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Recap : Raj Misbehaves with Swara.. Sanky to save Swara.. RagLak Mastii.. ?

Episode started with Swasan coming to music room.. Sanky makes swara sit there & gave her water..

Sanky : ( concerned ) hw r u feeling nw shonaa??


Swara : ( with faint smile ) better..

Sanky : ( tries to cheer her so converts topic ) Shonaa.. will go out today.. whats say? ?

Swara : No sanky.. not today.. M in noo mood.. ?

Sanky : ( thinks ) Acchha ok! Chalo lets practice.. u knw na tmrw is our 1st round we ( cuts him )

Swara : Sanky.. will u plz drop me at home???

Sanky : ( worried ) What happened shona?? R u ok??

Swara : M perfectly fine sanky.. just lil tired.. will take sm rest at home.. we’ll practice in evening.. ok?? ?

Sanky : ( smiled ) Okay.. cm ( thinks ) I knw shona u r nt fine.. u r disturbed bcoz of today’s incident.. bt trust me, if I ever again see that bastard near u I’ll kill him.. Its my promise..

Both leaves..

In evening at Ragu’s house-

All r present except swara.. Sanky told them everything.. Ragini fumes in anger..

Ragini : How dare he?? How dare he to touch my shona?? Y is he back of shona?? He again tried to molest her..& m nt getting 1 thing hw cn that bastard cm again in clg.. ?? He was rusticated..

Sanky : Hold on, Rags.. Again?? Means he did it before also with shona?? Tell me everything..

Ragini : Yes sanky.. He did it before also.. bt that tym bcoz of sm students shona got saved & today bcoz of u.. after that incident all students complained against him & principle threw him out of clg.. bt he came again.. hw??

Lucky : I knw he came again.. He’s a nephew of our MLA.. so bcoz of political support, they pressured princi to take him..

Sanky : Now we hv to be carefull.. We shouldnt leave shona alone.. atleast any one of us should be with her.. I knw, he’ll surely do smthng coz he threatened shona..

Lucky : Sanky, dont wry.. He can do nothing.. we’ll trap him.. He cant harm shona..

Sanky : Hmm..

Meanwhile swara came there & greets them..

Swara : Hiii guys.. ?

SanRagLak : Hiii.. ?

Swara : So, shall we start our practice?? ( she asked sanky )

Sanky looked at rags.. She assured him..

Sanky : Yes.. sure.. ?

Both started their practice.. Swara was looking better than morning.. she was becoming normal.. All had gr8 tym together.. Finally they finish their practice & left for their respective homes..

Next day morning-

Outside auditorium..

SwaSan were standing.. RagLak came there..

Ragini : Ready guys..??

Swasan nods..

Lucky : Then wish u all the best.. Rock the show guys..

Ragini : of course they will.. Best of luck guys..

SwaSan : Thank you.. ?

Sanky : Swara u wait here.. I’ll just cm after checking our no. of performance. Ok?

Swara : Okay.. ?

Lucky : Sanky, wait.. I’ll also cm.. ( both left )

Swaragini were standing there talking with each other.. Meanwhile sm1 calks ragu & she went far frm there to attend it as there is loud noise.. Swara was standing alone.. sm1 saw this & smirked evilly.. off course! Its kavita! Suddenly swara started coughing badly.. She didnt hv water.. Kavita took out her water bottle frm her bag mixes smtng in it.. She calls 1 girl & ask her to give that bottle to swara as she was coughing hard.. Girl goes to swara.. She gave her bottle.. Swara thanked her.. Kavi smiled evilly.. Swara opened it & abt to drink when suddenly sm1 snatched it frm her & threw it.. It was rags.. Kavita fumes in anger & left the place..

Ragini : shonaa!! Hw irresponsible!! U should drink boiled water nt cold water! Its ur competition na?? Idiot! Take this.. ( gives another bottle )

Swara : ( drinks it ) Thanks..

Meanwhile sanlak comes there..

Sanky : Shona.. cm.. lets go.. next no. is ours..

RagLak : All the best guys..

SwaSan : Thank u.. ?

Both left..

Swara was quite nervous.. Sanky senses it!

Sanky : Shona! Be brave! We can do it! ?

Swara : ( smiles ) Yes sanky!! We will!! ?

Host announced their names.. both holds each others hand & assures.. They came on stage.. Sanky take out his guitar & started his part of song..

Jaane kyu log pyaar karte hain..
Jaane kyu woh kisi pe marte hain..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..


Swara was looking at sanky lovingly.. She knew that what he was singing, he really mean it.. She smiled at sanky.. sanky smiled back & continued..

Pyaar mein sochiye toh bas gham hain..
Pyaar mein jo sitam bhi ho kam hai..
Pyaar mein sir jookana padta hain..
Dard mein muskurana padta hain..
Zaher kyu zindagi mein bharte hain..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..

Now its swara’s turn.. She wanted to tell him that he’s wrong.. Love is most precious feeling in our life.. She looked at sanky & starts singing..

Pyaar bin jeene mein rakha kya hain..
Pyaar jisko nahin woh tanha hain..
Pyaar sau rang le ke aata hain..
Pyaar hi zindagi sajata hain..
Log chup chup ke pyaar karte hain..

( looked at sanky & smiled naughtily.. Sanky too looked at her in amazement )

Jaane kyu saaf kehte darte hain..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..

Sanky was now avoiding eye contact with swara.. Swara was looking at him only.. Dont knw y bt he was feeling unknwn happiness in his heart.. yes.. he was happy.. He smiled brightly.. ( Hayyy mar gayi.. ) Finally he looked at swara & they both start to sing remaining part of song..

San : Pyaar bekar ki musibat hain..

Swa : Pyaar har tarah khubsoorat hain..

San : Oh pyaar se hum door hi achche..

Swa : Are pyaar ke sab roop hai sachche..

San : Oh pyaar ke ghat jo utarte hain..

Swa : Doobte hai na woh ubharte hain..

San : Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..

Swa : pyaar toh khair sabhi karte hai..
Jaane kyu aap hi mukarte hain..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..
Jaane kyu.. jaane kyu.. jaane kyu..

SwaSan had cute & long eyelock which was broke by huge applaud of audience.. They came out of stage.. There RagLak came to meet them.. Ragini hugs swRa..

Ragini : Omg.. Omg.. Omg!!! What a performance guys! Amazing!! Wowww!! U guys just rocked!! ?

Lucky : Really yaar!! What a chemistry of u both!! Fantastic.. mindblowing!! U should hv looked at other contestents face.. They were like – O ?? ( I mean opening their mouths in amazement.. hehe.. ? )

SwaSan were very happy.. They thanked raglak & left fr result.. Swara was tensed again.. Sanky squeezes her hand..

Sanky : Shona! We gave our best! Dont wry! We’ll surely win.. ?

Swara nodes..

Finally its tym fr result.. All r in tension.. Host started to announce pairs who was qualified.. 9 pairs announced.. only one left.. SwaSan was in tension..

Host : & the last qualified jodi & performer of d day is…

All over silence..
Mr. Sanskaar & Miss Swara!!!

Swara jumps in excitement.. She hugs sanky.. Sanky hugs her back & pick up her in his arms.. He twirls her several times shouting in happiness..

Sanky : ( picks her in his arms ) Yahoooo…. we win shonaaa!! Yeeippieee…!!!

Swara : ( laughs ) Haha.. Sanky!! Stop it!! Put me down na.. my head is spinning nw.. Haha.. Sankyy!! Sankyy plz na.. ?

Sanky put her down & again both hugs each other..

Swara : Congratulations!! Mr. Angry Bird!!

Sanky : Same to you.. miss crying baby.. ? : D

Swara : Haww!! Youuuu.. hato m nt talking to u.. ( pouts )..

Sanky : ( smiled ) Arre!! Baby ko gussa aaya?? ( swara stares him angrily ) Achha ok ok.. m sry.. nw happy??

Swara : Nooo… ?

Sanky : Now what shona??

Swara : Where is my Dairy milk silk???? ?

Sanky : ( gives unbelievable look ) U r IMMPOSSIBLE Shonaa!! Here.. ( gives her ) take ur silk.. now happy na..??

Swara : ( smiles brightly ) Very very very very veryyyy happy!!! ?

Sanky laughs..

Episode ends..

Precap : Umm.. Donno!! ( curious kya ??? )


Husshh! Finally cmpleted a long chappy!
Hw was it guys??
Last two parts I got less cmnts.. M I boring u guys?? If yes then tell me.. I’ll change my story line..

& Ishu!! A very very very bigggggg vala thanks to u.. bcoz of u I can able to write this part.. Thanks fr being there fr me.. Love u.. ?

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