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Hello guys how R U all ??? I know many of u r disheartened after the news of tei going off air
I am too shocked go know that
So here I came to change ur mood guys
So apne senti aur emotional wale mood ko hata do aur put a 440 volt smile on your face n come with me ????
So I wanna thank each n everyone for commenting on my last glad to know u r liking the track
Rana bulbul plz take care of health and aru sorry for not writing ur name ??
Meeta twinkle was telling her real name but kunj only gives her name jasmin ….
So baki k sab thank u soo much I know thoda senti wala mood hai sabka so no more bak bak
N I am so thankful to tei n tu also becoz of that I got u ppl in my life so I wanna say one last thing that ……

:::::::::::::::: I love you all so much ::::::::::::::::::::


Recap : UMm kya hua tha ha twinj staying in same flat some cute moments n twinkle getting angry with kunj
The episode starts with kunj laughing hard calling twinkle siyappa bhootni she gets angry n goes to her room
K : arah siyappa queen forgive me yaar
T : huh sadu go from here …
K: oh I forgot I have meeting today well I’ll make up with this siyappa queen later
He went to his room changes his attire
K : I am going somewhere…..

T : so go huh
Kunj went outside smiling he comes out of the apartment when his friend rohit calls him n says that meeting got cancelled
K : what meeting cancelled oh good now I’ll tease this siyappa queen he says n went towards his flat
He comes n rings the bell ……
T : uff now who came …….she goes n finds sid there why u ring the bell when u have another key
K : wow new neighbors I want some sugar …
T : have u gone mad ….
K : no I really want sugar padosi hi padosi k kaam aata hai he says making puppy face
T : kunj I am telling u don’t irritate me
K : ohh so what will u do siyappa queen ops I am sorry siyappa bhootni
T: wait I’ll show u know she takes rubber ball from table.n throws it towards kunj …..
He Beng down in Nick off time. N person behind him gets hit

Twinj get shocked kunj get inside n twinkle locks the door n they both laugh n hug eo ……
After some time they come back to senses n eyes eo awkwardly without making an eye contact they left for their respective rooms …
Next day :
Twinkle wakes up n comes out of her room in search of kunj but didn’t find him anywhere
She calls kunj kunj but no response……
Twinkle : where is this kunj now ?
She goes near dinning table n sees a card there with break fast ……..
I have made breakfast as per my duty I don’t know when u will wake up just eat breakfast i am going to college ….kunj
She smiles n went to freshen up aftersome she comes back n have her breakfast n smiles
T : not bad kunj nice breakfast she thinks n smiles on Babaji I have to go college new college new members just for last semester huh
She gets ready n went to college ……

At college :::::
Kunj comes in college n meets his friends they hi-fi n tell him about a new student has transferred here for her last sem
K : wow it’s nice but who is he
Cherry : he nahi she ??
K : she ?????……..
Rohit: ya she is a girl ….
Twinkle comes in college n looks here n there kunj friends come there rather than cherry n rohit n teases twinkle
Boy 1 : wow new student nice ….
Boy 2 : we r here mam if u need anything they laugh
Twinkle eyes them angrily kunj comes in the same side n sees twinkle n understand the she is their new classmate n sees boy teasing her he stands behind twinkle n signals them to leave twinkle

Boy : oh sorry mam ur class is there saying this that boys left from there
Twinkle (thinks): whats happening they r teasing me sometime before n now left from there ????
She turns n looks at kunj who was smiling n understand why that boys left
T : hi kunj
Kunj doesn’t reply n he was lost in his lady love beauty …..
Twi snaps his fingers n kunj came back to senses …..kunj kunj
K : yeah twinkle hi u didn’t tell me u have joined here
T : woh kunj time hi nahi mila nah …
K : yeah let’s go to our class room ….
They went to their class room n cherry n rohit sees them n teases kunj
Cherry : bro perfect couple
Kunj coughs while twinkle ask him what happen

K : nothing twinkle….
R: tum dono ki dosti kaise hui (how u two became friends??)
Kunj tells them the whole matter n they again teases him
C : wow that’s nice u r sharing flat also
R : ha yaar kunj …
K : shut up guys he says n left from there
Twinkle was walking in play ground when she collides with a cute girl
G: I am soo sorry
T : no it’s my mistake I am sorry
G : dont be sorry are u new in this college ??
T : yeah I came here for my last sem
G : oh that’s nice myself mahi ….

T : oh nice name my name is twinkle
M: so friends ????
T : yeah sure friends ????
Screen freezes on Twi hi new friendship……
Thought to end this epi now but some more today ???
Twihi was walking talking with eo
T : so where do u stay
M: actually I stay in hostel but today I am going to my bro flat actually I was finding him only when I collided with u
T : oh good u have a bro ..??
M : so I shall move I have to go xyz apartment
T : wow what a coincidence even I stay there let’s move together
M : ok they sit in bus chit chatting with eo
T : so here we come let’s go u r my new friend so come with me to my flat
M : but …

T : no but vut plz
M : okay
They went to twinj flat kunj also comes there n sees them …
K : ye mahi twinkle ke saat kya kar rahi hai agar ise pata chal gaya that we r sharing flat then she will tease me too what to do
Mahi turns n looks at kunj who was lost in his thoughts n hugs him tightly
Twinkle who was seeing this get shocked n lil but jealous too
T: how do mahi knows kunj
M : I missed u soo much
K : I missed u too …….n sees twinkle fce n this aren’t she getting jealous ???
T : I think she is his gf why I am feeling insecure she makes irritated face n kunj smiles seeing here
Screen freezes

So ab thodi bak bak Karlu ???
So as many of r including me r sad knowing tei will end soon we will not get a chance to see
ZaiSidMin AS yuvi kunj n twinkle guys why to get sad as we will keep twinkle kunj n yuvi alive in our ff n in our hearts (am I right )
So don’t be sad as many of members r not watching after sid left n this has to be happen one day ……but as u know everything has to end one day
Sorry if I hurt anyone ?????
Bye bye bht bak bak karli
Take care love u all
N yeah can anyone tell me where to watch stating episodes to tei ???rather than on YouTube
Waiting for ur comments
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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