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Lights camera action…..
Recap : twinj at college n mahi entry


The episode starts with kunj seeing twinkle irritated face n thinks to tease her ….
K : oh mahi I missed u so much jaan
M : I missed u too bha….before she could complete kunj cuts her n says I know u missed me too jaan
T: ye jaan jaan kya laga rakha hai …..??
M : come I’ll make u meet my friend
She turns n looks at twinkle who was burning in jealousy…..
M : hey twinkle this is kunj my
K : mahi first go inside then we will talk …
M : ok but this is twinkle flat no….
Twinj : yeah we r sharing this flat
M: what’s this bhai doing is she bhai gf she thinks n smiles ….
They went inside n twinkle goes to bring some snacks for them ……..
M : ahha ahha bhai what’s this happening
K : nothing mahi just teasing this siyappa queen
M: siyappa queen????
K : twinkle
M : wow that means twinkle is my bhabhi
Kunj coughs heavily n says no it’s nothing like that mahi u know na I am waiting for jasmin only
M : bhai but we don’t know when u too will meet
K :I had a belief we will meet soon ….
Twinkle comes there n they trio talks n have fun together …..
Suddenly twinkle phone beeps n she looks at the message n smiles replying back
Mahi n kunj goes go kunj room to talk while twinkle was waiting for someone….

In kunj room …..
M : bhai I came here to talk to u bhai maa wants
to talk to u bhai plz call her once
K : u know na mahi I don’t want to talk to her …
M: bhai plz just for my sake plz bhai
K : ok mahi if u say so ..
Kunj calls usha ……n she picks up the call ..
Usha : I know kunj u will call me
K : ma don’t think much I called just for mahi
U : kunj beta plz come back to India plz
K : no maa many years before I ask u not to send me but u didn’t listen I’ll not come to India
U : but kunj ….
K : bye maa he ends call he has tears in his eyes ….while mahi consoles kunj
On the other side :
Twinkle was waiting patiently when uv comes there n twinkle hugs him tightly kunj sees this n get jealous too
Uv : hey baby doll what’s up
K:baby doll what’s is this baby doll (murmurs)
T : u came uv u know I was missing u soo much
Uv : mee too baby doll actually I came here for
Kunj eyes them n get jealous……

T : come uv I’ll make u meet my friends …
Uv : ok baby doll he comes forward….
T : so uv this is mahi n kunj n this is uv my bff
K : pressing his teeths nice to meet u
Yuvi n mahi sees eo n both get lost in eo eyes
There was a awkward silence when kunj breaks it n says mahi it’s too late now
M : yeah bhai it’s got late today
T : bhai ?????
M : yeah twinkle he is my brother kunj
T : ohh hmm
Uv : baby doll u know I have to talk to u
T : uv I have to make dinner then we will talk
Uv : ok baby doll
K : kya baby doll baby doll she is my siyappa
queen (murmurs)
M : bhai u said something
K : no why will I
Twinkle goes to make dinner followed by yuhi n kunj stands there in jealousy…

In India :
Business meet :
There was business meet going on …
Tanejas n sarnas comes there in their cars with
full attitude n again passed death glare to eo
Rt along with leela n Manohar along with come inside n sits on the tables there
Surjeet along with Anita also comes there ….
Anita meets leela n they have a talk
A: so leela how R U ??
L : I am fine Anita ….
A : so did twinkle called u …
L : u know na Anita she doesn’t want to talk to me as she thinks we send her purposefully…..
A: don’t worry leela everything will be fine I have send uv to Germany so that he meets twinkle n they both like eo ……
L : hope soo ….
(So guys Anita n leela had send uv to Paris so that twinkle n uv knows eo but they r just friends )
On the other side …..

Twinj along with yuhi r in the kitchen they were having fun while preparing lunch …..
Suddenly uv makes an excuse n goes from there leaving twinj alone …..
Twinkle hairs was coming on hwr face kunj sees her struggling
K : can I help u ??
T : yeah sure …..
Kunj moves her n tucks it behind twinkle could feel kunj touch they both lost in eo eyes …
Sajna ve plays ……
Yuvi comes outside n hugs mahi from behind she smiles n turns to look at yuvi. …
The screen freezes on couples face ??
So guys like the epi
Plz do comment
Yuhi knows eo ????
Did Anita n leela will succeed in making twiraj one
Will twinj get to know about their childhood friends
Stay tuned with me only ??
Ba byeee
Love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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