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Hello guys dekho fir se I am back ??
Pata nahi ab aage kab time milega so thought to post this epi also ????
So thank u all of u guys for ur support
Love u all ????
No more bak bak now
Lets us begin ??
Recap : twinj moments n some emotional moments also ??
The episode starts with twinkle waking up n find her self in bed she thinks how she slept n remember last night crying n falling asleep on floor
T : how did u came here when I was on floor …
She sees kunj ring on her bed n picks it
T : so sadu has helped me last night I have to apologize I behaved very badly with him
She gets freshen up n came outside her room
N doesn’t find kunj anywhere …..
Kunj comes there n sees twinkle standing n members how she was crying n sobbing last night
T : come let’s have break fast
Kunj come n they both say on dinning table
There was silence after sometime twinkle broke it
T : kunj I wanna say something
K : yeah twinkle say
T : kunj I am I am sorry for behaving rudely with u last night wo actually I have some family problems that’s y
K : it’s ok twinkle I didn’t feel bad so need to apologize
T : u r so nice kunj …..(murmurs) n smiles
K : did u say something ????
T : no nothing they have their breakfast when twinkle gets a call from Rt she gets angry
T : I’ll be back in sometime
Kunj nods n she left to her room
T :hello what’s the hell is this papa I told u two many times that I don’t wanna talk to u
Rt : twinkle I know u r miffed with us but u are our princess n will walkways remain our princess ..
T : stop buttering me papa I know u too don’t love me …
Rt : this is not true twinkle princess u r our only heir twinkle taneja and I called u to tell about that I have buyed a house for u so no need to stay in flat u r twinkle taneja princess
T : I am just twinkle here ….n I am happy with my flat I don’t wanna any house she cuts call and cries
Kunj knocks on the door n twinkle wipes her tears n comes out …
K : everything fine ???
T : yeah yeah kunj
K : ok I am going for some work if u want
anything then call me ok
T : ok kunj bye …..
Kunj left from there leaving twinkle alone …
Twinkle goes to her room n thinks I am not twinkle taneja the famous fashion designer of Paris owner of sidmin creations I am just twinkle here no one should know about my identity I came here to find my sid …
Yeah my sid …???
Flashback shows ….
SIDMIN CREATIONS fashion house ….
Twinkle was the famous fashion designer…..
One day her friends chinki called her
T : hello chinki how R U ???
C : I am finee twinkle how R U ???
T : I am fine too babes did u got any info about
sid ???
C : yeah I called u to say that only I went to temple today …..n saw Mrs sarna there she was saying that his son is in Germany
T : what Germany????
C : yeah Germany n Sid was their only son I think that yaar sid is also in Germany I heard she was taking about some xyz university…
T : thank u soo much chinki I love u hope I’ll get sid there
C : yeah I hope so too bye twinkle
T : bye chinki ???
T : my sid yes my sid is in Germany I’ll find him any how Germany twinkle is coming …
Flashback ends
Twinkle smiles n says the only reason for me coming here is u sid just u ??
In India ……
There was a business meeting going on with some investors and Manohar sarna Rt and surjeet present there
Tanejas gives their presentation followed by sarnas n luthras …..
Investor : all the companies presentation was amzing it’s very difficult to take decision we will tell our decision after lunch …..
Manohar n Rt nods n left from there …..
Rt : we have to win this project any how
Rt PA: yeah sir we will only get this presentation don’t worry …
On the other side
Manohar: these projects will not go to that tanejas
PA: sir I think they like our presentation we will surely win this project
M : yeah …call kunj n tell him to convince investor owner who is in Germany now
PA: okay sir I’ll call kunj sir
Screen freezes on rt n Manohar face ….
So guys how was the epi
Share ur views do comment
Love u all
Ba byeee
I don’t know when I’ll get time to post next so this is the compensation
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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