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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Doctor asking Parshiya to deposit 2 lakhs rupees immediately within 24 hours. Parshiya asks him to start the treatment and says he will deposit the money. Doctor tells that treatment will start once you deposit the money. Parshiya assures him that he will deposit the money and asks him to start the treatment. Dhaani tells Parshiya that she will manage the money and tells you have already done so much for my gudiya…Parshiya says I will manage. Dhaani says I will do everything and can ask money from Dada ji for Vidha.

Viplav comes to hospital and asks receptionist to check if Vidha Tripathi is admitted in the hospital. Receptionist says there is no patient of this name. Pratibha comes and says Vidha Kulkarni…She says she fainted and brought here. Viplav is about to go. Pratibha stops him and says Dhaani and Parshiya are there to take care of her. Viplav says I am her father and nobody can stop me from meeting my daughter. Parshiya thinks he has to get money somehow to save his gudiya…..Ward boy asks him to come with him, and says there is a way to earn quick money. Parshiya goes with him. Viplav and Dhaani miss seeing each other, as he collides with a ward boy and medical stuff falls down. He bends down to pick it and misses seeing Dhaani. Dhaani also fails to see him.

Viplav asks nurse about children ICU. She tells the direction. Dhaani gives medicines to Nurse and asks her to take care of her daughter, says she will be back in sometime. She thinks how will Parshiya manage the money, and thinks to do something to get money. Ward boy takes Parshiya to a doctor, and says he is ready to donate his kidney. Parshiya asks him to give advance. Doctor says you will get the money once kidney donation is done. Parshiya refuses to give kidney. Doctor stops him and agrees to give 50000 advance and remaining after operation. Parshiya agrees.

Viplav comes to meet Vidha inside the ICU. He says Shikayathi Purdiya, wake up and says I am your papa……He cries. Nurse comes and asks who are you? You can’t sit here. Viplav says I am her father, don’t tell me where to sit and asks her to call Vidha’s mum and Doctor. Dhaani thinks from where to get money and thinks to call Viplav. She calls him, but the phone is switched off. Parshiya calls Dhaani and says I talked to my friends and trying to manage the money. Dhaani sees poster of dance competition on coal. People gossip that that prize money is 1 lakh rupees. Dhaani happens to see it and thinks what to do? As she has to deposit money in 24 hours.

Dhaani is walking on the road and thinks what Doctor said that Vidha’s case is complicated. An Organiser asks him to fill the form and says they are not responsible if anything happens to her. Dhaani agrees and asks can I get advance. Organiser says no. Dhaani says can you get the money deposited in the hospital after I perform. Organiser says okay. Viplav thinks Dhaani and Parshiya are not here. They don’t care about my daughter.

Parshiya comes. Viplav asks where did you go? Parshiya says I went to get money. Viplav says he has deposited the money and asks where is Dhaani? Parshiya says may be she went to get the money. Dhaani thinks she has to dance on the burning coal to get money. Organiser comes and gives him clothes to be worn during dance. Dhaani says you will deposit money naa in hospital. Organiser says yes, and asks her to dance properly for 5 mins, else she will not get money. Viplav and Parshiya worries for Dhaani. Viplav says I will go and check in Basti. Parshiya says no, and asks him to check nearby and says he will go to Basti. Announcement is made for the dance on coal. People gather there being excited. Dhaani imagines Vidha’s face and starts dancing on coal. Viplav sees the poster and thinks she can’t do this stupidity. He enters while many people are watching the dance. Organiser says just 10 seconds are remaining……..

Viplav finally sees Dhaani…..Dhaani feels pain, but continues to dance. She faints when the time is up….Viplav runs to hold her and says stop Dhaani. He bandages Dhaan’s feet. Doctor prescribes her medicines and ointment. Dhaani asks him not to touch her feet. Viplav says you would have asked me, but your ego would have hurt, and that’s why you preferred to dance on coal. Dhaani says I tried to call you, but your phone is off. Viplav says you are making an excuse. Dhaani says we are doing all possible things to get the money, but what you are doing…you think everything is joke. Viplav says you have made joke, and says you are going to marry Parshiya whom you don’t love , so that she gets her father. He asks if Vidha’s papa is dead? Dhaani looks on.

Viplav tells Dulaari that Vidha had drank poisonous water and thinks this is the cause of her condition. Later Doctor comes and asks for blood. Viplav says he has the matching blood group and asks him to take his blood and save his daughter. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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