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Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 3 )

Hi guys thank you so much guys I am not mentioning anyone becoz I am updating it a bit fast
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Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 3 )


The episode starts with a week leap as how twinkle has learned most of her work , some stares at kunj , late night works for 2 days with kunj.

M: twinkle get up its already 8 and today you have an important meeting ryt ? Get up
T: hmmmm ( still sleepy )
M: twinkle get up its 8am
T ( shocked ) : what

Twinkle gets up and runs to washroom and shouts diiii select a dress for me and comes out within 10 minutes

She comes out and wears a grey full sleeves top and a black jeans . she sets her hair ryt and runs , were she forgets to take an important file

After twinkle left , after few minutes Mahi comes to twinkle’s room to take her phone and finds that twinkle forgot to take her file

Without even thinking she takes the file and goes to twinkle’s office .

on the other side
Yuviraj comes to kunj’s office , he enter’s kunj’s oops twinj’s cabin
There he sees twinj discussing about the meeting standing close to each other
Y: ahem ahem , may I come in
Kunj sees yuvi
K: yuvi come inside , why are you here ?
Y: actually I came to see you
They both gets into a talk and there stands twinkle who is confused
Then Yuvi notices twinkle
Y: well , hey I am Yuviraj ,Yuviraj Sarna

He extends his hand
T: twinkle , twinkle Taneja
K: ohhok then , twinkle you come to the conference hall with the important documents within 5 minutes and yuvi I guess you have to leave now
Y: ya bhai bye and bye twinkle
Twinkle smiles and kunj drags yuvi out
K: bye

Yuvi was checking his phone and walking when he bumped into someone
Yes guys mavi bumped into each other , yuvi was lost in her beautiful eyes , he gets up and helps her get up
Y ( in sweet voice ) : you work here?
Mahi nods in no
Y: then why did you come
M: mmmmmm , my sister works here ,
Y: soooooo
M: she forget her file , I came to give her
Y: oh ,who is your sister
M: twinkle Taneja
Y: oh, what’s your name ?
M: Mahi , Mahi Taneja , bye I need to go
And she leaves

, on the other side twinkle is worried as she forgot the file
She searches whole table doesn’t find it as she is so worried , she sees Mahi ,
T: di why are you here ?
M: twinkle your file

T: diiiiii tysm and hugs her

Megha comes and tells her to go for the meeting , breaks the hug
T: ok dii , bye need to go will see you at home

Twinj does the presentation and they get the contract

By 8pm,

twinkle leaves office and finds her scooter puncture
She starts walking in the alone streets and finds some people following her she runs and runs to a car and the car stops , it was our hero……… Kunj Sarna
She runs to him , k : what are you doing here ?
T: disco dance , can’t u see I am at trouble

K: …….
T: why are you standing here , go and fight and pushes him to the 5-6 rowdies
He fights them , and they all run away

Twinkle runs and hugs him and says tysm kunj , oops I mean sir

She breaks the hug ,

K: come I will drop u
T: ya
She goes to sit at the back sit
K:excuse me , I am not your driver , come and sit in the front sit
T: sorry and slowly murmurs *sadu*
K: did you say something ?
T: no and nods in no

He drops her off Taneja mansion
T: ty
K: ya and you know this world so just be careful bye
Before she could say something , he goes

Precap :yuvi’s thought’s on Mahi , twinkle starts to feel for kunj , twinkle sees a picture of kunj and a small boy and misunderstands him as married and thinks to keep distance from him.

Thank you so much guys for the support I love all

With love,

Guys I am so happy becoz this week is sidhant week , today and tomorrow we can see sidhant on screen

Big fan of twinj ( sidmin )
Music lover , ??
Enjoying life

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