anything, his mood is bad, I will talk later. Shivaye is troubled by cold. She leaves.

Riddhima meets Om and says we need to talk, I knew you will be here, you said everything got over, I felt there is someone left, can we please discuss this. Pinky goes to Jhanvi to apologize. She says this dress will look nice on you.

Rudra goes to college and sees Rumi. He says she looks great and walks to her. Rumi reads a book. Rudra says I want to say something, and starts flirting. He gets his phone to read lines. Om says I got annoyed with you for the first time, maybe because we are not able to spend time, sorry to be rude. She says I m sorry to lie to you. Pinky tells Jhanvi that her tongue slips a lot in anger. Jhanvi says its okay Pinky. Pinky asks how okay, I told you a lot. Rudra reads shayari lines in phone and flirts, but Rumi does not hear her. Rudra asks her to look at him if his words affected her, please…. Rumi looks at him.

Riddhima asks Om will he give another chance to their relationship, please. Pinky says it was tongue of slip. Jhanvi says slip of tongue Pinky. Pinky says yes, you came in my life and made my English proper. Jhanvi says you are sweet. Pinky says sweet and sorry too. Jhanvi hugs her and says every home has fights, I m glad you came to talk to me, forget old things now. Pinky says I knew you will forgive me, your heart is bigger than your bank balance and hugs her. Om says if everyone can get second chance, why can’t our relation get a second chance. He hugs Riddhima. Rumi asks Rudra was he talking to her. Rudra says yes. She says but I was… and shows earphones. She calls him cute and pulls his cheek. He asks will you come for coffee. She agrees. He says fine, tell me time and place, I will reach. She goes. He thanks love angel.

Anika follows Shivaye and says its easy to start fight, but not to talk, how shall I talk to him, he roams around always. He turns and she hides. He gets a call. She says his calls don’t end, his name should be Mobile Phone Oberoi, but why am I hiding. He gets glad about the shares and says great we won silvers. She says he is a good businessman, his mood is good, I will go to him and get a cake for him.

Om tells Rudra that love angel’s advice is good, but Shivaye advised same. Rudra says yes, Rumi is coming for coffee, and Riddhima is back with you. Om says we agreed to Shivaye, he should also agree to us, he should deal with Anika like sensible mature man, they both behave kiddish. They see Anika getting a cake. Rudra starts singing happy birthday and wishes Anika. She says no, its not my birthday, what happened. Om asks for whom is this cake. She says Bagad… I mean for Shivaye to celebrate. Rudra says Balle Balle, but why…

Anika says don’t you know, he earned profit so I made cake by downloading recipe from internet, you guys are bad, you both don’t help him in work. Rudra says Shivaye is not Bechare, what deal did he make. She asks him to ask Shivaye. Om says you made cake, that’s very sweet. Anika asks how did you know cake is sweet, you did not taste it. He says your cake making is sweet, there can’t be better way than taking cake to end the bitterness. She says I will take the cake to him, you both also come. Rudra and Om say unke/naming Shivaye with respect?

Anika takes the cake for Shivaye. Shivaye is on phone call standing near the pool. She lights the candle and takes cake to him. He coughs and says no, its just a cold. He puts muffler behind and it catches fire by the candle spark. She gets shocked and tries to blow off the fire. She pushes him in the pool seeing fire catches his clothes too. Om and Rudra come there smiling. Rudra says we will get cake to eat today. They see Shivaye. Rudra asks what happened to cake. Om says leave cake, look there. They cup their mouths seeing Shivaye in the pool. Shivaye comes out of the waters and looks at Anika. Anika gets tensed.

Anika says its this muffler’s mistake. Shivaye says it happened because of candle, why are you roaming with candle in day. She says candle was for cake. He asks cake. She says I made cake for you, leave it, your eyes can’t get happiness, just has anger. Shivaye melts down and asks did you make cake for me. Om and Rudra look on.

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