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Hey guys thanks for ur lovely comments n here I am back with next ff ishq forever twinj after pyaar pyaar pyaar hope U’ll all like this too
N yeah plz do comment share ur views only then I’ll continue the story
So now here is the ?????

Kunj sarna/siddhant : a very handsome sorry
Lives in Germany away from his family not a spoilt brat but yes he is very mischievous n all girls love for his hotness son of Manohar n usha sarna
Twinkle taneja/jasmin : a cute bubbly girl stays in Paris but recently shifted to Germany she was cute innocent girl butt she is too mischievous and daughter of leela n Rt
Yuvraj luthra: a handsome dashing boy twinkle besti and son of surjeet n Anita
Mahi sarna : cute chubby shy girl sister of kunj stays with him in Germany only
Raminder &leela taneja : parents of twinkle loves her alott but has rivalry with sarnas
Usha n Manohar sarna : kunj parents they too love him but hates tanejas the most for some reason which will reveal later


Shanti sarna(babee): elder sister of manohar dena stay with him only loves kunj alott
Surjeet n Anita luthra : uv was their only son lives him alott has connection with both tanejas n sarnas
Naina : care taker of twinkle lives with her Twi loves her alott n thinks as her mother only

:::::::::::::::: CONCEPT::::::::::::::::::::
The story revolves around a cute lil Twi n lil kunj who R besti of each other due to their parents rivalry they get separated n after so many years they meet how they will fall in live with each other ??will they able to end the enemity between their parents?? Or they have to get separated again ???

So this is the concept of story
Note: tamatar anda n sandals all r accepted as gifts ?????
So guys do comment if u all like it then I’ll u continue as soon as I get time
So yeah n one more thing guys I may be not able to upload daily due to college project n all’s
Bye bye take care n ha comment karna mat bhool na ok take care
Love u shoooooo much ????????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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