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Hello guys here I am once again back with next epi ???but I wanna ask u all if u r enjoying the track or not bcoz day by day comments r decreasing so guys plshh comment I’ll try to make it better
N thanks to all of u for those lovely comments on my last epi love u all guys
So now no more bak bak
Let’s us begin
Recap : ha kya hua tha yaad aaya twinj cute moments at school ….

The episode starts with twinkle holding kunj hand n takes her inside where sarnas n tanejas r present ………..
Twinj comes inside n sarna n tanejas look on
Leela : baby who is he ?????
Twi : mumma I told u na about my friend he is my best friends sid
Usha : what …???
Kunj looks at usha n say yes mumma she is my best friend
Both tanejas n sarnas passes death glare to each other
While maha aarti starts n they all compose them selves “after sometime pandit announced that maha aarti finish while a chunri falls on twinj who were standing in the middle holding hands
Pandit : wah wah aise pehle kabhi nahi hua hai ye chunri jis par b girti hai wo saat janmo k saathi hote hai (wow this is like a miracle when ever this chunri falls on someone they r made for each other for 7 births )
Leela : what R U telling pandit g
Pandit : ha leela g ye dono hamesha saat rahegay inhe kabhi koi alag nai kar sakta
While twinj smiles looking at pandit g
Kunj : u know jasmin I’ll never leave u
Usha : kunj (shouts)
Kunj : what happen mumma n get scared as usha never shouts on him like that
Twi : what happen aunty dont scold my best friend
Usha : u just stut up (shouts)
Leela : Mrs sarna how dare to shout on my daughter
Manohar : so what wrong she has done
Rt : u just keep quiet Manohar
Leela : naina(Twi care taker )take her outside
Naina : come with me baby
Babee : sid let’s go outside …
Twinj goes outside with babee n naina


Usha : pandit g we will not have any relations with this tanejas tell me how much money they gave us to speak this
Leela : U …..while pandit interrupted
P: Mrs sarna what R U telling u r insulting a pandit yeah I said truth that your child’s have relations of seven births u have to bend infront of each other for ur child’s
Usha n leela : this will never happen
Manohar : I’ll not let this happen ill not let kunj have relations with these cheaters
Rt : mind your tongue …..Manohar how dare u called her cheaters
M: u r charters only just becoz of u my sis did suicide
Rt : how many times I have to tell this she did committed suicide bcoz of me
Usha : let’s leave it this tanejas will never accept their crime
Leela: we have not done any mistake so why should we accept it
M : yeah they will not accept it …let’s leave usha
L: let’s leave g
Usha : one more thing just let your daughter stay away from my son
L : ask your son to stay away from my daughter
They both leave after sooo much argument while pandit looks on
Pandit : no one can change destiny that Twi kids r made for each other how many problem will come they will meet again n they will end the enemity between their families its written in
N nobody can change this ……

Rain starts heavily with Thuders n there r so much hatred in both the houses
At taneja mansion
Rt was roaming here n there while leela is sitting on couch n shouting
Leela : I’ll not let my daughter to have relations with that sarnas I don’t want her to suffer
Rt : only one solution is there
Leela : what ????
Rt : we have to send twinkle out of India so that she stays away from these sarnas …..
Leela : but how can we let our lil angel go away from us
Rt : this is the only solution leela we have to this that sarnas will never understand that veera didn’t committed suicide bcoz of us
Leela : yes u r saying true we have to do this
She goes inside twinkle room n sees her sleeping peacefully
Leela : sorry beta but we have to do this
She caresess twinkle faces n cries while Rt consoles her

At sarna mansion
Manohar : ahhh they will never accept that veera died bcoz of them …..
Usha : yeah see after doing so much they r not accepting their mistake n trapping our kunj
Babee : but monu
Manohar : no babee U’ll not take their side
Babee (thinks): when u will understand this monu veera died bcoz of herself not bcoz of Rt but I have to keep quiet I’ll tell them truth when right time comes
Usha : I’ll not let my kunj go near that twinkle
Manohar : I am sending kunj Germany now
Usha : but how ??? N why
He also says the same while babee gets teard eye ….n went to kunj room
1 month passes twinj didn’t meet each other in there days n misses each other

At taneja mansion
Leela was doing twinkle packing whole Twi comes there crying n says
T : maa I will never irritate u I’ll go to school daily without drama plshh maa don’t send me away from u ……she cries while leela says twinkle dong do drama u need to go n that’s final
Twi : maa plshh maaa maa she cries while leela left from her room crying

At sarna mansion
Same happens with kunj he also cries looking at usha n babee
Babee : usha I think we should not send him
Usha : no babee this can’t happen
Kunj : maa plshh don’t send me babee plshh tell na plzz
Twinj cries telling their parents not to send them but they didn’t listen
Twi runs from her home n comes to near by park n sits with a sad face
While kunj also comes to the same park with babee for the last time …..
Babee : kunj I’ll get ur fav ice cream she goes n kunj finds twinkle with sad face sitting on bench
Kunj : jasmin u r here
Twi : oh sid it’s good to see u
She hugs kunj n they both cries n tells each other problems
Twi : sid I’ll always miss u
Kunj : I’ll miss u too jasmin
They both cries n a pair of eyes were watching them that was babee
She comes near twinj n twinkle gets scared as she thinks like usha babee will also scold her

Babee : don’t be scared beta …
Kunj : u know jasmin she is my cute babee
Twinkle meets babee n they both talk with each other
Babee : so u both R best friends
Twinj : yes ….n we don’t want to separate
Babee : I have one idea she clicks their picks n gives to them n says when u miss each other see this pics okay
Twinj : wow nice idea babee ….
Babee : now lets eat ice cream
Trio happily eats ice cream while Manohar calls babee n tells her to come home
Babee : kunj I am waiting for u in car ok
Kunj : ok babee ….
Twinkle : kunj tum mujhe bhool jao ge ???
Kunj : kabhi nahi I will always be my best friends
They talk to each other n leela n usha comes to same park n sees twinj together n get angry
Leela : come with me twinkle
Usha : kunj u too come with me
They both drag twinj while they cries looking at each other they both goes separate ways while twinj looks on sad n waves bye to eo for last time
Screen freezes

So guys how was the last epi of sidmin aka twinj chilhood
Share ur views do comments guys as it needed for me to get energy
So bye bye
Take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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