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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Parshiya telling Vidha that he wants to tell her a story today. He tells there was a king in the city who used to stay with his queen happily. Once a witch comes in their life and befriended them. Vidha asks what happened then? Parshiya says little angel was about to come in King’s life, but he was unaware of her. He says witch doesn’t want King to stay with his queen and made Rani go away from his life. He says King got mad and tried to search his queen, but he couldn’t find her. He says people used to call him rakshas. Vidha asks what happened then? Parshiya says King went to Basti one day and met a gudiya. He says then King came to know that Gudiya is his daughter. Dhaani is in tears hearing the story. Vidha asks what happened then? Parshiya says King used to


come and meet his daughter again and again. He tells people call him rakshas because of his anger.

Kamini fills the form at the psychiatrist clinic. Psychiatrist asks why you are imagining things. Kamini says I am not aware why these things are happening. Doctor says something had happened in your subconscious mind. Kamini says no, nothing had happened as such. Psychiatrist tells Viplav that he have to do some test to figure out why she is hallucinating things. He asks him to take care of her, don’t make her insecure and do as she says. He asks him to get her admitted in his clinic. Viplav says whatever you have said, I can’t do if I admit her here. He says I will take her home and will take care of her, keep her happy. Kamini smiles. Doctor prescribes some medicines. Viplav asks Kamini to rest and says I will bring your medicines.

Parshiya tells Vidha that the king was not Rakshas, he loves her Gudiya very much. Vidha asks if he used to love her just like her Rakshas uncle. Dhaani gets emotional. Parshiya says you said right, just like him. He says Viplav saved you from crackers and also gave blood to you when you was in the hospital. He asks why did that rakshas save angel. Vidha says just because he was her Papa. Parshiya says you said right, and this way Viplav is your father. Vidha says no. Parshiya says your full name is Vidha Tripathi, and says Viplav is your Papa. Vidha asks you are not my Papa, and asks Dhaani, why did you tell me wrong. Parshiya says I will always be your baba. Vidha says Rakshas uncle didn’t come when the crackers was lighted etc. Dhaani says I am not lying and says Viplav is your baba. She runs away. Viplav comes and hears them.

Kamini thinks about Ashram women threats and thinks what is happening with me. She thinks I have to treat myself before everything is ruined. Vidha locks herself in room angrily. Dhaani asks her to open the door and asks her not to be angry. Parshiya asks her to open door. Vidha refuses to talk to him. Parshiya asks her to listen to him. Vidha says you don’t love me and recalls Parshiya saying that Viplav is her Papa. Just then they hear band playing and crackers are bursting. Vidha runs out of room and goes out to see. Viplav comes there then…Vidha sees Viplav coming there and runs to him. Dhaani smiles. Vidha asks if you are my papa….Viplav says yes. Dhaani says yes, I told you. Vidha asks then why you didn’t tell me before. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says I am your Papa Vidha. He says Parshiya baba told you witch story naa, and says I didn’t want that witch to separate you from your parents. Vidha says I am afraid of witch.

Viplav says your Papa has made arrangements to send that witch to jail, and says Police will take care of her well. Vidha happily hugs him, says Papa. Viplav says you will call me Papa naa. Vidha says yes, and asks will you not call me shikayati pudiya. Viplav says sometimes I will call you. Vidha says okay and wishes him happy birthday. Parshiya says I have brought cake for your papa. Kamini meets some astrologer/ baba. He says he can see only darkness in her life and says our karam decides our future. He says your doings are troubling you, and asks her to do penance. Kamini says I haven’t do anything wrong. Baba says okay and asks her to keep Prasad near Shiv ji. Kamini keeps Prasad near Shiv ji’s idol. Baba sees insects on the laddoos and says serious problem.

Viplav cuts the cake, makes Vidha, and Dhaani eat it. He asks if you are on dieting..Dhaani blushes. Viplav then gives cake to his new friend Parshiya. Parshiya makes him friends eat cake. Viplav tells Vidha that he brought special return gift for her and asks her to think. He says laddoo, house. Vidha says no. Viplav shows watch and makes her wear it. Vidha thanks him. Dhaani says it is good. Viplav and Dhaani kiss on her cheeks.

Kamini thinks about Baba’s words that he can see darkness in her life. Tripurari calls Kamini and asks what is going on? Kamini says Viplav has accepted her and says she is very happy. Tripurari says I got happy hearing it and says my village is ruined. Kamini asks what happened? Tripurari says Dasharath wants to make Viplav as his heir and even Durga is not talking to him nicely. He asks her to give 50 lakhs rupees. Kamini says you might have more than 50 lakhs rupees. Tripurari says Dasharath has blocked his accounts, and asks her to open her purse. Kamini agrees to give money and asks to give some days time. Tripurari threatens to expose her. Kamini thinks this illiterate will ruin everything.

Viplav shows the letter and form and says expert confirm that these letters are written by Kamini. Dhaani says she has written just like you write, and sent mangalsutra also so that I couldn’t understand. Viplav says she sent a letter to Dada ji also, and gave me drugs so to make me unconscious. He says she got her son kidnapped also, and wonders how is she? He says she is very clever. Parshiya says I have solid gut feeling that someone is with her, and tells that someone kidnapped Atharva and put accusation on me. Viplav says yes, someone is helping her. Parshiya says someone attacked me on Vidha’s birthday and says he was someone else. Viplav says why she wanted to send me to jail. Dhaani says now I can understand and says she even tried to spoil Vidha’s birthday party and burns the crackers. Viplav says who is with her.

Kamini wonders where is Viplav and thinks if he went to Dhaani. She comes to Basti. At Dhaani’s house, Viplav and Dhaani fall on bed and is about to get romantic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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