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Hello guys I am back once again ????
Soo how R U all ?????? So guys excited for next epi but before that I wanna clear onr thing that is UMm rehne do ????
So thanks to all of u for ur comments n support keep loving n supporting me
Thanks to sujina ayu(shreya) sayeeda aamu shreya098 angita zaku rashiverma sana sidvee sidmin baby thanmy shona sanju kruti and
aksa ( I am glad that u r commenting)

JANE KE LIYE PADHIYE ISHQ FOREVER BY SAM …(thanks sayu I was impressed by your tagline )
And sanju kunj tell his name as sid bcoz in
chilhood babee n others used to call him sid only ???
And thanmy and sidmin dara diye meri tarah ?


Aamu kruti baby don’t get angry bcoz I’ll not leave u all so easily…??
Sattu yaar missing u soo much
So siddhanshi siddhant fan jasmine romu
Monica tehreem ranabulbul fan Ayesha shikha arundati chiku anshika dolly twinj sidmin bhumika n others thanks to u all too but guys
why r u all not commenting if u r reading this
epi do comment whether ur liking story or not plzz
Recap : twinj cute moments at engagement party N twinj waking up together
The episode starts with twinkle waking up n
shouts ….kunj gets up with a jerk n says
K: kon mar gaya ??(who died )
He sees twinkle beside him n they both shout together
K : yum yaha kaise aayi

T : chal ke ???
K : ahh I know day but …he gets interrupted by twinkle who ask him same
T : first tell me how do u came here
K : he also says chal ke n let’s out a faint laugh
They both passes death glare to each other
T : this is my flat
K : have u gone mad this is my flight siyappa
T : I think u gave lost ur memory seeing my beauty
K : hahah who said that u r beautiful
T : I know that I am beautiful
K : hahah kabhi mirror me dhakal dekhi bhootni lagti ho siyappa bhootni
T : how dare u call me bhootni
Twinkle takes pillow n runs behind kunj who
teases her n runs her n there twinkle slips she falls on kunj who falls on bed
They both look at eo n a deep eye lock
continues sajna ve plays ….
Twinkle hairs comes on kunj face he Tuck’s it behind Twi ear n they both compose them
selves ……???
T : wait I’ll call my agent here ..
K : ok call him

Twinkle calls her agent n ask him to come there
After sometime twinj was waiting for agent
when he comes there
T : oh Mr John I am glad u came now say this sadu that this flat is mine
K : u shut up this flat is mine
They both started flighting when mr John says
them to keep quiet…..
Mj : miss twinkle n Mr kunj but this flat is mine
And I gave this flat to u both on rent
K : but how can u do this ….
T : yeah
Mj : miss twinkle u need flat urgent n I can arrange it only it’s has two bedrooms n u both
can share this flat …..
Twinj : no ways …..
Mj : so one of u may leave from here ….
K : ok twinkle go ….
T : no I am not leaving u go and they again
started fighting while Mr John again interrupts
K : Mr John I came here first so ask this siyappa queen to go from here
T : I am not going anywhere ..

Mj : miss twinkle u have to share this flat or u may leave
Twinkle gets sad n bow down her head kunj
who was standing there notices this n feels
K : ok we will share this flat Mr John u can leave
Mr John : if u two r ready then share this flat saying this he leaves from there
Kunj looks at twinkle who was having tears in her eyes
K : omg Babaji now I have to bear this siyappa
T : u shut Mr sadu …
Kunj comes closer to twinkle who steps back wards kunj comes towards her ears n says u
look good while smiling……he left from there
smiling leaving a shocked twinkle behind she also smiles after he went
At lunch
They both comes n does their lunch …..and kunj
says so that bedroom was mine ok
Twinkle: no that bedroom was mine
K : uff ok take that tum b kya yaad karogi kis

ameer se pala pada hai he says leaving a fake
T : huh …whatever
K : now when we r sharing this flat so we’ll see
works too ok I will make breakfast n u make
dinner waht say
T : u know how to cook …..
K : yeah u know I am great chef
T : oh don’t tell me u r lying
K : no I am not miss siyappa queen
T : oye don’t call me siyappa queen i have a name twinkle
K : ya ya twinkle twinkle little star he says
teasing her
T : soooooo let’s move to our work
K : ok bht wait can we become friends ??
He says forwarding his hand n twinkle just
smiles looking at it n says yeah ok friends
They both shake hands n went to their work …

Kunj pov :
What happening when she was sad while I feel sad y why she looks so cute to me Babaji plz tell me u r giving me some signal or else but jasmin uff I miss her badly n I didn’t knew where was she I searched hwr alott but y I am feeling for twinkle ….pov ends
His thoughts were end by twinkle who shouts
K : waht happen he went to kitchen n sees twinkle bathing in flour he laughs n says u r really looking like a siyappa bhootni
T : I’ll not leave u know it’s my mistake to do friendship with u she says n went to her room irritated. ….
K : hahahah arah siyappa queen wait
He went behind twinkle ….
Screen freezes

So guys did u like the epi ???
Share ur views n do comment guys ….
As I need ur suggestions very badly
Ba byee take care
N yeah from now on I’ll not be able to post daily u know y college only (aur kya ho sakta hai )
My vacations ended now
So other ff writers plz post ur epi yaar I am missing ur ff so muchh
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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