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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th August 2016 Written Update

All look towards the person and a wide smile comes on their face. Yes its Shalu and Pankaj. Dhaani goes and hugs Shalu while Viplav hugs Pankaj. Vitharva (Vidha+Atharva) look confused. They both go to Dhaani. Atharva slightly pulls Dhaani’s pallu to call her(bechare ki height nahi pahuchti na?)
Dhaani bends down to him.
Dhaani(caresses his face)- What happened beta?
Atharva(points towards Shalu and Pankaj)- Mama who are they?
Dhaani(smiles)- That aunty is your bua and that uncle is your fufa (sorry if its wrong)
Vidha(innocently)- They are my bua and fufa also?
Dhaani(smiles)- Yes mera baccha. Now u both go and greet them.
Vitharva go to Shalu and Pankaj. They both take their blessings. Shalu and Pankaj get very happy. Shalu lifts Atharva while Pankaj lifts Vidha?
Shalu(to Viplav)- Bhaiya are they both your children.
Viplav- Moti they are mine and (keeps his hand on Dhaani’s shoulder) Dhaani’s children.
Shalu(fake anger)- U still call me moti na.
Vitharva, Pankaj and Vidha laugh while Shalu pouts. But someone is missing, yes its Dadi.
Shalu(looking around)- Where’s Dadi?
ViDha look behind and find Sushma sitting angrily. Pankaj and Shalu keep Vitharva down and go to Sushma.
Shalu(hugs Sushma)- Dadii angry with me?
But Sushma turns the other side. Shalu feels bad but then smiles and bends down to Sushma.
Shalu- Dadi, I know u are angry with me because I did not come here for so many days infact so many years. But Dadi I really missed u sooo much. Now when I m come, plz at least to me once.
Sushma could not control and she finally hugged her tight. Shalu, ViDha and Pankaj smile.
Sushma(breaks the hug with tears on her eyes)- U know I was so alone here. Promise me, now u will never leave me and go!
Shalu(keeps her hand on Sushma’s hand)- Never! From now onwards I will stay here only.
Pankaj- Then where will I stay?
All laugh at him.
Sushma- U both must be tired na. Come on go to your room and get fresh.
They all leave for their respective rooms.
ViDha and Vitharva are in ViDha’s room.
Dhaani(in a hurry)- Vidhu, Atharva beta come fast, u have to go for school na.
But Vitharva are sitting with a pout on their face.
Dhaani(bends down to them)- What’s the matter? Don’t u want to go to school?
Atharva- Mama today bua and fufa have come na..
Vidha- So plz let us stay at home with them.
Viplav- Okay, so no school today.
Vitharva get very happy and hug Viplav.
Dhaani(stands up)- No no, u have to go to school today. After school u play with bua and fufa.
Vitharva(together)- No…
Viplav- Let it be Dhaani, its okay.
Dhaani- But Viplav…
Viplav- Dhaani …
Dhaani(pouts)- Okay…
Vitharva- Yaaayyyy!!!
Dhaani- But tomorrow u both have to go to school, okay?
Vitharva(together)- Okay mama.
Atharva- Mama can we go to Bua’s room now?
Dhaani(smiles)- Okay go, but don’t trouble them.
They both go running.
Viplav- Today our family is complete.
Dhaani- But without Maaji and Dadaji..
Viplav(interrupts)- Don’t talk about them Dhaani, they can never be a part of our family, never!
Dhaani- Sorry!
Viplav- No sorry vorry, if u give me something then only I will forgive u.
Dhaani- What u want?
Viplav points to his cheeks.
Dhaani- Do u want a slap???
Viplav ignores it and sit on the bed with a pout on his face (he is acting to get a kiss from Dhaani?)
Dhaani feels bad for Viplav and so she sits near him. She takes a deep breath and gives a cute wala kiss on Viplav’s cheeks? And she runs down while Viplav smiles watching her run.
Viplav(gives his killer smile?)- Sharma gayi?
The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav to teach Dhaani.(sorry for same precap?)


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