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Is this called love? episode 35

***No warning given as a result of previous update. But still please read it at your own risk again!***

Pains are meant to be personal….


Abhigya reached shopping mall and were still silent….lost in the thoughts of what Purab is talking to Abhiram….Abhi ” How long are we going to be silent?” Pragya ” Until we know what they were talking…” Abhi ” We think about that later and as u said we can ask Purab about that later…now let’s do shopping!” Abhigya were busy shopping for both the families….

Pragya ” Ok that’s all for now! The rest is they all have to come all have to come and buy!” Abhi ” So u are coming with ur family again right?” Pragya ” Ya should be…” Abhi ” Ok then we shall finish with this for now! Before that I need to tell u something too!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” Not here! At the restaurant opposite…”

Both went to the restaurant….
Abhi ” U didn’t realize something…I have send Priya something else too in the name of Abhiram!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” Make a guess!” Pragya ” I am very bad at making guesses! Can u just tell me?” Abhi ” I think she liked it too and…she never tell us about that!” Pragya ” So much of suspense! Please tell naa!” Abhi ” Her photos…” Pragya ” Ah? And she liked that? How do u think so?” Abhi ” I took some of her photos when she was outside…and its all with his camera!” Pragya ” U can take photos with any camera so what’s so special about his camera?” Abhi ” U still don’t get the point…now that pictures will be in his camera! So i will send that to him…when he uses the camera he will see Priya’s pictures!” Pragya ” So u want both to admire each other in this way?” Abhi ” Priya is already admiring him…and that’s why she never mention about the photos!” Pragya ” How are u so sure?” Abhi ” I know her very well as she is my best friend too!” Pragya ” But Abhiram is not my best friend! So i don’t know what he will think!” Abhi ” Ya that is the difficult thing that we are facing…” Pragya ” Don’t worry! We will surely find a way to that too!” Abhi ” I hope so!” Pragya ” I have a doubt!” Abhi ” What?” Pragya trying to control her laughter and asked ” Are u going to send him letter too?” Abhi ” No! And u don’t laugh again!” Pragya ” I even imagined the lines that u will write to him…Do u want to hear?” Abhi ” No!” Pragya ” Even if u say no…I will still tell…Abhiram Oh Abhiram! By seeing u, my roads are like without traffic jam!”
Abhi ” I won’t tell like that! And this lines are not that realistic enough…” Pragya ” Really? So what u have thought of was realistic?” Abhi ” Just stop it if not I will…” Pragya winked and asked ” U will?” Abhi ” I will…leave it! And we shall leave now!” Abhi went in front as he was very irritated of Pragya’s teasing and she was trying level best to control her laughter again….Abhi ” Actually I am glad that I am making u to laugh this much!” Pragya ” I am also glad that I am laughing because of u!” With that Abhigya left to their respective homes…

Priya, in her car….
Priya looking at all the photos, He took photos of me and all are very nice…It shows me very fresh and beautiful…It feels like I am new in all the pictures…All are also with my smile….Even though his letter was irritating…but I can’t say all these is irritating…it’s just impressive…

Days passed….

A few days before Abhigya’s engagement…

Abhi called Priya and asked her to come to a unknown place….

Priya ” Abhi! Why u called me here?” Abhi ” I want to talk to u! And this is a very silent place with no one around to hear what I have to tell” Priya ” Why u look so worried? In few days its your engagement! U should be happy now!” Abhi ” That is why i am worried!” Priya ” Why?” Abhi ” I should start a relation with truths but I am starting it with hiding the most important truth….” Priya ” U mean about the marriage that happened between us? It doesn’t matter! I mean its over and i have no relation with u other than being your best friend!” Abhi ” But i should tell to Pragya about this right?” Priya ” Yes! That’s what I am telling u from the beginning…” Abhi ” But I am scared Priya! What if she leave me after hearing the truth?” Priya ” No! She won’t…she is a very understanding person and u know right? She loves u and will accept the truth with faith in u!” Abhi ” But what if she gets hurt by the truth? It will be painful for me to see her being hurt!” Priya ” Nothing like that will happen..That’a why I said that u should share ur pains and worries with her….” Abhi ” No! Pains are meant to be personal…I can share happiness as it will bring happiness too…but what’s the point of sharing pain?” Priya ” It’s not like that…if u share your pain…it can get lesser…Pains are meant to be personally shared with whom u think who are personal to u…and now it’s Pragya!” Abhi ” Priya! I have never thought in this way! Ya u are right! I will go and tell her right now!” Priya ” Finally! U are going to tell! And tell her everything don’t hide anything again!” Abhi gave a side hug to Priya and said ” You are always there for me as my best friend who clears all my worries!” Priya ” Just like what u are to me! So don’t say thanks after this!” Abhi ” Okok! I won’t say thanks!” Priya ” Then go now and tell Pragya everything!” He left from there and Priya was still there thinking about the days that how Abhi helped her….She felt happy at least she can help him in this way…

Priya, Abhi! I just want you to forget everything that happened between us as it was not at all your fault! I know that you are trying your best to make sure my life is as good as before! But u know what I want to make it good by myself without anyone’s help…..

Nobody knows the time when flower blossoms, the same goes for love….nobody knows the time when love will blossom in our hearts…..I don’t understand what bond is this…This bond is as delicate as a very thin string and I know it will easily break at any moment….

Who is telling the lines in Precap? Keep guessing until the next update….I really don’t know when will it come so sorry for that!

To everyone: I have no words to tell as u all read the previous update despite the warning given but it was a serious one though…..As I can’t understand what I was writing…..same goes for today’s update too! By the way, I am glad that u all enjoyed the previous update and today’s one, there is nothing much interesting…so just bear with it! Once again thank u for the support!

Uma: Good doubt. There will be misunderstandings but not becoz of Priya..its becoz of something else…I can’t avoid misunderstandings as if u miss misunderstandings then the chance to increase the understanding between Abhigya will be missed! I hope I didn’t confuse u with my reply!

Mukund raj and to others: Marriage will happen as well as romance. I have to admit that I am very bad at writing romance! And that’s why I think some of those who asked for it got fed up and even stop commenting in my ffs! But will try but please wait as I can’t rush into it! hope u all can understand!

❤Crazy about Abhigya!!❤
Kia ora!Tēnā tātou katoa!
Love to be myself!

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