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Hellloooooooooooooooo bhtt zyada lamba hogaya nah ????so I am back once again
I want to ask one thing before starting the epi
That’s is UMm bolu ya nahi ????
Hmm bol hi deti hu so are u liking this ff ….n mee too ????
Comment comment n comment ….???
Thanks to everyone for ur lovely comments yaar seriously n sayu jaan jaan itne baar bola ye lelo epi jaldi ….and others too thank u soo much
Let’s start????
Lights camera n action ??

Recap : twinj first meeting n some funny moments
Kya twinkle aur kunj ek dusre ko pehchan payengay ya fir se hojaye ge juda
Janne k liye padhte rehiye ishq forever by me
Now lets us begin
The episode starts with twinj being lost in each other eyes that they didn’t bother that song has finished they r constantly looking in eo eyes n dont wanna leave eo ……when naman comes there and moves his fingers infront of Twinj bringing them back into reality
Naman : waht happen ???
Twinj : nothing they seoarate themselves
Kunj goes with naman while twinkle moves towards ashna
Naman : so ……


Kunj : sooo ????
Naman : aakhir tujhe Teri partner mil hi gayi
Kunj : huh no yaar she is not my type
Naman : u liar I can feel how u both lost in eo eyes
Kunj : wo ….wo just shut up ashna par dhyaan se saale
Cherry : see guys kunj is blushing like tomato
All together : woah ….kuch to gadbad hai
Kunj : aise kuch nahi hai leave me he says n went from there
On the other side
Ashna : so u have find ur Mr perfect
Twinkle : what ????
Ashna : yeah kunj ur Mr perfect
Twinkle : no he is not my types

Ashna : so what qualities u want in ur Mr perfect
Twinkle : my Mr perfect will have qualities that he will respect girls he will be a quiet she tells him childhood kunj qualities ….
Ashna : woah continue babes searching she says n twinkle left from there
She goes towards balcony n stands there
Twinkle pov :
Where r u sid ?? Hope he remembers me waht if he forget about me no this can’t happen I am his jasmin …pov ends as twinkle feels someone looking at her
She turns n its kunj …….????
Twinkle : what ????
Kunj : nothing ….did I met u before
Twinkle : ha in America flight u idiot
Kunj : u siyappa queen i mean to say before America flight ???
Twinkle : UMm dont know…….
Kunj left from there leaving a confused twinkle
Kunj pov
Why do I feel like I know her very well waht if she is my jasmin no no she can’t be my jasmin
Babaji what R U doing plz help me
pov ends ….

Everyone left from the engagement venue after dinner ……
Ashna : twinkle stay with us
Twi: ok ashu ?
That night twinkle stays with ashu n next morning after breakfast she left from there
Ashna : u r going so early
Twinkle : I have to find an apartment then I’ll come to meet u don’t worry I am here only
Ashna : call me if u need anything ok
Twi: yeah yeah n hugs her n left from there
She goes to meet an agent who took her to a home …..
A : mam this is the home it has two bedrooms dinning area hall evrything
Twinkle : thanks Mr John……she pays him money n he left from there
Mr John comes out of apartment when his PA ask him
PA: sir u have given that house already to a boy then to this girl y sir
Mr John: ohh my PA u need to understand we will get double money that boy comes only in night n if they two meet we will tell them to shed that flat
PA: ohh sir g u r great ….

Mr John : I know …..he left from there with his PA
Twinkle sees whole house well maintained n says wow it’s looking like someone stays here so clean n everything was on place chal twinkle tujhe kaam karna to nahi padha …she thinks n went to change
On the other side
Kunj was having twinkle scarf in his hands n he is constantly looking at it n thinks what to do …
He goes to his apartment it’s was 12 at night all the lights were closed he opens door with another key n went inside ….
Kunj was walking when he get hit by twinkle luggage but he ingnores it n directly went to his bed room ……n sleeps beside twinkle
Next morning ….
Twinj was sleeping peacefully on bed when sunrays disturb them ….n twinkle wakes up n yawns suddenly she sees kunj behind her n shouts kunj who was sleeping peacefully get up with a jerk
Kunj : kon mar gaya ???
He sees twinkle beside him n they both look at each other n says U
Screen freezes on their shocked faces

So how was the epi guys
Bye bye it’s seriously 12 now
Good night yake care
Do comment plshh as comments r decreasing day by day I’ll end this ff (mazak kar rahi hu )
If u didn’t comment ????
So bye bye
Sorry for grammatical errors…
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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