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Hellloooooooooooooooo thoda zyada hogaya na par kya karu itne din se hello Jo nai bola ??????so guys how R U all maza me nah
Thanks to all of u guys for ur comments n support
Love u all soo much
Chiku I am 17 years old now I am in UG 1 year …
N others too thank u soo much yaar n twinj k Milan me abhi thoda time hai …..
Soon they will get to know about eo ????
N about yuhi dekhte hai kitno k g
uess right tha
So let’s us begin
Lights camera n action ????
The episode starts with kunj holding twinkle n tucks her hair behind they both lost in eo eyes
?????Sab tera plays in bg ?????
They r constantly looking in eo others eyes n didn’t notice that rajma was burning …
Twinj (thinks) : neither mahi is there nor uv then who is burning in jealousy
Twinkle : kunj sometime is burning ???
Kunj : I too think so twinkle
Twinkle : but who ???
Kunj : looks here n there n says RAJMA…
Twinkle : mera rajma they both leave eo n twinkle puts the stove off
Kunj laughs n twinkle turns n looks at kunj angrily
T : this is ur mistake bcoz of u ….
K : hey siyappa queen what bcoz of me haa ….
On the other side

Mahi looks at yuvi n smiles ….n tightly hugs him
Yuvi : mahi sweetheart u here ….
Mahi : I missed u soo much yuvi
Yuvi : I missed u too my sweetheart
He hugs mahi tightly n they both smiles….
Flashback shows…..
In Paris ….
Yuvraj was waiting for his friend outside the mall when mahi comes there running n hides behind yuvi
Y : what happen miss …
He turns n looks at mahi they both get Mesmerized seeing eo
M : Mr plz hide me …..
Y : ok he takes mahi into her car …so miss why r u running
M : firstly don’t call me miss my name is mahi
And yaar I came to Paris with my dad he went in business meeting I was getting bored so I came here to fir shopping but my dad body guards they r so chipku ….they r not giving me my space so I ran from there …..
Y : hahahah I mean seriously u r so cute
M : what ????
Y : nothing yaar ….
Then they both became friends n exchange their numbers they fall in love n then mahi moved to India…….but they used to talk daily …
Flashback ends
Y : why u didn’t tell me mahi about kunj ….

M : I thought to tell u but then I forgot ..
Y : it’s okay ….
M : so twinkle is your friend???
Y : yeah she is my bestii u know mahi she is the best n I love her
M : huh then what about me ??
Y : omg jaan I love u too
M : ok ok stop buttering or else bhai will get to know about us ..
In the kitchen …..
T : kunj just bcoz of u my rajma burned
K : huh siyappa queen i helped u n u r blaming me only very bad ….
T : but u locked me in ur embrace thats ur fault
She then reminses what she told n turns n blushes very hard
Kunj sees this n smiles n to make twinkle comfortable he says
K : huh so what handsome ladka dekha ki nahi ye ladkiya pagal hojati hai ….
T : huh kisne kaha tum handsome ho Mr sadu sarna. ..
K : I am handsome n I know that huh
T : all boys r bad they think that they r handsome but they r monkeys only
K : huh u called me monkey actually girls r mad
They get into a severe fight when yuhi comes there yuvraj holds twinkle while mahi holds kunj
M : bhai what happen ….

K : see nah mahi this siyappa queen is telling that boys r mad
M : yeah bhai twinkle said right
Twinkle n mahi hi-fi n laughs while yuvi says
Y : no no all girls r mad …..
K : yeah yuvraj u said it right said kunj n hugs him
T : yuvi k bache kya kaha tune. …
Y : y u didn’t heard all girls r mad
he looks at mad who was hell angry n passing him death glares
Yuvi gulps in n says sorry twinkle I didn’t mean that all girls r good says yuvi stammering
M : okay now enough we should eat dinner
Kunj n twinkle looks at eo n bow’s s their head
Rajma was somewhat burned so they dinner to eat that only
On the dinning table

Twinj was sad thinking that rajma got burned n yuhi was constantly looking at eo to eat or not
But one person is silently eating without uttering a word (yeah kunj only )
Twinkle looks at him n thinks how nice he is nit saying a single word against rajma silently eating it she sees him lovingly
After sometime they finished their dinner n yuvi decide to go now
Kunj gets happy knowing that yuvi was leaving
Y : ba byee twinkle call me ha
T : yep I’ll call u and side hug him ….
K : Abe jaa nah kabse bye bye kar raha hai (bechara jal jal k sachi khak ban jayenga??)
Y : I’ll miss u twinkle he says n winks at mahi
(Kahi or nigahen kahi pe nishana,???)
He left form there twihi leaves for one room n kunj went to his room
Screen freezes ..

So guys how was the epi
Do comments
Share ur views
So how was yuhi love story…???
What will happen when Anita will get to know about yuhi ???
That will also traveled later…..
Twinj realisation of being childhood besties will be in next 4-5 epi
So stay tuned
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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