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Hello hiiii how R U all guys ???missed me ??
In fact kiya hoga ? I am so happy that u like my ff twinj Rab miliya n that comments made me cry itne cute comments paglo rulaoge kya
Thank to all of u guys for ur love n support keep supporting
N thanks to all who commented on intro also I hope u all will like this too
U know guys I wrote this epi 2 times n got deleted now I hope this epi post soon
Love u all soooooo much
Now no more bak bak let’s us begin
Lights camera action

The episode starts with the scenario of Amritsar
The cool weather the breeze green lands trafficking roads the scene shifts to gurudwara
A Girl is shown wearing a cute pink frock of nearly 5 years old comes in gurudwara running she has chocolate in hand she was running when her mother from behind ask her to not run so fast
Leela : twinkle beta don’t run so fast
The lady is revealed to be leela n the girl is none other than our Punjabi pathaka she turns n looks at leela
Twi : ofoo mumma don’t worry
Leela : I am going inside u stand here n dont go anywhere else
Twi : ok mumma I’ll stand here only
Leela hugs her n went inside while Twi stays outside eating her chocolate when a cute lil boy of nearly 6 years comes there running n collides with Twi he turns n sees Twi
Twi makes crying face n looks at her chocolate which has fallen down the boy looks on n says plshh don’t cry (he is revealed to be our kunj )
Twi : my chocolate she says n makes a crying face
Kunj : hey plshh don’t cry take my chocolate but plshh don’t cry na
Twi : if I take ur chocolate then what u will eat ??
Kunj stays silent n twi says ok we will share this chocolate….
Kunj : but who can we share chocolate
Twi : offo won’t worry we will share it
Kunj says ok n they went near Amritsar sativa lake but in between kunj sees jasmin flowers he picks up one n gives it to twi
Kunj : sorry becoz of me ur chocolate take this flower


Twi : oh don’t worry but this flower so cute see it’s smell
Kunj : yeah it’s jasmin flowers but u r also as cute as this flower but what’s ur name
Twi : my name is Twi ………
Kunj : u r like this jasmin flowers so I’ll call u jasmin
Twi : wow jasmin cute name what’s ur name ??
Kunj : my name is sid …..
Twi : wow nice FRIENDS ???
Kunj : yeah friends
They both talk near Amrit sarovar lake sharing the chocolate n our cute twinj was enjoying each other company they make fun of many people n laughs

Suddenly a boy throws ball and it hits kunj
Twinj stands up n looks at the fat boy n stares at the boy (bunty)
Twi : say him sorry she says angrily
Kunj : leave it na jasmin
Twi : no sid u stay quiet I said say him sorry
Kunj : but Twi he gets interrupted by bunty
Bunty : huh I will not what u will do piddi chuhiya (lil rat)
Kunj : how dare u called her rat
Twi : say him sorry or else
Bunty : or else eat u lil rat
Twinkle gets angry n punches him hard on his face while kunj looks onn shocked

On the other side
Leela was praying when she collides with usha
Leela : I am sor…she says quiet seeing usha
Usha : well as I expected u tanejas had not habbit of apologizing
Leela : what to do Mrs sarna we know whom to apologize n whom to not
Usha : well I don’t want ur apology we sarnas will not have any relation with u
Leela : as if we r dying to make relation with u tanejas n sarnas will not have any relation
They both part away ……..

At twinj side
Bunty : I am so sorry he has n runs from there
Twi turns to kunj who was shocked n says these type of boy will understand by fighting only
Kunj smiles n looks at Twi they both say
Twinj :ohh mumma will be waiting for us
Kunj : we r friends we will meet again
Twi : yeah
They both were going when they sees a couple joining their names
Twi : what is this Sid
Kunj : I think they r friends so they r going their names
Twi : we r friends also we will join our names too
Kunj : yeah nice idea sid+ jasmin =???
Twi : sid+jasmin =jassid
Kunj : no yaar sid+jasmin= SIDMIN
Twi : wow yaar sidmin is cute
They both hi-fi each other n says we r sidmin from now onwards saying this they both went towards their mothers
Screen freezes
So guys how was this epi ???
Share ur views
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What happen between tanejas m sarnas that they both hate each other ???
N yeah I need suggestions too whether I should show sidmin childhood or should take a leap directly???
Bye bye bye
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Love u all
Take care
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