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Ishqbaaz 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anika asks Shivaye what does he like in food. He names dishes. He checks her diary and sees his cartoons. Some time before, Om says Riddhima and walks to her. She says you here. He says I should ask this to you, you said you are going to cleanliness protest. She says let me explain. He says you lied, you know I hate lies. She says yes, I came because of Mala, let it go, its small thing. He says even thorn is small and it hurts, I told you not to lie in this relationship. She says listen to me, I came for good cause, princess gave one million dollars for my funds. She turns and says princess is gone, maybe waitress will know. Ishana also hides. She says even waitress is gone. He says lets not waste more energy on argument. He leaves. She says it means princess and waitress were fake, why did Mala send me here, I don’t know what to do. Ishana dances happily.


Shivaye asks Om whats problem to ask full name, its normal to ask surname, like I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi, and you are Omkara Singh Oberoi, you call me arrogant, Anika is arrogant, don’t start singing that, she gave me long lecture. Om asks him not to overthink. Shivaye says I don’t even think about it. Om says really, you are talking about her since 40mins. Shivaye says she irritates me, anyways tell me is your and Riddhima’s problem get solved. Om says that’s not puzzle to get solved, she lied to me, I hate lies the most. Rudra pops from the blanket and says I thought you hate Papa the most, how can you give Papa’s place to someone else. He asks Shivaye how can you give my place to Anika, I was your first problem.

Shivaye asks what are you doing here, hiding under blanket. Rudra says I can’t show my face to anyone, I will wear mask and roam. Om says real face is not seen, I felt I know Riddhima. Shivaye says its not a big deal, did you ask her version, you know your side of story, I know no princess came here, someone cheated her and you are judging her harshly. Rudra says they judged me wrong by that bad photo. Om asks him to be quiet. He tells Shivaye that even if Riddhima went for right thing, her lie is not justified. Shivaye says you just see people as white and black, we all are grey, think from Riddhima’s point of view before judging her. Om says good advice, think from Anika’s point of view, she did not say her surname, you thought its her ego, maybe its her confidence, some people don’t use surname and family legacy to go ahead, everyone stands on their own abilities.

Shivaye says you stay in world where all this looks good, I m not artist like you, I stay in real world, blood, surname and family matters to me, everyone thinks so, the whole country thinks like this, if anyone does business or makes relation, they ask surnames, will we get Priyanka married to guy without asking surname, surname shows person’s upbringing and family background, even animals’ pedigree is seen, you say it does not matter, we get good upbringing by good family, not by road, I don’t trust people who does not have good surname. Om says this does not matter to me. Shivaye says it matters to me, lineage is everything to me.

Rudra says my looks and body matter to me, I care for my body, I m getting bad. Shivaye says Rudra will get fine having protein shake. Rudra says I m so hot that clothes get ironed by touching my body. Shivaye says nothing can happen of him.

Anika and Pinky have a talk. Anika asks for marriage date. Pinky says I asked Shivaye to choose one of my finger and select date, but he took phone and got busy. Shivaye comes and says not again. She says pandit said marriage will be done this month. He says great, then leave it. Rudra asks Pinky not to worry and take stress, and says love angel’s words. Om and Shivaye look at him and ask him is he fine. Rudra says yes. Om says you were upset yesterday. Shivaye says I saw you crying. Om says what Rudra said last night. Rudra changes words.

Soumya looks on and says I have also seen Rudra crying. Rudra says I don’t cry. Pinky asks them to stop it, no one listens to me. Anika says I m listening, and calls Shivaye as Billu. They smile. Anika asks Shivaye to say date to his mum, his designers are sending her many mails. Shivaye asks her to check her language. He asks Pinky to focus on rakhi, and goes. Pinky asks Anika to work on rakhi, date selection won’t happen. Anika says this year rakhi will be best. Dadi says I trust you. Rudra signs Soumya and goes.

Tia’s mum tells Tia that Pinky invited us for raksha bandhan celebrations, they could not select marriage date. Robin says we should go, tia and Shivaye will meet in raksha bandhan, it will be fun. Her mum asks him to be quiet. Tia says we should go, and don’t irritate Shivaye by talking about marriage date. Her mum says I will talk to know do they want to do marriage or not, else we will see other options. Tia asks is other option better than Shivaye. Her mum says I don’t want this alliance to go out of hands. Tia says exactly, so don’t irritate Shivaye.

Rudra says Shivaye had to say this infront of Soumya and my respect got ruined. Soumya makes fun of him calling him cry baby. He asks are you making fun of me. She says no, I was composing song, I heard you really cries. He says happiness tears. She says oh nice, I heard someone played mean prank with you at college, shall I help you. He says no, I m going to take help of one I need. They both see other and leave other ways.

Anika stands at the door. Shivaye asks her to come in. she asks how do you know. He says I mean, I sensed you, its kwown when problem comes. She gives him a stare. He says come in please. She smiles and goes inside the room. He asks her what is she doing. She says I m setting reminder, you said please to me, I will cut cake on this day every year. He asks did she come for work or just like that. She asks does he not take memory sharpening pills. He asks whats wrong with my memory. She asks won’t you say good morning.

Anika says fine, I heard Shivaye keeps promises, I will tell Dadi. He says okay wait, good morning. She greets him good morning and asks how are you. He says I m fine, how are you. She says I m fine, there are some problems at home, wall leakage because of rains, Champa/scooty’s mileage got less, Sahil wants me to show him movies, you know movies are so bad these days. He says okay cut it, tell me whats the work. She asks him to eat badam and his mind will get sharp, Sahil got zero last year in maths, I fed him badams and he got good marks. He asks don’t you get tired of talks. She says no, I also eat badams, I have good stamina, tell me what food you like, Dadi said Priyanka’s brother’s fav dishes will be made on raksha bandhan day.

He says I don’t have time for this. She tells the works lined, and says I m more busy, you tell me what you like. He names dishes and she holds her head. He asks did you write. She says you are running like train, how will I write, did you eat medicine to fasten your tongue, did you hear my school story that I wrote my exam paper in one hour, say again, I can’t give test again. He says last time, and names dishes again. She notes down. He asks is it done and checks her diary. He sees his cartoon of Shivaye saying please to Anika. He looks at her.

Anika says I have holiday tomorrow, I won’t need to see Bagad Billa/Shivaye’s face. He asks her to come on his call. She says I won’t come. He says you have overconfidence. They argue. She says let me go home. He says we will see. She goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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