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***********THE SECRET ROOM***********

A room filled with large paintings of just one thing it shows painter’s obsesssion ,love ,madnesss towards that thing .it seems the painter of these paintings have deep full of madness feelings for the thing.yes the paintings are of a girl yes her paintings in diffrenet attires with diffrent feelings shown on her face like love. anger, happiness,attitude etc. it seeems painter is in love with this girl madly i mean last statges of love that junoon types. the painter talks with paintings.


PAINTER- you know my life is empty without you yes you have to come to me its in destiny but you have to go away frm me but how can i be without you but what if that vision come true so i have to be dead instead of you destiny wants to snatch you frm me but i have to fight fr u for me for us as i cant live without you. you are my life,mysoul my evrything .


******I LOVE YOU SHONAAA********

scene change

^^^^^^^ KHANNA VILLA ^^^^^^

AS shona got admission and come back to home its night time and she is sitting with her sisso in lounge.AS she pisssed of after her and sanskar rude argument she is continuesly talking with her self as rags is busy with her work beacuse she has meeting next day.

shona- what the hell he think of himself he is so rude.am a kiddo or a crying baby huh what he think of himself frm now i will call him MR.RUDY .yeah he is handsome ^_^ but he should be freindly na :/ . ahhhhhh :/ shona why are u atrracted towards him he is ur enemy concentrate u have to show him what u are 3:)

rags notice that shona is blabbring something so without her notice she listen her talks and ask her problem.

RAGS- shona is there any problem why were u blabbering in anger since 10 mins.u got aadmission today and u have new enemy wow i guess its interesting and unique concept to have enemies on first day instead of frnds you agree shonaaa ? =D

shona- nothing stop teasing me di i also dnt want to have enemies in new place but due to some mistake i got one i just want to teach him a lesson :/

RAGS- hahahha oh god shona why so serious what he said to u that u want to teach him a lesson .tell me is he handsome ?

shona- yeah he is handsome but he thinks that he is the only wise person in whole world . i will tell u what he said to me

(shona in sanky style making his voice) hy kiddo what are you doing here its a medical college hospital is it look like a park stop wandering here. huh he thinks am blind idiot rudey.

leave it di tell me about your fashion line exhibition.

RAGS- oh shona plz grow up plz dnt take his words seriously ok leave it . working on my exhibition as i need a media partner for promos so i got a call from MHESHWARI ADVERTISING COMPANY I hadmeeting with there MD tommorrow.

shona- ok di best of luck for your project i feel sleepy i have to go for sleeping good night di as you know tommorow is first day at that disease shop opps medical college

RAGS- kk shona good night and she murmurs best of luck life saving medical college as you need it more than shona beacuse shona is there for study pllz GOD save those poor innocent people =D

shona goes to her room and she looks her diary its time for writting dairy

*******DEAR DIARY********
today is not good day as i force fully admitt at that college one more thing i want to share my feelings when i saw that rudy while i feel soo connected to him its just like i know him since ages ya i dnt like his behaviour but seriously i started liking him u know kuch kuch hota hy types i know he is so rude but he is sooo cute at the same time rude GOD KNOWS WHAT he has plan for me ok good night dear i have to go to college

******MAHESHWARI MANSION**********


sanky is also thinking about shona but he is little bit worried that what to do

sanky- no i just have to control my feelings when i see her my heart beats are skipped no thats not possible i have to control feelings for someone as i know have dark secret if some one come in my life its not good for her i know she is mine but i have to stay away from her ? :'( .its late now have to sleep tommorow orientation
so have to organize it



preprations are on full swing for orientation for new batch
all seniors are busy in preparing every thing like college slougens charts for welcoming students and also pamflets for new students as per order of RAMPRASAD MAHESHWARI as he passing orders he asked sanky for his speech

( not so lenghty coz its boring i was sleeping in my orientation =D guys its my situation in orientation)

RP- sanskar i want to look on speech
one time is it ready and listen i have an emergency work so you have to tell the rules to new commers

sanky- ok dad opps sorry sir :p

RP- how many times i have to tell u that in college dnt call me dad is it clear

sanky- yes sir

rp goes frm there and sanky goes to his frnds who were busy in preprations
meanwhile shona enters in college

shona blabring- uffff first day feel irritated and why is there so much noise whats going on she ask a girl

to girl-excuse me am SWARA KHANNA whats going on are you a fresher or a senior

girl- hy am piya mehra yes am a fresher it seems some welcome orientatiion is going to held

shona- so friends

piya- ya lets be friends

on the other hand sanky frnds ajay and kunal sees shona and ther ask to group

kunal- guys look at that girl she looks so dumbo lets play a prank on her and her frnd i know its not allowed but princi is not here and also she dont know about rules

all look at girl sanky also but he dnt like that idea as shona belongs to him his frnds dnt know but he knows na so he cancel the plan

sanky – no guys its not good at all at the very first day and dad is also here so no today no chance dude.

allfrnds- yeah some other time other wise RP sir would through us out of the college and they all busy in their work again
sanky is free so he is staring shona

here shonas new frnd goes for some work

shona feels something and looks behind her she saw her RUDEY who is looking so handsome in black tux and blue jeans with white T-shirt

shona in mind- he is looking handsome but why he is come so formal today as he owns this college
arrghhh shona why are u atrracted towards him oh concentrate on your work

sanky- sees her alone and goes towards and again tease her in rude way

sanky- hey kidddo you came here again i told you yesterday its not a park go to your school dnt bunk it again its medical college dnt you have brain

shona after listeninig this again frm him fumes in anger

shona– angrily oh hello what you think of your self MR.WISE hunh as you are passing orders to me as this college is yours and you own it am not a kiddo am the topper of entrance exam and the student of first year
before sanky ans her someone told him to go to the RP office as he calling him so he goes

shona ask frm that person who is RP

person-he is the owner of the college anD MS OF HOSPITAl

shona- hmmmm now mr rudey i want that RP sir should insult you and thinks a plan smiles evily

*****IN AUDITORIUM ******

alll students are gathered so orientation starts

RP – welcome to all new students and we are proud to have intellgent new batch as you are sincere with your work i have some imp work so rules are condusted to you by sanskar your senior and my elder son over to you sanskar

sanky comes to the dice guys check shona’s reaction

shona- mouth opend widen her eyes an start murmuring ho no shona he is the owner of college you should control your mouth infront of him ohhh what he do with me now ?

sanky looks her expressions and smile wierdly

he starts his convo with students

sanky- hello guys welcome to all of here i came to tell u about the rules here we go


rule 1- ragging in this college is not allowed.

rule 2- you should have to be sincere with your studies as well as profession as you are going to be doctors

rule 3- after 8 .00 o clock no person should allowed to enter in the college as doctors have to be punctual.

rule 4- wear your overall and must hang your identity cards issued by college

rulle 5- in college we conduct some awarding practicals in form of two members team a senior and a junior so you should prepare for it

rule 6- you should always respect yor seniors =D

saying this he looks at shona give a glare to her

sanky – thats all mates welcome you again now go to your classes check your time table saying this he goes frm there looking at shona

secene splits
precap- the killer, shona sanky fight the morgue punishment


( hy guys i dnt know th exact rules so i copy my universty rules here and i know its not up to the mark but i will try my best to freach your expectations ) ? #Haani

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